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Home to 55 Bryant family members, 52 Rhodes descendants, 36 members of the Liddell family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Mar 02 2007 and last updated on Jun 12 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 385 relatives and 355 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • My website gives a long list of my family Black, white, mixed, Cherokee, indians,slaves,its a long and rich family line that I am happy to be a part of regardless of history past this is my family please take a look you may belong here if not thanks for looking in on us you may know some of my family or maybe you can direct me to some I can't find thanks for looking your'e welcomed back any time. Rhodes, Liddell, Bryant, Beauregard, Dowell, Jones, Bradley, Hall, Somerville's Piggie, Cross, Johnson, Bolden,we have had many losses and new births much saddness and happiness lets put our family together and find out who we are we don't have to be important just somebody that belongs to somebody it's not how important a man is but how important he values his family not his fortune are fame are degree these don't make family they make a title for the the one who aquires such but will he use these to advance his family are himself self preservasion is last, family preservasion is first these are cheryl's thoughts my degrees are nothing without my family because family make me who I am and I come from a long line of family that are a part of me we are but one body with many members that need each other and if we can't feed off of each other then we are not family. Cheryl Rhodes the Bryant's or of Irish descendant's they came across the Atlantic ocean to Ellis Island in New York the name was Obrien when they came to United States they changed it to an American name Bryant, the Liddell's are from Scotland, the Rhodes, are from England. the Bolden's are from the Cherokee reservation until sombody send us information other then what we have family this is what we are going to go by this is my 8 years of research and time everybody is welcome to add thier research no heresy proof thank you Love you all. 04/18/2008 one dies without family to look out for him one lives when family is behind him

    69 Deceased Ancestors

    - ALSUP -

    Alsup, Emma, Born 1893 in MS, Died Dec 08 1988 in tennessee


    Beauregard/Liddell, Lovet, Born 1831 in MS, Died in MS

    - BOLDEN -

    Bolden, Pearl, Born 1884 in Mississippi, Died 1912 in mississippi

    - BRADLEY -

    Bradley, David, Born in Tipton TN., Died in St Louis mo.

    - BRYANT -

    Bryant, baby, Born in MS Grenada, Died 1909

    Bryant, Bennie, Born Feb 06 1896 in MS, Died Jan 15 1967 in ST Louis MO

    bryant, Ivory, Born Apr 28 1931 in Mississippi, Died Mar 21 1996 in St Louis mo.

    Bryant, Jeff, Born Oct 26 1932 in Greenwood, mississippi, Died Oct 05 2007 in Los Angeles, California

    Bryant, Lester, Born Sep 24 1934 in mississippi, Died Nov 1986 in california

    Bryant, Liddell, Born Jun 24 1902 in Granada mississippi, Died Aug 16 1966 in St Louis mo.

    Bryant, Mark, Born , Died in Los Angeles

    Bryant, Michael Lee, Born ABT Feb 1966 in St. Louis, MO, Died ABT Jul 04 1966 in St. Louis

    Bryant, Percy, SR, Born Jan 04 1900 in MS Greenwood, Died Jan 19 1989 in St Louis

    Bryant, Ruby Lee, Born Aug 14 1929 in Greenwood Mississippi, Died Dec 31 1995 in St Louis mo.

    Bryant, William, 1st, Born 1879, Died 1919 in mississippi

    Bryant, William Henry, 3rd, Born Aug 02 1936 in MS, Died Sep 14 1981 in St Louis Mo

    Bryant, William Henry, 4th, Born Jan 14 1958 in St Louis Mo, Died Jan 20 1979 in El Paso Texas


    Bryant/Rhodes, Emma Alice, Born Apr 06 1939 in Greenwood Mississippi, Died Dec 25 2000 in St Louis

    - BURGESS -

    Burgess, Joe, Born in Arkansas, Died 2005 in St Louis

    - BYRD -

    Byrd, Tony, Born Nov 11 1958 in st louis, Died <alive>

    - CANNON -

    Cannon, shantez, Born , Died Apr

    - CARDWELL -

    Cardwell, Janice Faye, Born Aug 25 1955 in St Louis, Died Feb 16 1996 in St Louis MO

    - CRAIG -

    Craig, Joe Lee, Born Jul 19 1967 in Sikeston, MO, Died Jul 31 2007

    - CROSS -

    Cross, Henry, Born Sep 21 1908 in MS Greenwood, Died Oct 1984

    Cross, Jeff Harvey, Born Feb 04 1963 in Mississippi, Died 1882 in memphis TN.


    Cross/Bryant, Alice, Born Aug 30 1907 in Greenwood Mississippi, Died Sep 09 1973 in St Louis mo.

    - DOWELL -

    Dowell, Bunnie, Born Jan 16 1888 in Covington TN Tipton, Died Aug 1974 in TN.

    Dowell, Inez, Born in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    Dowell, murray, Born in tn, Died in TN.

    Dowell, willie, Born 1865 in Tipton TN., Died in TN.


    green/Stewart, Mary, Born Oct 01 1921 in Ms Greenwood, Died Jan 06 2006 in St Louis MO

    - HALL -

    Hall, Mary Ann, Born Nov 1903 in Tipton TN., Died Oct in Tipton TN.

    - HOLLAND -

    Holland, Annie Mae, Born Apr 12 1936 in MS, Died Oct 06 1981 in Los Angeles CA

    - HUTTON -

    Hutton, Leo, Born Jan 03 1921, Died Jun 1978 in St Louis mo.

    Hutton, Mamie Effie, Born Nov 04 in TN, Died Nov 1979 in St Loui Mo

    hutton, Mamie Effie, b.1922, Born Nov 04 1922 in Brighton TN., Died Oct 01 1946 in St Louis mo.

    - JOHNSON -

    Johnson, Bert, Born in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    - JONES -

    Jones, Eliza, Born 1873 in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    Jones, Ethel, Born Feb 16 1902 in Covington TN Tipton, Died May 16 1977 in St Louis mo.

    Jones, James A, Born Jan 27 1814 in Haifax Va, Died in Robertson TN

    Jones, Keith, Born 1904 in Tn, Died in Tn

    Jones, Monroe, Born in tennessee, Died 1935 in tennesse

    - LIDDELL -

    Liddell, Beaurgard, Born Sep 26 1888 in MS, Died Jun 1967

    Liddell, Beaurgard, Jr, Born Dec 26 1920 in MS, Died Sep 24 2009 in Belleville,IIIinois

    Liddell, Beaurgard, Sr, Born Sep 26 1862 in MS, Died Jun

    Liddell, Ben, Born 1846 in mississippi, Died in mississippi

    Liddell, Cass, SR, Born 1835 in MS, Died in MS

    Liddell, Jinnie, Born 1876 in MS, Died 1950 in St Louis Mo

    Liddell, Martha, Born 1869 in MS, Died in MS

    Liddell, William, Born 1819 in TN, Died in TN

    - MCCOY -

    Mccoy, Ray, Born in St Louis mo., Died in St Louis mo.

    - PIGGIE -

    Piggie, Sarah, Born in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    - RHODES -

    Rhodes, Anthony Lamont, jr, Born Aug 14 1977 in St Louis mo., Died Sep 25 1997 in St Louis mo.

    Rhodes, India, Born in St Louis mo., Died in St Louis mo.

    Rhodes, James C, Sr, Born Feb 29 1920 in Tipton TN., Died Dec 22 1946 in Covington TN>

    Rhodes, Mollie, Born 1850 in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    Rhodes, Shawn Terrell, Born Apr 20 1974 in St Louis mo., Died Oct 24 2008 in st mary's hospital

    Rhodes, Vernon, SR, Born Sep 02 1900 in Shelby county TN., Died Jun 27 1974 in memphis TN.

    Rhodes, willie, Born Aug 07 1937 in Covington TN, Died Apr 01 1995 in St Louis mo.

    Rhodes, willis, Born in St Louis mo., Died in St Louis mo.

    Rhodes, willis, b.1846, Born 1846 in Tipton TN., Died in TN.

    - SEALS -

    Seals, Willie, Born Aug 06 1922 in Mississippi, Died May 24 1968 in St Louis mo.

    - SMITH -

    smith, Anthony, Born May 13 1975 in St Louis mo., Died May 06 1998 in St Louis mo.

    Smith, Byron, jr, Born Aug 30 1984 in St Louis mo., Died Jun 12 2011 in st louis mo

    Smith, Frank, Born Jul in mississippi, Died 1982 in St Louis mo.


    Stansbury/cross, Mary lou, Born May 30 1910 in MS, Died Jul 1975 in Los angeles Ca

    - WHITLOCK -

    whitlock, Lera, Born 2006 in St Louis mo., Died 2006 in St Louis mo.

    - WRIGHT -

    Wright, Anthony, Born Jun 10 1956 in St Louis mo., Died Dec 01 1982 in St Louis mo.

    - YOUNG -

    Young, Loretta, Born Sep 13 1938 in St Louis MO, Died Jul 19 1989 in St Louis Mo

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