Family Tree: Durrett and Allied Families

Home to 920 Durrett family members, 32 DuRette descendants, 22 members of the Watts family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Feb 16 2008 and last updated on Sep 08 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 1827 relatives and 49 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This website is dedicated to the Durrett DNA project. Family Tree DNA is has sales promotions from time to time. If you decide to do a DNA test we can help you narrow your search in about 60 days to just a few families. We have a research group that can help you, too. If you have questions about DNA testing, please contact me at durrettdnaproject AT Please put Durret DNA testing in the Subject line and I will get back to you. We have several Durrett lines that have taken a DNA tested and and you can view our latest Durrett DNA results h or order your kit at If you have questions please email me and leave me your phone number and, I will give you a call back. We recommend the 67 Marker DNA test for the best results for our project. It only takes one Durrett male to DNA test to represent the entire family DNA heritage. I have also started a group called the Durrett family here you can see family photos of earlier Durrett's. See pictures of Wakefield Plantation and post your own of your Durrett's. This group is by invitation only. Please email me at durrettdnaproject AT and remember to tell me how you are related to the Durret's. --------- I have added death certificates for Durrett's that lived in Texas. These death certificates can be found on Below you will find the Durrett lines that have joined the Durrett DNA project in helping Solve the Durrett Mystery. You ask - what IS the Durrett mystery? The Durrett name appears in Huguenot Society records. So the question remains - Where in the world did the Durrett's settle after leaving France? Who were the 6 Durrett men who all lived in Virginia in the early 1700's that most ALL the Durrett's in the USA descend? The mystery is HOW are they related? And where did these men come from in France? When was the last time you Durrett men heard you were "wanted"? Well, we Durrett women "Want" you! No, not like that, we need some of your cells...from your cheek, and the best part is the test is simple, painless, and bloodless; a cotton swab that looks like a mini-toothbrush is used. We'll even help pay. We need you to help solve the DURRETT mystery. Through DNA testing, we will be able to answer these questions and more. We have already discovered that Francis who owned land in 1724 and Bartholomew who owned land in 1737, both from Virginia are related. But that still leaves the other 4 Durrett's and their descendants that are unknown. We have NOW identified 2 Durrett lines. Group 1 Francis Durrett (1725-1781)and Bartholomew d. c 1762 Group 2 Richard Durrett (1712-1767)Spotsylvania Co, VA m. Sarah Marshall,son Capt William (1748-1804)-Richard (1784- )-Richard Henry (1817-1878) Richard Durrett (1712-1767) Spotsylvania Co, VA m. Sarah Marshall-Capt William (1748-1804)-Henry (c1770-bef 1838) -Richard-Henry (1817-1878) Richard Durrett Sr ( -c1800) m. Martha ? from Bedford County, Virginia-Richard Jr (1764-1821) Bedford County, Virginia -Solomon (1800- ) John Durrett d. 1773 Bedford County, Virginia-Col Richard Durrett (1721-1784) m. Sarah Hampton Group 3 Unknown (We do not know at this time which Durrett Family in VA these men belong too. Benjamin Bendict Durrett-George-Francis John Durrett-Richard-Richard-John Franklin H Durrett-William-William Group 4 (An Event Happened) The family is using the Durrett name at this time. It is unknown when or how this came about. The DNA test shows that the family name is Blackstock Group 5 (Adoption) One member of the Durrett DNA project was adopted when he was 18 months old and is currently using the Durrett Surname. He was adopted into Richard Durrett m. Martha ?. DNA test show the family surname to be Lewis. Maybe you don't KNOW which Durrett line you descend from, through DNA testing you may help solve the mystery and unveil your brick wall. Maybe you'll help solve the age old question for you AND for others. Won't you please help? It's painless and we girls can't do it. To see the results go to the Durrett DNA Project Results page These are the lines that have been tested so far. I will update this as more Durrett men come forward to be tested. John Durrett ( - )-Col Richard Sr (1721-1784), Richard Jr (1746-1820)-John Davis (1773-c1815)-Richard W Sr (1811-1863)-Richard W Jr (1848-1940)ID No 12 Kit No 156126 -- Francis Durrett (1725-1781)-Thomas (1745-1789)-Joseph F (1775-1848)-Andrew Jackson (1808-1882)-Kyle (1852-1937)ID D-6 Kit No 102791 Francis Durrett (1725-1781)-Thomas (1745-1789)-Joseph F (1775-1848)-Andrew Jackson (1808-1882)-Lewis (1842-1929) ID D-2 Kit No 86823 --- Bartholomew ( - )-Joel (1745-1814)-Achilles (1783-1860)-George (1809- )-Anderson Hamilton (1833-1904) ID No D-1 Kit No 93035 Bartholomew Durrett ( - )-Achilles Durrett (1783-1860), George Durrett(1809- )- Anderson Hamilton Durrett (1833-1904 ID D-16 Kit No. 167960 ---- Bartholomew ( - )-Joel (1745-1814)-Achilles (1783-1860)-Anderson (1812- bef 1880)-ID No D-9 Kit No 132295 Bartholomew ( - )-Joel (1745-1814)-John (1768-1849)-Henry (1805- bef 1850)-William H (1847-1879)-James W (1874-1955) ID No D-8 Kit No 131360 --- Bartholomew ( - )-William (1730-1792-Francis S (1722-1863)-William D M (1813-1898)- Francis E (1841-1917) ID No D-13 Kit No 157146 Bartholomew ( - )-William (1730-1792-Francis S (1722-1863)-William D M (1813-1898)- Luther L (1853-1941) ID No D-14 Kit No 157404 ----- Benedict George Du Rette (1769-1827)-George Benedict (1809-1884)-Francis R (1860- 1931) name spelling changed when the family moved to Oregon ID No D-7 Kit No 130239 --- Franklin H Durrett (1830-1861)-William D (1854-1927) ID No D-10 Kit No 140265 --- Richard Durrett Sr ( - c 1800)- Richard Durrett Jr (1764-1721)-Solomon Durrett (1800- )-Richard Haines (Rick) Durrett (1839- bef 1900)-Charles Albert Durrett (1871- 1945)-Walter Edward Durrett (1906-1983) ID D-15 Kit No.165975 ----- When the paper trail ends in traditional genealogy, where do we go to find answers? Modern science has now given us new hope when traditional methods no longer work. In this relatively new method of DNA testing, we can find new insights into our origins. Many before you have taken a leap of faith to break down their brick wall by having a male family member do a DNA test to make sure they have found the correct line. If you are a Durrett male or have a Durrett male relative, you may break through your brick wall and possibly help others find their roots in the process. Since we already have tested Durrett men in our DNA project from known lines, you will be able to compare the DNA results and possibly link into one of these lines instantly connecting you back to the early 1700's. Won't you consider being part of this new ground breaking scientific approach to locate your lost Durrett line? Our hope is that you can help us solve who these brave Durrett men were who settled in Virginia. Please email me at durrettdnaproject AT I would love to hear from you. Joy Durrett Administator of the Durrett DNA Project email address durrettdnaproject AT --- If anyone finds information on this site that is incorrect, please let me know so I can change it. I want information on this site to be as accurate as possible. You know your Durrett line better than I do.

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