Family Tree: The Descendants of Antoine Gevaudan

Home to 1126 Jividen family members, 571 Hart descendants, 510 members of the Sallee family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jul 24 2004 and last updated on Aug 04 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 20736 relatives and 1904 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Generations Past Why do I search, Why do I need to Know About these past generations of so long ago What were they like and how would they feel That eleven generations later wonder about them still I am a part of them and they are a part of me It took every single one to make this family As I search for my history with each and every fact I grow closer and closer to my generation past When I came across a picture that was 100 years old I look through all the faces and all the stories left untold Like the man that looks like my son when I look into his eyes Or the woman with her baby on her hip holding her head up high As I search into the night, I feel myself grin Maybe if I had met these people, we may not even be friends But even if we weren`t, they are still important to me Every one of them contributed to my `own` family As my journey continues what a feeling I get Knowing 300 years before me they stepped where I step To some it may seem like a waste or too much of a task But for me it`s a treasure to know about My Generations Past By Toby Browning As a gift for Carolyn Jividen Miller ¬©December, 1999

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