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Home to 2817 Peplow family members, 2425 Pepler descendants, 1551 members of the Peploe family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Apr 27 2004 and last updated on Feb 14 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 21396 relatives and 1134 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This tree is not a single family tree but rather a compilation of the Pepler/loe surname. The vast majority of individuals are viewable without password. The password is only used to protect the living. So feel free to search for any ancestors before 1900. You are welcome to any of the data that is not password protected. Pictures are courtesy of individuals like yourself and I would appreciate you checking with me if you would like to use any. If you have information that you are willing to share, please contact through the contact link in the first paragraph. *****If you would be willing to participate in the newly launched Pepler DNA project, please follow the link on the left hand side of the page. This is for ALL spelling variations - Pepler,Peplow, Peploe, Peppler and so on. We are trying to discover if there is a link between the larger groups as well as connect in some of the smaller groups.*****
    This is a small surname. In the 1880/81 censuses for Canada, U.K., Scotland and the U.S.A. there are 1692 Peplow/ers (with spelling variations included. If you descend from a Pepler/low, you are a rare individual. And your ancestors probably liked to move around. The following table shows when various forms or the name arose and how long they lasted. It is based on the data I have collected to present
    SPECIAL FEATURES In the links section are links to stories about various Peplxxs and also maps showing the spread of the differently spelled surnames.The Peplxx Archive link enables you to search marriages and births at the same time or separately for your ancestor You don't even have to be certain which spelling of the surname was used - it will check them all. At the botton of each page (except the homepage) are links to some of the larger descendencies I am descended from Richard Pepler who was married to Fanny. As my efforts to discover Richard continued to be more and more fruitless, I decided to form a data base of all the Peplers in England I could find. Hopefully, I would eventually locate a reference to Richard. By use of the census and the LDS files, as well as Peplers found on personal trees, I have started making connections. However, I thought I would put this tree up online to share with others. Maybe someone who looks at it, will be able to give me the clues I need. As of January 2010, I have found Richard's marriage record to Fanny Turpen in 1797 in Lambeth. One of the witnesses is a Henry Pepler that would fit with the Richard born in Great Stanmore and his brother. Since this Richard is also of the correct age to be mine, I think I finally have a fit.
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    LINEAGES There are several separate lines of Peplxxs and to help identify them I have given them numbers in the suffix position. Those with numbers starting in 10xx or 20xx are lines that appear to begin in the British Isles. If the number starts with 15xx or 25xx, the roots go back to a Germanic origin. A further explanation can be found in the Story section titled FAMILY GROUPS. About a dozen of the largest lineages are also color coded to help with identification.
    The Pepler name has an interesting geographic focus. Pepler is 'the' name in Wiltshire and the south but Peplow (Peploe) is the dominent name around Worcester, Shropshire and such. Around London, it was 'luck of the draw' or who is your parish clerk. I have found Families of eight that changed from Peploe to Pepler as the years progressed from marriage records to baptisms to census. I am inclined to use the surname registered on the marriage record unless there is a good reason not to.
    Q. Do coats of arms belong to surnames? A. No. There is no such thing as a 'coat of arms for a surname'. Many people of the same surname will often be entitled to completely different coats of arms, and many of that surname will be entitled to no coat of arms. Coats of arms belong to individuals. For any person to have a right to a coat of arms they must either have had it granted to them or be descended in the legitimate male line from a person to whom arms were granted or confirmed in the past.
    ARMS OF THE PEPLER FAMILY OF TINHEAD WILTSHIRE Wiltshire has had a large concentration of the name Pepler (Peplar) over the years. "The family of Pepler or Peplar, called also Peple, have lived at Tinhead, Tinhead Court, in the neighborhood of Edington, C. Wilts, Eng.,since at least temp. Edw. III." ( From Ontarian Families by Edward Chadwick) This group, starting with Walter Pepler, b. 1639, also incorporates many of the families in Keevil, Baynton, Coulston and other surrounding towns. Another large group is centered around Calstone. NOTABLE INDIVIDUALS Besides Samuel Peploe, Bishop of Chester, there are many other notable members and their descendents of this name. General George Bateman Peploe of family group 1900 SIR GEORGE LIONEL PEPLER, , town planner and member of family group 1002. JONATHAN PEPLOE, master cutler and member of Group 1900 Hilary Douglas Clarke Pepler, the Ditchling colony and member of Group 1002 Samuel John Peploe, impressionist painter and member of Group 1001 Robert Peplow, Memphis photographer of Civil War soldiers, unknown family group James Henry Bell, PhD, son of Florence Lydia Pepler, mathematician involved in the development of radar and the Apollo missions, Group 1900 Albertus Jacob Pepler, Zimbabwe land owner and victim of the civil unrest in 2004, unknown family group but likely to be 1504
    Picture logo for the Guild of One-Name Studies. Tree in a crest with web site 
address below. Click here to go to their home page. If you feel that you are connected to my line or are just plain curious, I invite you to visit my family tree - Hedgerow2 - whose link is on the left side this page. If you have additions , corrections or suggestions about any of the displayed information, please feel free to contact me via email or an entry in the guest book. I am well aware that using the method I am for data gathering and collation - there will be mistakes, though I am trying to keep them at a minimum.

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