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Family Tree: George Hall & Mary Smith

Home to 516 Hall family members, 415 Johnston descendants, 263 members of the JURD family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Aug 23, 2007 and last updated on Dec 26, 2014. The Family Trees on this website contain 10508 relatives and 973 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • WELCOME TO ALL INTERESTED IN THE DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE HALL AND MARY SMITH. GEORGE AND MARY WERE NATIVE OF NORTHUMBERLAND ENGLAND. ARRIVING IN THE COLONY OF NEW SOUTH WALES AS FREE SETTLERS ON BOARD "COROMANDEL" ON 13TH JUNE 1802. ALSO ON BOARD WERE OTHERS WHO HAD TRAVELLED AS A GROUP WITH GEORGE & MARY AND HAD BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE COLONY WITH REFERENCES FROM THE WELLS STREET CHURCH IN LONDON. THE FOLLOWING WERE THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN FREE SETTLERS IN AUSTRALIA. * GEORGE HALL, wife MARY SMITH,one daughter Elizabeth 9yrs, and three sons, George Smith 7yrs, William 5yrs, John 1-1/2yrs. * JAMES DAVISON, wife JANE JOHNSTON and two sons, John 4yrs and James 3yrs. * JOHN HOWE, wife FRANCES WARD and two daughters, Mary 2yrs and Elizabeth 2 months. * ANDREW JOHNSTON, wife MARY BEARD and five sons, Thomas 11yrs, William 7yrs, John 5yrs, Alexander 2yrs, Abraham 1yr. * JOHN JOHNSTON unmaried. * JAMES MEIN, wife SUSANNAH SKENE, without their 2 children. * ANDREW MEIN unmarried. * WILLIAM STUBBS, wife SARAH WINDGATE, one son William 5yrs and two daughters Sarah 4yrs and Elizabeth 1yr. * JOHN TURNBULL, wife ANN WARR, two sons, Ralph 10yrs, James 4yrs and two daughters, Mary 5yrs and Jessica 2yrs. THESE PRESBYTERIAN SETTLERS WERE GRANTED LAND AT TOONGABIE, BUT AFTER PROTESTING THAT THE LAND WAS NOT FERTILE THEY WERE RELOCATED TO THE FRINGES OF THE HAWKESBURY SETTLEMENT. HERE THEY PROSPERED. In 1809 they all (with the exception of Andrew Mein) helped established the EBENEZER CHURCH. The Pioneer families of Ebenezer are as follows. *Thomas Arndell and Elizabeth (Burley) *Paul Bushell and Jane (Sharp) (deceased) and Isabella (Brown) *Captain John Grono and Elizabeth (Bristow) *Owen Cavanough and Margaret (Dowling) *William Jacklin and Mary (Cardell) (deceased) and Elizabeth (Connell) *John Suddis and Isabella Suddis *Lewis Jones *James Davison and Jane ( Johnston) *George Hall and Mary (Smith) *John Howe and Frances (Ward) *Andrew Johnston and Mary (Beard) *John Johnstone and Elizabeth (Lewins) *James Mein and Susannah (Skene) *William Stubbs and Sarah (Wingate) *John Turnbull and Ann (Warr) (Coloured icons alongside names in this family tree indicate Hall descendants who are also descended from these families. Check the bottom of each family tree page) DESCENDANTS OF ALL GEORGE HALL AND MARY SMITH'S NINE CHILDREN ARE INCLUDED - BUT IT IS STILL VERY MUCH A WORK IN PROGRESS. ELIZABETH HALL (1) GEORGE SMITH HALL (2) WILLIAM HALL (3)- No Children JOHN HALL (4) MARY HALL (5) JAMES HAWKESBURY HALL (6) THOMAS SIMPSON HALL (7) MATTHEW HENRY HALL (8) (MY DIRECT LINE) AND EBENEZER HALL (9) (Coloured icons alongside names in this family tree indicate which of the children of George & Mary the particular individual is descended from. Check the bottom of each family tree page) PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU KNOW OF ANY ADDITIONS TO THESE, OR HAVE ANY AMENDMENTS OR PHOTOGRAPHS. PLEASE JOIN AS A FAMILY MEMBER AND YOU CAN UPDATE RECORDS AND ADD PHOTOS OF CLOSE RELATIVES YOURSELF. SOME PHOTOGRAPHS HAVE BEEN SOURCED FROM THE BOOK "OVER-HALLING THE COLONY" (WARNER 1990) AND A MAJOR PORTION OF THE STATISTICS ARE TAKEN FROM THE BOOK "THE COLONY OVER-HALLED" (WARNER 1995)AND "DESCENDANTS OF ANDREW & MARY JOHNSTON OF PORTLAND HEAD NSW" (ROBYN SANDAY). MANY REFERENCES FROM THESE BOOKS WILL BE INCLUDED IN THESE PAGES. AFTER YOU'VE STUMBLED ACROSS THIS HALL FAMILY TREE BE SURE AND PASS ON THE LINK TO AS MANY OF OUR HUGE EXTENDED FAMILY AS YOU CAN. Kindest Regards DAVE HALL

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