Surname: Burniston

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  • Burniston, Agnes Mary, Born Dec 05 1920 in Marylebone,London, Died Oct 1994 in Camden,London

    Burniston, Alan James, Born Mar 23 1930 in Burnley,Lancashire, Died Jan 1994 in Hove,Sussex

    Burniston, Albert, Born Jun 1877 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1941 in Hull,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Albert, Born Jan 21 1937 in Farnworth,Lancashire, Died Jun 1996 in Preston,Lancashire

    Burniston, Albert, Born Apr 22 1890 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Jun 1952 in Sheppey,Kent

    Burniston, Albert Edward, Born May 08 1903 in Colchester,Essex, Died Sep 1982 in Kingston Upon Thames

    Burniston, Albert Tom, Born Sep 1859 in Wantage,Berkshire, Died Jun 1865 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Alexander Hugh, Born Dec 1893 in Chelsea,London, Died Dec 1893 in Chelsea,London

    Burniston, Alexander Raven, Born 1828 in Monkhouse,Co.Dublin, Died Dec 1874 in Plymouth,Devon

    Burniston, Alfred Norman, Born Mar 1881 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1897 in Bramley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Alice, Born Sep 1897 in Marylebone,London, Died Jun 1898 in Marylebone,London

    Burniston, Alice, Born Apr 30 1883 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Jan 16 1956 in Winchester,Hants

    Burniston, Alice, Born 1880 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1968 in Teesside South,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Alice, Born 1883 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa, Died 1955 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa

    Burniston, Alice Lydia, Born Apr 1890 in Cranbrook,Kent, Died Apr 1891 in Cranbrook,Kent

    Burniston, Amelia, Born Sep 1834 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1903 in Fylde,Lancashire

    Burniston, Amy Madeline Theresa, Born Apr 1875 in Portsea Island,Hampshire, Died Oct 1876 in Portsea Island,Hampshire

    Burniston, Ann, Born Apr 1783 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1786 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ann, Born 1808 in Tadcaster,Yorkshire, Died 1810 in Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ann, Born Apr 28 1820 in Old Basing,Hampshire, Died Jul 22 1820 in Old Basing,Hampshire

    Burniston, Ann Eliza Holloway, Born Feb 1852 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1929 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Anna Maria, Born Dec 1872 in Scrayingham,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1921 in York,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Annie Lowrie, Born Feb 19 1899 in Belmont,Durham, Died Sep 18 1939 in South Shields,Durham

    Burniston, Annie M, Born Dec 1913 in Pancras,London, Died Sep 1914 in Pancras,London

    Burniston, Anthony B, Born Sep 1940 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1940 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Anthony James, Born Sep 14 1951 in Swansea,Glamorganshire, Died Feb 1990 in Taunton,Somerset

    Burniston, Arkers Walter Henry, Born 1891 in Butterant,Co.Cork, Ireland, Died 1982 in Niagara,Ontario,Canada

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 1875 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1954 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 1863 in Wantage,Berkshire, Died 1933 in Bournemouth,Dorset

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 26 1916 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1974 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 02 1903 in Selby,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1984 in Claro,N.Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 1878 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1954 in Claro,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Sep 1876 in Auckland,Co.Durham, Died Dec 1964 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Mar 10 1910 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died May 1985 in Cambridge,Cambridgeshire

    Burniston, Arthur, Born Apr 29 1915 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire, Died Apr 1992 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Arthur George, Born Apr 09 1924 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Oct 22 1925 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Arthur Henry, Born Jan 09 1895 in Chelsea,London, Died Dec 1897 in Birmingham,Warwickshire

    Burniston, Arthur John, Born Jan 1874 in Portsea Island,Hampshire, Died Mar 12 1904 in USA

    Burniston, Arthur Leslie, Born May 05 1925 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died 1979 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Arthur Richard, Born Apr 1876 in Queensbury,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1947 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Arthur Samuels, Born Apr 1876 in Rochester,Kent, Died Jan 1900 in Westbourne,Sussex

    Burniston, Arthur Thomas, Born Jun 1899 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jul 25 1902 in Old Basing,Hampshire

    Burniston, Arthur Thomas, Born Jan 19 1899 in Warley, Essex, Died 1979 in Wandsworth,London

    Burniston, Arthur William, Born Jun 1902 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Dec 1920 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Arthur William, Born Dec 1852 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1929 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Asa, Born Oct 1877 in Low Moor,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1947 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Augustus John, Born Sep 1898 in Birmingham,Warwickshire, Died Mar 1949 in Paddington,London

    Burniston, Augustus John, Born Sep 17 1833 in Kingstown,Dublin,Ireland, Died May 08 1909 in Axbridge,Somerset

    Burniston, Augustus John, Born Oct 27 1871 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Apr 1873 in Stoke Damerel,Devon

    Burniston, Augustus John, Born Nov 15 1874 in Rochester,Kent, Died Mar 08 1923 in Bristol,Gloucestershire

    Burniston, Austin Brooks, Born Jul 1905 in York,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1968 in Leigh,Lancashire

    Burniston, Barbara, Born Aug 26 1897 in N.Brierley,Yorkshire, Died 1981 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Barry Frederick, Born Jan 29 1939 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Apr 2001 in Rotherham,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Baxter Hayley, Born Aug 02 1898 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died 1975 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Benjamin, Born Jul 17 1861 in Wentworth,Ontario, Died 1954 in Ontario

    Burniston, Bernard, Born Sep 1925 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1925 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Bessie May, Born Mar 1894 in Romford,Essex, Died Mar 1896 in Romford,Essex

    Burniston, Betty Muriel, Born Feb 20 1926 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died 1976 in Canada

    Burniston, Brian Robert, Born Apr 18 1956 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Dec 1997 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Bruce, Born Feb 28 1919 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1992 in Canterbury,Kent

    Burniston, Caroline, Born Mar 1843 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Dec 1846 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Caroline, Born Jun 01 1908 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1967 in Glamorgan,S.Wales

    Burniston, Caroline Georgina, Born Feb 02 1872 in Kingstown,Dublin,Ireland, Died Dec 1941 in New Ross,Ireland

    Burniston, Carter, Born Dec 1896 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1922 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Catherine, Born Feb 11 1821 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Mar 1868 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Cecil Jowett, Born 1866 in Victoria,Australia, Died May 11 1887 in Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Charles, Born 1830 in Hull,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1875 in Hull,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Jul 1876 in Bedale,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1876 in Bedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Nov 1829 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1831 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Jun 1885 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1957 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Apr 27 1914 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Mar 2007 in Bolton,Lancashire

    Burniston, Charles, Born , Died Feb 1806 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Mar 24 1923 in Pancras,London, Died Mar 1974 in Pancras,London

    Burniston, Charles, Born Mar 1845 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1913 in Wetherby,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles, Born Mar 01 1855 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1856 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles Edward, Born Apr 08 1862 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jan 15 1935 in Winchester,Hampshire

    Burniston, Charles Ernest, Born Jun 1890 in Escrick,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1966 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Charles Henry, Born Sep 1879 in Burton Upon Trent,Staffs, Died Mar 1956 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Charles Henry, Born Jun 1857 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1930 in Blackburn,Lancs

    Burniston, Charlie, Born Oct 31 1903 in Skipton,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1978 in Burnley,Lancashire

    Burniston, Christopher, Born Apr 18 1750 in Kirkby Wharfe,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1798 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Christopher, Born Apr 21 1749 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died May 1808 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Christopher, Born Jan 28 1827 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1859 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Christopher Arthington, Born Feb 02 1875 in Horsforth,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1954 in Ewecross,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Christopher John, Born Nov 18 1893 in Escrick,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1974 in Barkston Ash,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Christopher John, Born Dec 08 1923 in Marylebone,London, Died Dec 1973 in St.Pancras,London

    Burniston, Clara, Born Oct 07 1901 in Queensbury,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1983 in Halifax,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Cyril, Born Mar 11 1907 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire, Died Jun 1988 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Daisy Marie, Born 1878 in Aberdeen,Scotland, Died Jul 11 1966 in Southampton,Hampshire

    Burniston, David, Born Mar 1821 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died 1892 in Halifax,Yorkshire

    Burniston, David, Born Sep 09 1794 in Plumpton,Yorkshire, Died Jun 17 1868 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, David, Born Jun 1897 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1941 in Cleveland,Yorkshire

    Burniston, David, Born Oct 1905 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1924 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, David Roy, Born Jan 02 1953 in Winchester,Hampshire, Died Mar 1972 in Surrey

    Burniston, Dennis Robert, Born May 05 1928 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Dec 21 2003 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Dianna, Born , Died ABT 1881 in Cork,Ireland

    Burniston, Dick Dearlove, Born Nov 27 1914 in Wetherby,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1983 in Bilton in Ainsty,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Doris, Born Jun 1921 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Mar 1926 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Doris Ada, Born May 04 1899 in Winchester,Hampshire, Died Dec 07 2002 in Winchester,Hampshire

    Burniston, Dorothy, Born 1908 in Skipton,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1967 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Dorothy Elizabeth, Born , Died 1939 in New South Wales,Australia

    Burniston, Dorothy Jane, Born 1917 in Urunga,New South Wales, Died 2003 in Australia

    Burniston, Dudley Michael J, Born Jun 24 1939 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Apr 2001 in South Dorset

    Burniston, Edgar, Born Mar 1886 in Wintringham,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1946 in York,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Edith Elizabeth Martha, Born Jan 31 1906 in Hendon,Middlesex, Died Feb 1996 in Isle of Wight,Hampshire

    Burniston, Edith May, Born Jan 1907 in Cranbrook,Kent, Died Dec 1920 in Cranbrook,Kent

    Burniston, Edmund, Born Sep 1909 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1968 in Upper Agbrigg,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Edward, Born Dec 1813 in Sutton in Holderness,Hull, Died Oct 1847 in Glanford Brigg,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Edward, Born Jun 02 1822 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Feb 06 1890 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Edward, Born Mar 06 1910 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1973 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Edward, Born Oct 1858 in Wolverhampton,Staffordshire, Died Apr 1890 in Hull,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Edward Abbott, Born Dec 1899 in Birmingham,Warwickshire, Died Mar 1901 in Birmingham,Warwickshire

    Burniston, Edward Abbott, Born 1837 in Queenstown,Dublin,Ireland, Died Dec 1872 in Plymouth,Devon

    Burniston, Edward Henry, Born Jan 21 1818 in Old Basing,Hampshire, Died May 16 1885 in Brockville,Ontario

    Burniston, Edward Ronald, Born Nov 28 1915 in Dewsbury,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1985 in Exeter,Devon

    Burniston, Edward Victor, Born May 17 1902 in Winchester,Hampshire, Died Jul 19 1972 in Winchester,Hampshire

    Burniston, Edwin Thurlow, Born Aug 12 1885 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa, Died Mar 08 1927 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa

    Burniston, Eileen M, Born Jun 1915 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1916 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Nov 1791 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1791 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Sep 1874 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1880 in Barnsley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Jun 1851 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1929 in Gt.Ouseburn,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Dec 1785 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1785 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Apr 1811 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Aug 1870

    Burniston, Elizabeth, Born Dec 1923 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1926 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth Ann, Born Sep 1878 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1882 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Elizabeth Kate, Born Sep 26 1858 in Ontario,Canada, Died Jul 21 1930 in Vancouver,B.Columbia

    Burniston, Elizabeth M, Born Dec 1923 in Marylebone,London, Died Sep 1924 in Kensington,London

    Burniston, Ellen, Born , Died ABT Mar 1834 in Cork,Ireland

    Burniston, Ellen, Born Jun 14 1741 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Oct 27 1793

    Burniston, Ellen Laurie, Born Jan 1860 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1945 in Newton Abbot,Devon

    Burniston, Elsie, Born Sep 1897 in Marylebone,London, Died Jun 1898 in Marylebone,London

    Burniston, Emily Louisa, Born Dec 1843 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1883 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Emma, Born 1848 in Follifoot,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1875 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Emma Knowles, Born Jan 1854 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1922 in Halifax,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Eric, Born Jun 1915 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1915 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ernest, Born Aug 15 1901 in Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire, Died Feb 23 1982 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ernest, Born Jan 1888 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1948 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ernest, Born Jan 1908 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1937 in Stockton,Durham

    Burniston, Ernest, Born Jan 1914 in Darlington,Durham, Died Dec 1940 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Esau, Born Aug 1839 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1905 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ethel M, Born Sep 1912 in Ilford,Essex, Died Dec 1988 in Tunbridge Wells,Kent

    Burniston, Ethel Mary, Born Jan 1893 in East Hilton,Lancashire, Died Mar 1953 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Fanny, Born Oct 1845 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1878 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Florence, Born Mar 1896 in Chelsea,London, Died Mar 1896 in Chelsea,London

    Burniston, Florence, Born Sep 1887 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1889 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Florence E, Born Mar 1877 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1885 in Yorkshire

    Burniston, Florence Maud, Born 1892 in Richmond,Victoria,Australia, Died 1893 in Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Florry, Born Sep 1879 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1958 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Frances Matilda Louise, Born Feb 10 1894 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died 1932 in Coventry,Warwickshire

    Burniston, Francis, Born Sep 1840 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1884 in Yorkshire

    Burniston, Francis, Born Jul 1851 in Kersley,Lancashire, Died Jun 1926 in Cranbrook,Kent

    Burniston, Francis Herbert, Born Jul 1921 in Pancras,London, Died Jun 1991 in Elstree,Middlesex

    Burniston, Frank, Born Dec 1872 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1902 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Frank, Born Mar 1896 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Sep 1941 in Nelson,Lancashire

    Burniston, Fred, Born Oct 21 1907 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Mar 1993 in Canterbury,Kent

    Burniston, Fred, Born Jun 01 1863 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1951 in Calder,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Frederick, Born Oct 1865 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1910 in Pontefract,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Frederick, Born 1896 in Pontefract,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1897 in Pontefract,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Frederick, Born Mar 10 1907 in Pontefract,Yorkshire, Died Aug 1993 in Kensington,London

    Burniston, Frederick, Born Jul 1901 in Little Hulton,Lancashire, Died Jun 1964 in Farnworth,Lancashire

    Burniston, Frederick, Born Mar 25 1899 in Horncastle,Lincolnshire, Died Jun 1974 in Sutton,Gt.London

    Burniston, Frederick James, Born Jun 16 1897 in Chelsea,London, Died Mar 1936 in Willesden,Middlesex

    Burniston, Frederick Victor, Born Jun 05 1937 in Farnworth,Lancashire, Died Mar 1979 in Ynys Mon,Anglesey,Wales

    Burniston, George, Born Jul 1870 in Wakefield,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1872 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Jun 1872 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1873 in Barnsley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Mar 1794 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1873 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born 1785 in Marske,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1826 in Marske,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born 1849 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1927 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Mar 1814 in Pannal,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1868 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born May 1825 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died May 1825 in Elvington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born , Died Jul 1790 in Farnham,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Jun 1776 in York,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1777 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Apr 1778 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died May 1782 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Nov 11 1804 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died Mar 25 1806 in Spofforth,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Sep 1843 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1923 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Sep 1826 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1867 in Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, George, Born 1823 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1894 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Nov 1777 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Dec 19 1857 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Feb 1794 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1871 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born May 1809 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died 1889 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born 1835 in Clutton,Cheshire, Died Jul 1898 in Bolton,Lancashire

    Burniston, George, Born Jan 1887 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1925 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George, Born Apr 1910 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1934 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Arthur, Born Apr 19 1894 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1958 in Liverpool,Lancashire

    Burniston, George Benjamin, Born 1886 in Melbourne,Australia, Died Aug 24 1973 in Sutherland,New South Wales,Australia

    Burniston, George Edward, Born Nov 1848 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1853 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Edward, Born Nov 24 1901 in Cranbrook,Kent, Died Mar 1999 in Maidstone,Kent

    Burniston, George Francis, Born Oct 1910 in Dewsbury,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1911 in Dewsbury,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Frederick, Born Nov 18 1914 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1971 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Frederick, Born Aug 1895 in Marylebone,London, Died Sep 1904 in Paddington,London

    Burniston, George Frederick, Born Dec 12 1880 in Burton Upon Trent,Staffs, Died Jun 1958 in Salford,Lancashire

    Burniston, George Frederick, Born Jul 1874 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1940 in Upper Agbrigg,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Garrett, Born 1914 in Sydney,New South Wales,Australia, Died Jun 27 1992 in Cronulla,New South Wales,Australia

    Burniston, George Geoffrey, Born Jan 1899 in Farnworth,Lancashire, Died Sep 1963 in Bolton,Lancashire

    Burniston, George Herbert, Born Mar 07 1857 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1914 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George James, Born Jul 11 1927 in Pancras,London, Died May 2006 in Camden,London

    Burniston, George Shenton, Born Dec 1879 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1935 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George Thomas, Born Dec 1896 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died Sep 03 1916 in France

    Burniston, George William, Born Feb 17 1903 in Hull,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1974 in Beverley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George William, Born Sep 1872 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1891 in Northallerton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, George William, Born Nov 14 1913 in W.Derby,Lancashire, Died Jul 1987 in Liverpool,Lancashire

    Burniston, Gilbert, Born Sep 1894 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1967 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Gordon Edmondson, Born Sep 1885 in Harrogate,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1934 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Hannah, Born Oct 1801 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1802 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Hannah, Born Aug 1827 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Jun 10 1907 in Elvington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Hannah, Born Aug 1780 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died May 1782 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Hannah, Born May 11 1778 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Dec 30 1788 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Harold Montague, Born Apr 1872 in Tendring,Essex, Died Mar 03 1895 in Australia

    Burniston, Harold Montague, Born Sep 25 1893 in Fareham,Hampshire, Died Mar 1953 in Wandsworth,London

    Burniston, Harriet, Born Jun 1840 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jul 1842 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Harry, Born Dec 1870 in Scrayingham,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1919 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Harry, Born Mar 1869 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1876 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Harry, Born Dec 1889 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Aug 22 1975 in Victoria,B.Columbia,Canada

    Burniston, Harry, Born Feb 07 1859 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1934 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Harry, Born Dec 1889 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jul 01 1916 in France

    Burniston, Harry, Born Apr 1901 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1962 in Scunthorpe,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Harry Augustus, Born Sep 1860 in Wolverhampton,Staffordshire, Died Dec 1899 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Harry Augustus, Born Jun 1890 in Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1938 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Hattie, Born Sep 15 1876 in Ontario, Died Jul 22 1951 in Elgin County,Ontario

    Burniston, Henry, Born Jun 1835 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1870 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Henry, Born May 09 1807 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Dec 05 1810 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Henry, Born Apr 1827 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1871 in Wetherby,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Henry, Born Dec 1838 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1870 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Henry, Born Feb 24 1833 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1885 in Wakefield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Herbert, Born Oct 1915 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1916 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Herbert, Born Jan 1907 in Marylebone,London, Died Mar 1978 in Buckinghamshire

    Burniston, Herbert Carter, Born Aug 08 1885 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1952 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Herbert William, Born Jan 1919 in Southwell,Nottinghamshire, Died Jul 1992 in Leicester,Leicestershire

    Burniston, Hilda, Born Mar 1894 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1895 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Horace Wilson, Born May 11 1889 in Escrick,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1972 in Howden,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Howard McCulloch, Born 1885 in Hawthorn,Victoria,Australia, Died Aug 07 1918 in France

    Burniston, Hubert Lionel, Born Dec 20 1870 in Tendring,Essex, Died May 30 1955 in Worcester,Worcestershire

    Burniston, Hugh Henry, Born Jan 25 1865 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Dec 21 1865 in Plymouth,Devon

    Burniston, Hugh Henry, Born Nov 11 1902 in Norwood,S.Australia, Died May 1995 in Yorketown,S.Australia

    Burniston, Hugh Henry Somerville, Born Sep 16 1902 in Birmingham,Warwickshire, Died Dec 1984 in Westminster,London

    Burniston, Hugh Henry Somerville, Born Jan 12 1830 in Kingstown,Dublin,S.Ireland, Died Jul 01 1909 in Southampton,Hampshire

    Burniston, Hugh Henry Somerville, Born Dec 26 1869 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Sep 1944 in Paddington,London

    Burniston, Hugh Somerville, Born Mar 1796 in Cork,Ireland, Died Feb 02 1859 in Kingstown,Dublin,Ireland

    Burniston, Hugh Somerville, Born Oct 16 1870 in Rathmullan,ireland, Died Jun 1962 in Gosport,Hampshire

    Burniston, Humphrey Horne, Born Oct 1881 in Portsea Island,Hampshire, Died Aug 08 1970 in S.Africa

    Burniston, Ian Somerville, Born 1910 in Transvaal,S.Africa, Died Sep 14 1986 in S.Africa

    Burniston, Iris Dorothy, Born Jun 1935 in Hendon,Middlesex, Died Dec 1954 in Islington,London

    Burniston, Isaac, Born Dec 1856 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1878 in Alverstoke,Hants

    Burniston, Isaac, Born Oct 1881 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died Sep 1887 in Dublin,S.Ireland

    Burniston, Isabella, Born 1821 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1907 in Sculcoates,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Isabella, Born 1846 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1923 in North Bierley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ivy, Born Jun 05 1913 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died Mar 1916 in Cardiff,Glamorgan

    Burniston, Jacob, Born Aug 1839 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1899 in Scarborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Jacob, Born Oct 10 1888 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Dec 1956 in Kings Lynn,Norfolk

    Burniston, Jacob Street, Born Jun 1778 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1847 in Hunslet,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Oct 1797 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1798 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Aug 1832 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Aug 1832 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, James, Born Jan 1913 in Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1913 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Jul 1855 in York,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1893 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Oct 07 1918 in Pocklington,Yorkshire, Died Oct 2004 in East Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born 1798 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died Feb 21 1872 in Elvington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Nov 1800 in Sutton in Holderness,Hull, Died Dec 1805 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born Jan 07 1807 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1868 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James, Born 1862 in Follifoot,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1910 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James Arthur, Born Jun 1902 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1967 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James D, Born Dec 1926 in Kingston,Surrey, Died Mar 1961 in Surrey

    Burniston, James Edward, Born Apr 1854 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1908 in Victoria,New South Wales,Australia

    Burniston, James Humphrey, Born 1912 in Transvaal,S.Africa, Died Mar 1955 in Chelmsford,Essex

    Burniston, James Joseph, Born Mar 22 1880 in Clerkenwell,London, Died Jun 1939 in Lambeth,London

    Burniston, James Richard, Born Jun 04 1928 in South Shields,Durham, Died Sep 1980 in South Shields,Durham

    Burniston, James William, Born Jun 16 1899 in Pontefract,Yorkshire, Died May 1992 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, James William, Born May 1840 in Atworth,Wiltshire, Died Apr 1888 in Holborn,London

    Burniston, Jane, Born Jun 22 1817 in Basing,Hampshire, Died Jan 18 1842 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Jane Lewsbe, Born 1822 in Woodbury,Devon, Died Jan 16 1882 in Hulme,Manchester

    Burniston, Jasper, Born Nov 25 1767 in Kirkby Wharfe,Yorkshire, Died 1832 in Selby,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Jean, Born Mar 1934 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Mar 1934 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Jeanne Florence Mary, Born 1899 in Hawthorn,Victoria,Australia, Died 1938 in Blackburn,Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Jeffrey, Born Dec 1929 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Dec 1929 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Jennie Isabella, Born Jan 27 1910 in Marylebone,London, Died Feb 1992 in Islington,London

    Burniston, Jessie Maud, Born Dec 1882 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died Jun 1883 in Liverpool,Lancashire

    Burniston, Joan Mary, Born Feb 22 1916 in York,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1982 in Beverley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joan Palmer, Born Feb 23 1930 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Nov 1986 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Jobling, Born Dec 1894 in Belmont,Durham, Died Jul 31 1917 in France

    Burniston, John, Born Sep 1850 in Beverley,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1905 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, John, Born 1753 in Tadcaster,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1801

    Burniston, John, Born 1815 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Mar 07 1821 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Mar 19 1826 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Feb 23 1901 in West Flamborough,Ontario

    Burniston, John, Born Jun 1840 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Dec 21 1917 in Brockville,Ontario,Canada

    Burniston, John, Born Feb 1816 in Pannal,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1831 in Pannal,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Dec 1832 in Harrogate,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1909 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born , Died Jan 1811 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Feb 1782 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1782 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Jul 11 1791 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1793 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born May 1802 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jul 1874 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Oct 1841 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1861 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Jun 09 1851 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1904 in Lewisham,London

    Burniston, John, Born Nov 1764 in Follyfoot,Yorkshire, Died Apr 22 1838 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Oct 16 1818 in Lympstone,Devon, Died Jul 09 1824 in Lympstone,Devon

    Burniston, John, Born Jan 1757 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died Apr 22 1838 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born 1811 in Pickering,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1883 in Chorlton,Lancashire

    Burniston, John, Born 1841 in Farnworth,Lancashire, Died Mar 1920 in Bolton,Lancashire

    Burniston, John, Born Mar 1866 in Little Hulton,Lancashire, Died Dec 1940 in Bolton,Lancashire

    Burniston, John, Born May 06 1788 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1856 in Spofforth,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Oct 1816 in Follifoot,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1879 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John, Born Mar 1927 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Mar 1927 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, John Barker, Born Dec 1913 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died May 28 1940 in France

    Burniston, John Charles, Born Nov 15 1864 in Ontario, Died Nov 08 1940 in North Vancouver,British Columbia

    Burniston, John Colin, Born Mar 20 1890 in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada, Died Jun 19 1971 in Vancouver,Canada

    Burniston, John Eddison, Born Jun 1841 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 15 1884 in Oswego,New York,USA

    Burniston, John Edwin Priest, Born Jun 1847 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Nov 11 1911 in Orange Free State,South Africa

    Burniston, John Henry, Born Jan 1879 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died Oct 10 1966 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John King, Born Oct 26 1920 in North Vancouver, Died Feb 06 1984 in Multnomah County Oregon

    Burniston, John Thomas, Born Jul 1915 in Darlington,Durham, Died Mar 1950 in Leicester,Leicestershire

    Burniston, John W, Born Jan 1913 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1913 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John W R, Born Dec 1911 in Marylebone,London, Died Mar 1968 in Pancras,London

    Burniston, John William, Born Jun 1858 in Pocklington,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1917 in Willesden,London

    Burniston, John William, Born Dec 1886 in Marylebone,London, Died Jun 1958 in Pancras,London

    Burniston, John William, Born Apr 1901 in Halifax,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1901 in Halifax,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John William, Born Jul 1867 in Pudsey,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1921 in Westmorland,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John William, Born Oct 1896 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1900 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, John William, Born Nov 12 1889 in Harrogate,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1952 in Darlington,Durham

    Burniston, Jonathan, Born Dec 1966 in Winchester,Hampshire, Died Nov 1966 in Winchester,Hampshire

    Burniston, Jonathan, Born Nov 26 1797 in Plumpton,Yorkshire, Died Nov 17 1814 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Mar 1877 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1969 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Sep 1913 in Selby,Yorkshire, Died May 1994 in Bridlington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Jun 1926 in Pancras,London, Died Dec 1983 in Camden,London

    Burniston, Joseph, Born May 1785 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Jan 02 1846 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Jan 1819 in St.Olave,York,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1902 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Mar 1848 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1869 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Mar 1880 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1881 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Mar 04 1900 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1994 in Scarborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Joseph, Born Jan 1907 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1931 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Josiah George, Born Dec 1888 in Marylebone,London, Died Mar 1949 in Marylebone,London

    Burniston, Joyce, Born Mar 1928 in Lanchester,Durham, Died 2006

    Burniston, Judith, Born ABT 1816 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jun 1834 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Kate Caroline, Born Oct 04 1892 in Chelsea,London, Died Dec 1897 in Birmingham,Warwickshire

    Burniston, Kate Rebecca, Born Jun 1861 in Burton Upon Trent,Staffordshire, Died Jan 1948 in Hawke's Bay,New Zealand

    Burniston, Kathleen Agnes, Born Apr 21 1908 in Winchester,Hampshire, Died Jun 24 1994 in Winchester,Hampshire

    Burniston, Kathleen Janet, Born May 12 1906 in Norwood,S.Australia, Died 1964 in S.Australia

    Burniston, Kathleen Olivia, Born Jun 1878 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1933 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Keith S, Born Mar 1931 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Oct 2013 in Barry,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Keith William, Born Aug 22 1934 in Hendon,Hertfordshire, Died Dec 1988 in Hillingdon,Middlesex

    Burniston, Kenneth George, Born Jun 12 1928 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Jul 1998 in Glamorgan,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Kevin, Born Oct 08 1958 in Leicester,Leicestershire, Died Mar 2001 in Leicester,Leicestershire

    Burniston, Kitty, Born May 07 1809 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Apr 1864 in Amherst,Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Laura Moncrieff, Born Aug 1866 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1950 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Leonard, Born Mar 1897 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1897 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Leslie Stuart, Born 1885 in Hawthorn,Victoria,Australia, Died Nov 06 1917 in Palestine

    Burniston, Louis, Born Aug 04 1900 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1980 in Glamorgan,S.Wales

    Burniston, Louisa, Born 1860 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jun 1928 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Louisa, Born Mar 1871 in Burton Upon Trent,Staffs, Died Jun 1871 in Burton Upon Trent,Staffs

    Burniston, Louisa, Born Jul 1911 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1912 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Louisa Ann, Born Jul 08 1815 in Lympstone,Devon, Died Apr 1912 in Guernsey,Channel Islands

    Burniston, Lucy, Born Sep 11 1872 in Rathmullan,Ireland, Died 1961 in Eastbourne,Sussex

    Burniston, Lucy Victoria, Born Jan 1901 in Birmingham,Warwickshire, Died Apr 1901 in Birmingham,Warwickshire

    Burniston, Mabel, Born Apr 04 1902 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1978 in Glamorgan,S.Wales

    Burniston, Margaret, Born Jul 1843 in Hull,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1892 in Lutterworth,Leicestershire

    Burniston, Margaret, Born 1824 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1855 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Margaret Andrews, Born Nov 09 1813 in Plumpton,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1873 in Newport,Monmouthshire

    Burniston, Margaret E, Born Mar 1926 in South Shields,Durham, Died Mar 1935 in South Shields,Durham

    Burniston, Margaret Elizabeth, Born Sep 1899 in Marylebone,London, Died 1968 in Amersham,Buckinghamshire

    Burniston, Margaret Elizabeth, Born Apr 11 1908 in Marylebone,London, Died Oct 1986 in Camden,London

    Burniston, Margaret Maria, Born Mar 1864 in Pocklington,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1899 in Pocklington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Maria, Born Apr 1829 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Oct 09 1918

    Burniston, Maria Ann, Born Aug 1850 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1862 in Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Marian Brenda, Born Mar 1929 in Leicester,Leicestershire, Died Jun 1948 in Leicester,Leicesteshire

    Burniston, Marjorie Carr, Born Jan 02 1896 in Escrick,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1971 in Howden,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Martha, Born Oct 1904 in Pontefract,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1932 in Pontefract,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Martha, Born 1838 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1897 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Martha, Born Oct 1847 in Kersley,Lancashire, Died Apr 1892 in Easthampstead,Berks

    Burniston, Mary, Born , Died Sep 10 1793 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jan 1839 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died 1839 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jan 22 1810 in Pannal,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1814 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jun 1923 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1923 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jun 1925 in Pancras,London, Died Jun 1925 in Pancras,London

    Burniston, Mary, Born Sep 1957 in Watford,Hertfordshire, Died Sep 1957 in Watford,Hertfordshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jan 06 1945 in Barnet,Hertfordshire, Died Mar 1971 in Cambridge,Cambridgeshire

    Burniston, Mary, Born Jan 17 1931 in South Shields,Durham, Died May 1992 in Gateshead,Tyne and Wear

    Burniston, Mary Ann, Born Nov 1838 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Jul 1852 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Mary Beatrice, Born Dec 28 1865 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Aug 09 1867 in Plymouth,Devon

    Burniston, Mary Charlotte, Born Jan 1853 in Montreal, Died Aug 14 1853 in Lachine,Montreal

    Burniston, Mary Edna, Born Oct 10 1892 in Hamilton Ontario, Died Jan 30 1976 in Vancouver

    Burniston, Mary Eleanor, Born Sep 1872 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1926 in Raskelf,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary Elizabeth, Born Jun 1873 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Dec 1874 in Plymouth,Devon

    Burniston, Mary Elizabeth Lyall, Born Nov 30 1864 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1949 in Liverpool,Lancashire

    Burniston, Mary Ellen, Born Jan 1889 in Queensbury,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1966 in Hull,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary Jane, Born 1854 in Montreal,Canada, Died May 21 1927 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois

    Burniston, Mary Jane, Born Sep 1847 in Scarborough,Yorkshire, Died 1910 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Mary Louisa Theresa, Born Aug 07 1875 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa, Died 1959 in Pietermaritzburg,South Africa

    Burniston, Mary Rose, Born Sep 1903 in Marylebone,London, Died Sep 1966 in Brent,London

    Burniston, Mary Ann, Born Sep 07 1823 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jul 19 1849 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Matilda, Born Jun 1905 in Romford,Essex, Died Jun 1905 in Romford,Essex

    Burniston, Matthew, Born Oct 31 1843 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1887 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Matthew, Born Dec 1846 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1851 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Matthew, Born Jun 1897 in Belmont,Durham, Died Dec 1973 in Durham

    Burniston, May, Born Apr 1893 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1893 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Melita, Born Jul 1854 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1936 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Michael, Born Nov 1802 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1802 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Nancy, Born Jun 1891 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1918 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Norman Arthington, Born May 04 1908 in Bramley,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1969 in Worth Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Norman Fitzgeorge, Born Jun 1853 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1911 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Patricia Ann, Born Jan 09 1930 in Vancouver, Died Apr 2009 in Vancouver

    Burniston, Peter, Born Oct 1825 in Hull,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1879 in Caistor,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Peter, Born Mar 16 1919 in Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire, Died Aug 1993 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Peter, Born Aug 1839 in Hull,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1911 in Lambeth,London

    Burniston, Peter, Born 1862 in Wolverhampton,Staffordshire, Died Dec 1921 in Ecclesall Bierlow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Peter, Born Mar 1772 in York,Yorkshire, Died 1858 in Sculcoates,Hull

    Burniston, Peter, Born Apr 1863 in Burley,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1922 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Peter Miles, Born Jun 25 1920 in Pocklington,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1979 in York,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Phyllis, Born Jun 01 1896 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1983 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ralph, Born Jun 1854 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1917 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ralph, Born Jul 05 1899 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died May 1990 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Ralph, Born Dec 1929 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1931 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Raymond A, Born Dec 1921 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Sep 1968 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Raymond Armison, Born Oct 1893 in N.Brierley,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1967 in Darlington,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Raymond Donald, Born Nov 22 1933 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Sep 21 1979 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Reginald Alexander, Born Jul 09 1896 in Hamilton,Ontario,Canada, Died Dec 21 1969 in N.Vancouver,Canada

    Burniston, Reginald E, Born Apr 1913 in Bramley,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1914 in Bramley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Reginald George Rae, Born 1882 in Hawthorn,Victoria,Australia, Died Mar 01 1941 in Queensland,Australia

    Burniston, Reginald Somerville, Born Apr 1867 in Plymouth,Devon, Died Oct 21 1954 in S.Australia

    Burniston, Rhoda, Born Oct 1844 in Old Basing,Hampshire, Died Dec 1846 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born May 1785 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died 1847 in Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1855 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1873 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born Feb 24 1793 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died 1799 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born Apr 01 1830 in Drummond Castle,Muthill,Perthshire, Died Oct 1896 in Farnham,Surrey

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1844 in Elvington,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1917 in York,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1830 in Clapham,Yorkshire, Died Apr 1889 in Barnsley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1764 in Follifoot,Yorkshire, Died Aug 07 1832 in Harrogate,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born May 27 1807 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1884 in Wetherby,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1752 in Follyfoot,Yorkshire, Died Jan 26 1834 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1780 in Plumpton,Yorkshire, Died Aug 07 1802 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born Jul 13 1800 in Spofforth,Yorkshire, Died 1845 in Harrogate,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born 1801 in Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1867 in Bradford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born Mar 1854 in Gilesgatemoor,Durham, Died Dec 1922 in S.Shields,Durham

    Burniston, Richard, Born Sep 1886 in Belmont,Durham, Died Dec 1955 in Durham North Eastern,Durham

    Burniston, Richard, Born Jan 1792 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died 1820 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Richard, Born Mar 1859 in Follifoot,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1929 in Darlington,Durham

    Burniston, Richard, Born Feb 01 1913 in Lanchester,Durham, Died Mar 1987 in Durham Western,Durham

    Burniston, Richard Alexander, Born Jun 03 1927 in North Vancouver, Died Jun 30 2008 in Langley British Columbia

    Burniston, Richard Charles, Born Jun 1901 in Marylebone,London, Died Jun 1906 in Paddington,London

    Burniston, Richard Henry, Born Mar 18 1879 in Aberford,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1883 in Aberford,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Robert, Born 1863 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1943 in Cleveland,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Robert, Born 1889 in Belmont,Durham, Died Jun 1965 in Durham Central,Co.Durham

    Burniston, Robert, Born Jun 1882 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1945 in Cleveland,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Robert, Born Mar 1922 in Barnsley,Yorkshire, Died Feb 27 1942

    Burniston, Robert Arthur, Born 1883 in Staveley,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1961 in Pershore,Worcestershire

    Burniston, Robert Arthur, Born Jun 1924 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Sep 1968 in Yorkshire

    Burniston, Robert Frank, Born Mar 29 1922 in North Vancouver, Died Sep 25 2001 in Abbotsford British Columbia

    Burniston, Robert Louis, Born Dec 18 1920 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Oct 2004 in Glamorgan,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Ronald Frederick, Born Sep 1923 in Paddington,London, Died Oct 08 2013 in Sandown,Isle of Wight

    Burniston, Ronald Henry, Born May 07 1912 in N.Bierley,Yorkshire, Died Aug 2000 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Roy, Born Jun 1886 in Horsforth,Yorkshire, Died 1982 in Australia

    Burniston, Ruby Clarice, Born 1880 in Prahan,Victoria,Australia, Died 1966 in St.Kilda,Victoria,Australia

    Burniston, Sarah, Born Nov 08 1797 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died 1800 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Sarah, Born Feb 18 1790 in Plumpton,Yorkshire, Died Mar 09 1792 in Plumpton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Sarah Ann, Born Dec 1870 in Caistor,Lincolnshire, Died Jul 1871 in Caistor,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Sarah Elizabeth, Born Dec 1852 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1852 in Thorner,Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Sarah Snowden, Born Jan 1860 in Bramham,York,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1861 in Tadcaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Sheila, Born Dec 1941 in Surrey, Died Aug 2011 in Epsom,Surrey

    Burniston, Sidney Harrison, Born May 1883 in Wintringham,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1967 in York,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Simeon, Born Dec 1855 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1880 in Wetherby,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stanley, Born Apr 07 1904 in Bristol,Gloucestershire, Died Dec 1980 in S.Glamorgan

    Burniston, Stanley, Born May 03 1926 in Dewsbury,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1994 in Gainsborough,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Stanley Ernest, Born Oct 03 1922 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Sep 1994 in South Glamorgan

    Burniston, Stanley Fitzgeorge, Born Nov 20 1908 in Rodley,Yorkshire, Died Feb 1998 in Burnley,Lancs

    Burniston, Stephen, Born Dec 1851 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1919 in Northallerton,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stephen, Born Jun 1872 in Auckland,Co.Durham, Died Sep 1950 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stephen, Born Sep 27 1899 in Morley,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1972 in Wharfedale,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stephen, Born Aug 1789 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Apr 13 1866 in Briggate,Knaresborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stephen, Born Nov 12 1953 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire, Died Sep 2004 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Stephen James, Born Feb 06 1957 in Surrey, Died Jun 2002 in Ashford,Kent

    Burniston, Susannah, Born Apr 27 1850 in Peterborough, Died Jul 06 1921 in North Vancouver, British Columbia

    Burniston, Susannah, Born Jul 10 1810 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Dec 27 1811 in St.Peter,Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Susannah, Born Jul 1825 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1902 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Sylvia D, Born Jun 1939 in Liverpool,Lancashire, Died Mar 1940 in Liverpool,Lancashire

    Burniston, Terence Wilfred, Born Aug 11 1932 in Cardiff,Glamorganshire, Died Feb 2005 in Glamorgan,Glamorganshire

    Burniston, Theresa, Born 1850 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jan 30 1907 in Leeds,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born ABT 1690, Died Aug 24 1727 in Kirkby Wharfe,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Oct 17 1824 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Mar 1898 in Christchurch,Hampshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born 1847 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1908 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Oct 02 1801 in Pannal,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1801 in Kirkby Overblow,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Jun 1892 in Blackburn,Lancashire, Died Dec 1966 in Blackburn,Lancashire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Sep 1783 in Doncaster,Yorkshire, Died Nov 1787 in Doncaster,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Sep 1839 in Knaresborough,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1877 in Auckland,Co.Durham

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Dec 1869 in Auckland,Co.Durham, Died Jun 1953 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Feb 04 1827 in Wibsey,Bradford,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1899 in Durham

    Burniston, Thomas, Born 1885 in Himblesworth,Durham, Died Sep 1951 in Durham Central,Durham

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Oct 1882 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1948 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Jan 1906 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1912 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas, Born Mar 25 1910 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Oct 1992 in Central Cleveland

    Burniston, Thomas (Bannister), Born Apr 11 1792 in Monken Hadley,Surrey, Died Mar 04 1857 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Thomas C, Born Sep 1918 in Guisborough,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1920 in Guisborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Thomas Christopher, Born Jan 21 1818 in Old Basing,Hampshire, Died Feb 10 1818 in Old Basing,Hampshire

    Burniston, Thomas Willoughby, Born Oct 29 1864 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Feb 22 1865 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Un-named, Born Sep 27 1914 in Brandon,Manitoba,Canada, Died Sep 29 1914 in Brandon,Manitoba,Canada

    Burniston, Vincent, Born Oct 1890 in Garforth,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1951 in Dover,Kent

    Burniston, Walter, Born 1852 in Beverley,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1929 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Walter, Born Oct 1894 in Sheffield,Yorkshire, Died Jan 1895 in Sheffield,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Walter, Born Oct 1878 in Scholes,Yorkshire, Died Mar 1951 in Spen Valley,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Walter, Born Jul 1879 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire, Died Mar 1956 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Walter Charles, Born Aug 27 1894 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Sep 21 1952 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Walter Frederick Daniel, Born Jul 02 1920 in Basingstoke,Hampshire, Died Feb 06 1991 in Basingstoke,Hampshire

    Burniston, Walter Stanley, Born Mar 18 1905 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire, Died Jul 1984 in Grimsby,Lincolnshire

    Burniston, Wilfred, Born Jul 1912 in Redcar,Yorkshire, Died Dec 1933 in Middlesborough,Yorkshire

    Burniston, Wilfred, Born Jul 12 1898 in Leeds,Yorkshire, Died Jun 1976 in Glamorgan,S.Wales

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