Pennington surname of family tree: The Asher & Turner Family Trees

Surname: Pennington

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  • Pennington, Aaron, Born 1786 in NC, VA Or Tenn Clay Co, KY, Died Dec 23 1861 in Perry, Harlan Co, Kentcky

    Pennington, Benajah, Born Jan 01 1725 in Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina, Died 1792 in Wilkes County, North Carolina,

    Pennington, Eli, Born Jun 02 1876, Died Apr 1942

    Pennington, Ephraim, b.1645, Born 1645 in New Haven, New Haven Co, CT, Died Jan 28 1695 in Newark, Essex Co, NJ

    Pennington, Ephraim, b.1668, Born 1668 in Newark, Union County, New Jersey, Died 1693 in Morris Co NJ,

    Pennington, Ephraim, b.1689, Born 1689 in Morristown, NJ,, Died 1750 in Rowan County, North Carolina,

    Pennington, Ephraim Aaron, Born 1814 in Ashe Co NC,, Died 1884 in Perry Co KY, Now Leslie Co KY,

    Pennington, Ephriam, Born 1854, Died Nov 22 1854 in Harlan Co, KY,

    Pennington, Henry, Born 1808 in NC,, Died 1900 in Leslie Co, KY,

    Pennington, James A, Born Jan 1831 in Harlan Co, KY,, Died 1920 in KY,

    Pennington, Levi, Born 1714 in Rowan Co NC,, Died 1800 in Randolph Guilford Co NC,

    Pennington, Levi, b.1807, Born Aug 15 1807 in NC,, Died Sep 23 1894 in Clay Co, KY,

    Pennington, Sarah Sally, b.1822, Born 1822 in Harlan Co, KY,, Died 1853 in Harlan Co, KY,

    Pennington, Sinda, Born Nov 26 1906 in Leslie Co, KY, Died Jan 02 1989 in Hazard, Kentucky

    Pennington, Timothy, Born 1670 in Mendham Co, NJ, Colonial America, Died 1749 in New Jersey, Colonial America,

    Pennington, Timothy, b.1749, Born 1749 in NC,, Died 1820 in Barren Co, KY,

    Pennington, William, b.1829, Born Dec 1829 in Harlan Co, KY,, Died 1900 in Leslie Co, KY,

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