Surname: Curran

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  • Curran, Agnes, Born 1873 in New Cumnock, Scotland, Died 1882 in New Cumnock, Scotland

    Curran, Agnes, Born 1878, Died 1968

    Curran, Alexander Convery, Born 1914 in Stirling, Died 1973 in Royal Infirmary, Stirling - Informant Annie Curran

    Curran, Alexander Cunningham, Born 1881, Died 1917 in France and Flanders

    Curran, Beatrice Burn, Born 1919, Died 1944 in Wallsend on Tyne

    Curran, Cordelia, Born 1898 in Earsdon, Tynemouth UK, Died 1898 in Earsdon, Tynemouth UK

    Curran, Daniel, Born 1874, Died 1874 in New Cumnock, Ayrshire

    Curran, Daniel, Born 1878 in New Cumnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, Died 1878 in New Cumnock, Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, Denis, Born 1897 in Minmi NSW, Died Nov 1991 in Austinmer NSW

    Curran, Dominic, Born 1915 in Coxlodge, Newastle upon Tyne UK, Died 1936 in Gosforth

    Curran, Esther, Born 1915, Died 1917 in Wallsend on Tyne

    Curran, Esther, Born 1854, Died 1858 in Dundonald Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, Esther, Born 1879 in Hartsland, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Died 1911 in Paisley, Renfrewshire

    Curran, Francis Alberta, Born 1929, Died 1940 in Perth Western Australia

    Curran, Frank, Born 1897 in Ashington Northumberland UK, Died 1918 in Flanders

    Curran, Frank, Born 1905, Died 1980 in Australia

    Curran, Frank, Born 1848 in Newton on Ayr Ayrshire Scotland, Died 1912 in 48, Baker St. Stirling

    Curran, Harry (Henry), Born 1912 in Stirling Scotland (War Record) (48, Baker Street, Stirling), Died 1975 in Freemantle, West Australia

    Curran, Ian, Born 1926, Died 1996 in Jubilee Infirm North Shields

    Curran, James, Born 1784 in Annbank, Ayrshire, Scotland, Died 1866 in Annbank Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, James, Born 1867 in Kilmarnock,Aryshire,Scotland, Died 1962

    Curran, James, Born 1900 in West Wallsend NSW, Died 1966 in Wallsend NSW

    Curran, James, Born 1850 in Whittlets St Quivox, Died 1924 in Gosforth Northumberland UK

    Curran, James Clarke, Born 1909, Died 1909

    Curran, James Cummings, Born 1908 in Coxlodge, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, Died 1952

    Curran, James Miller, Born 1884, Died 1884 in Irvine, Ayrshire

    Curran, John, Born 1941, Died 1941 in Fremantle Western Australia

    Curran, John, Born 1895 in Minmi NSW, Died 1962 in Wallsend NSW

    Curran, John, Born 1838 in Edinbugh Scotland, Died 1912 in New Cumnock Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, John, Born 1871 in New Cumnock,Scotland, Died 1937

    Curran, John Henry, Born 1931, Died 1982 in West Perth, Western Australia

    Curran, John McKenna, Born 1893, Died 1915 in France and Flanders

    Curran, John Ross, Born 1876 in Annbank, Ayrshire Scotland, Died 1960 in North Shields, Northumberland

    Curran, Josiah, Born 1898 in Earsdon, Tynemouth, Died 1898 in Earsdon, Tynemouth

    Curran, Marion Frew, Born 1873 in Annbank, Ayrshire Scotland, Died 1953 in San Francisco, USA

    Curran, Mary, Born 1909, Died 1991 in Fremantle, Western Australia

    Curran, Mary Ross, Born 1872, Died 1919 in 71 Glasgow Rd Barrhead Renfrew Scotland

    Curran, Mary S, Born 1835 in Ireland, Died 1902 in 1 Quarry Lane Irvine, Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, Patrick, Born 1880, Died 1904 in Townhill Dunfermile Fife Scotland

    Curran, Patrick, Born 1870, Died 1935 in Edinburgh Scotland

    Curran, Patrick, Born 1898, Died 1982 in 48 Elmfield Gdns Wallsend

    Curran, Patrick, Born 1845 in Wallacetown Ayrshire Scotland, Died 1894 in Tarholm Annbank Aryshire Scotland

    Curran, Patrick Peter Thomas, Born 1863 in Dundonald, Scotland, Died 1943 in Wavely NSW

    Curran, Peter, Born 1814 in Ireland, Died 1879 in Common Roe Auchinleck Ayrshire Scotland

    Curran, Rosanna, Born 1880 in New Cumnock, Scotland, Died 1915 in New Cumnock, Ayrshire Scotland

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