Family Tree: Andino, Santos, Borgos & Ramos Family

Home to 28 Andino family members, 27 Santos descendants, 25 members of the Ramos family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Sep 28 2005 and last updated on Aug 28 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 347 relatives and 463 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Santos, Andino, Borgos Y Ramos
    Hello, My name is Ana and I am the administrator of "our" family tree.” As many of you know, we are a big family and unfortunately, we are strangers to most. I created this web site of our family tree with the intent of getting information of our living family members and of our ancestors. Please feel free to browse this web site and if you have any information such as names, birth or death dates, and pictures, please contact me. Any information is helpful and it can help us learn how we are related to each other as well as whom our ancestors were. Also check out the cool tool bar, click on "TREE" and it calculates relationships between any two names and shows a graphical chart. You can also see photos and special dates such as birthdates and anniversaries. In addition, don't forget to sign the "Guestbook" This is your opportunity to voice your opinion or just say hello. Please feel free to email me at Thank you, Ana Santos-Andino Oración de la Familia. Padre Nuestro Te damos gracias por el amor siempre creciente en nuestra familia por cuerpos y mentes saludables por armonia fluyendo a traves de nuestras vidas. Por la variedad de buenos alimentos de que disfrutamos y, por abundante riqueza por la bellaza que nos rodea por nuestra unidad con toda tu creación. Porque no tenemos miedo y, sobre todo,... por el aumento de nuestra fe. Que siempre hagamos "tu voluntad" en pensamiento, palabras y obras.

    36 Deceased Ancestors

    - AMBERT -

    Ambert, Yolanda, Born Jun 01 1969 in New York, Died 1991 in Queens, NY

    - ANDINO -

    Andino, Isidoro, Born Apr 03 1914 in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, Died May 26 1996 in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

    Andino, Tomas, Born Nov 29 1934 in Yabucoa, PR, Died Sep 1971 in Rochester, NY


    Borgos-Ortiz, Rogelio, Born BET 1854 & 1874 in Puerto Rico, Died 1966


    Borgos-Romero, Domingo, Born Feb 20 1917 in Puerto Rico, Died Sep 12 1988 in Juana Diaz, PR

    Borgos-Romero, Felipe, Born May 01 1911 in Puerto Rico, Died Oct 20 2006 in 0074 Aguirre, Guayama, PR

    Borgos-Romero, Josefina, Born May 03 1914 in Villalba, PR, Died Sep 09 1995 in Villalba, PR


    Cartagena, Carlos Luis, Jr, Born May 31 1977 in Long Beach, NJ, Died Aug 19 2016 in Newark, New Jersey

    Cartagena, Samuel, Born Sep 05 1937 in Villalba, Puerto Rico, Died Sep 20 2005 in Rochester, NY


    Cartagena-Negron, Epifiano, Born 1890 in Puerto Rico, Died Dec 1966 in Puerto Rico


    Claudio-Ramos, Isabel, Born in Puerto Rico, Died 1969 in Puerto Rico


    Colon-Romero, Jose, Born Jan 12 1902 in Puerto Rico, Died Jul 1985 in Villalba, PR

    - DAVILA -

    Davila, Gilberto, Born Aug 15 1921 in Villalba, PR, Died Aug 19 1988 in Villalba, PR


    Dendariarena, Micheal Andrew-Stephen, Born Oct 14 1963 in Puerto Rico, Died Aug 25 1990 in 11356 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America

    - FLORES -

    Flores, Roberto, Born Jul 10 1922 in Cuba, Died Feb 17 2003

    - MORALES -

    Morales, Pedro, Born Mar 30 1960 in Puerto Rico, Died Aug 02 1993 in Rochester, NY

    - ORTIZ -

    Ortiz, Nathan Josiah, Born , Died Feb 01 2013 in Rochester, NY

    - PEREZ -

    Perez, Virginia, Born 1947 in Puerto Rico, Died Jun 29 2016 in Rochester, NY

    - RAMOS -

    Ramos, Dominga, Born 1924 in Yabucoa, PR, Died Mar 28 2010 in Puerto Rico

    Ramos, Saturnino, Born 1900 in Puerto Rico, Died 1980 in Puerto Rico

    Ramos, Toñi, Born , Died Apr 07 2016 in Puerto Rico


    Ramos-Claudio, Mario, Born Jan 02 1938 in Puerto Rico, Died Sep 30 2010 in Rochester, NY


    Ramos-Montañez, Justina, Born Aug 28 1942 in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, Died Mar 17 2010 in Rochester, NY


    Ramos-Morales, Paula, Born , Died Feb 12 2008 in FL

    - REYES -

    Reyes, Pastor, Born , Died 1916

    - SANTIAGO -

    Santiago, Misael, Born Apr 02 2003 in Rochester, NY, Died Apr 14 2007 in Rochester, NY

    - SANTOS -

    santos, Delfina, Born 1905 in Puerto Rico, Died in Puerto Rico

    Santos, Gladys, Born 1926 in Puerto Rico, Died in Puerto Rico

    Santos, Heriberto, Born , Died 1993

    Santos, Manolin, Born 1921 in Cidra, PR, Died Mar 04 2016 in Puerto Rico

    Santos, Maria De Los Angeles, Born May 21 1966 in New York, NY, Died Nov 30 2000 in Rochester, NY

    Santos, Pablo Dolores, Sr, Born Apr 03 1936 in Cidra, PR, Died Feb 28 2007 in New York, NY

    Santos, Silveria, Born Jun 20 1895 in Cidra, PR, Died Jan 1973 in Cidra, PR

    - VASQUEZ -

    Vasquez, Carmen, Born Mar 14 1943 in Puerto Rico, Died Jan 26 2007 in Rochester, NY

    Vasquez, Matilde, Born in Puerto Rico, Died Sep 1990 in Rochester, NY

    Vasquez, Tomas, Born in Villalba, PR, Died in Rochester, NY

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