Family Tree: The City & Brooksby Families

Home to 391 Brooksby family members, 130 Defriez descendants, 99 members of the City family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jul 03 2005 and last updated on Aug 27 2006. The Family Trees on this website contain 3780 relatives and 62 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This is my main family history database containing the pedigrees of my parent's families - City and Brooksby. The City family, with its main offshoots Loring, O'Grady, Defriez, Kello, and Gamman, goes back to the 16th to 18th centuries. It contains some interesting people such as; William City (1780-1856), the Master Assayer for the Goldsmiths Company; Rev John Kello (c1535-1570), hanged for the murder of his wife Margaret; Esther Langlois (1571-1624), the famous calligrapher, and nurse to Prince Henry; and Rev John Kello (1750-1827), Father of The Independent Board of London Ministers. My Brooksby of Stoke Golding family is one of five modern day branches (the other four are not yet on line) descended from The Brokesby Old Family, of the 14th to 17th centuries. The Brokesby Old Family is also descended from the Medieval Bracebridge family, whose ancestry goes back many more hundreds of years. Our family has many illustrious ancestors through the Bracebridge family including many European monarchs such as: William the Conqueror; King Duncan of Scotland, killed by Macbeth; Charlemagne; St Margaret, Queen of Scotland; St Stephen, King of Hungary; St Vladimir, the founder of Holy Mother Russia; and two Byzantine emperors - Romanus I and Constantine IX Monomachos. We even descend from Abu-'l-Haija' Abdullah (d.929), Emir of Mosul (Iraq). We have descents from the Celtic and Saxon kings of Britain, including Brian Boru, the great King of Ireland; King Alfred the Great - our 34th Gt Grandfather! And if you believe the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, we can count the Saxon god Woden, and his colleagues, amongst our ancestors! Our last descent from an English king is Edward I, Hammer of the Scots. Because my database contains many more fields of data than is possible on this site, some of the data is 'lost' in the transfer process. This makes things a little difficult when searching for, and identifying, certain people. Many of the early aristocracy and royalty have no surnames, although there are some classic exceptions like Plantagenet, and this makes searching and indentifying individuals a little difficult. Until this problem can be resolved, I suggest visitors use the 'surname' UNKNOWN in these cases. Descendants of the Bracebridge family include William Shakespeare, whose Gt Gt Grandparents Alice Bracebridge and John Arden are thought by some to be the inspiration for 'Romeo & Juliet'. There are many notable Brooksby descendants including many British political leaders such as William Pitt, the younger; and the Royal Family. In fact, Prince William has at least two descents, through each of his parents. Also included on this site are four smaller Brooksby branches, namely: of Leicester, of Sproxton, of South Croxton; all 16th to 17th century in Leicestershire; and Brooksby of Oakham & Newark, 17th to 19th century. These branches have yet to be connected to the main trees. I recommend that those researchers interested in the Brooksby family history should refer to the book 'The Brooksby Family' by Emmeline Garnett, published in 1979. This is available on line - just click the link on this page. The nature of this site precludes the detailed information that I have on many of these ancestors. However, our sister site is designed for this purpose, and contains much varied information, to which any descendant can contribute. Why not pay a visit - just follow the link on this page. Ron City

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