Family Tree: The Brutus Family

Home to 25 Brutus family members, 24 Charles descendants, 16 members of the Senatis family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Nov 16 2007 and last updated on Feb 14 2014. The Family Trees on this website contain 90 relatives and 47 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • The Brutus family is very hard to describe. I got my source from my mother Erzulie Brutus. I was able to get a lot of information from her, the family is well spread out. The Brutus Family was originated in Haiti.My parents Jean Claude Brutus and Erzulie Ajax grew up in Haiti. In which both my parents had children their before finding refuge in America. My dad had three kids, a girl he had when he was seventeen name *****, a boy name Claudie and another girl name Brenda Pierre. My mom had a girl name Marie Antoinette. Haiti was really getting bad so they decided to find a better life for themselves and moved to the United States by boat. My dad arrived in 1979 and my mom arrived in May of 1980 in Miami,Florida. My mom and dad met in august of 1980 in Pompano Beach,Florida, where they had four children. Robelto and Robieus are fraternal twins, then came Roberta, then Roseline. They moved to Miami, four years later and got married in June of 1985. The Brutus, children never met there grandparents. There great grandmother Aki Charles, passed away in July of 1985. There grandfather Alphonse Brutus Passed away in 1989 in Port de Paix,Haiti. Our father Jean Claude Brutus, had a daughter outside the marriage name Marie Magdala Brutus in January 6,1990. Magdala's mother name was longtime girlfriend Violett Dorvil.In 1995 our sister Antoinette, came to the U.S. from Haiti. She moved to New York the same year. In 1996 my grandmother Fanilla, passed away in Haiti. In June of 1996 my mom and her children separated from Jean Claude Brutus. Antionette, gave birth to a baby boy name Kevin Monrose in 1997. Then my mom's brother Mark, passed in 1997 in Haiti. Robieus gave birth to a baby girl name Catherine Milicent Brutus in August of 1998. We moved to Pompano Beach,Florida in April 7 1999. Robelto, left and moved back to Miami, he had a baby girl name Deliyah Brutus, in November of 1999. Marie, went on to have three more children with her Husband which were Valerie,Dorothy and Kimberly Monrose. Robieus Sr., went on to have Robieus Jr.,Isiah and Josiah Brutus. Robelto,went on to have Elie with then wife Frances.Robelto had two more children Julian and Cynthia with girlfriend Gelene. In August of 2004 Roberta,Roseline and there Mother decided to move to Georgia as there new residency.

    31 Deceased Ancestors

    - AJAX -

    Ajax, Cassey, Born , Died 1977

    Ajax, Eve, Born , Died 1983

    Ajax, Preswa, Born , Died 1949

    - BRUTUS -

    Brutus, Alphonse, Born , Died 1989

    Brutus, Diesel, Born , Died 1970

    Brutus, Edner, Born , Died 1997

    Brutus, Fita, Born in Haiti, Died 1993 in Miami,florida

    Brutus, Margret, Born in Haiti, Died 1991 in Port-au-Prince,Haiti

    Brutus, Nelilyah, Born 1885 in Akaye, Hiati, Died Jun 1985

    Brutus, Panales, Born in Haiti, Died 1995 in Miami,Florida

    Brutus, Paster, Born , Died 1999

    - CHARLES -

    Charles, Aki, Born 1853 in Akaye, Haiti, Died 1953 in Akaye,Haiti

    Charles, Anela, Born , Died 1988

    Charles, Benira, Born in Akaye,Haiti, Died 1999 in Brooklyn,New York

    Charles, Deliyeh, Born in Haiti, Died 1974 in Haiti

    Charles, Fanilla, Born Aug 17 1917 in Akaye, Haiti, Died Jan 15 1997 in Ansaloege,Haiti

    Charles, Gestave, Born in Haiti, Died 1999 in Port-au-Prince,Haiti

    Charles, Lemeyez, Born in Akaye,Haiti, Died Jan 1957 in Akaye,Haiti

    Charles, Maria, Born in Akaye,Haiti, Died 1995 in Anserouge, Haiti

    Charles, Marie-Ange, Born in Anseouge,Haiti, Died Oct 1979 in Anserouge,Haiti

    Charles, Marie-Theresa, Born in Aserougr,Haiti, Died in Miami,Florida

    Charles, Nelilyah, Born , Died 1985

    Charles, Renerize, Born in Leyogan,Haiti, Died in Leyogan,Haiti

    Charles, Titah, Born 1946 in Anserouge,Haiti, Died 1993 in Brooklyn,Newyork

    - EDE -

    Ede, Nicholas Toe, Born in Anserouge,Haiti, Died Mar 2008

    - EMMANUEL -

    Emmanuel, Fineli, Born in Anserouge,Haiti, Died in Anserouge,Haiti

    Emmanuel, Leon, Born in Anserouge,Haiti, Died in Anserouge,Haiti

    Emmanuel, Leonna, Born in Haiti, Died in Haiti

    Emmanuel, Mark Henry, Born Jun 1957 in Haiti, Died 1997 in Haiti

    - PHILONE -

    Philone, Raynell, Born in Anserouge,Haiti, Died 2007 in Anserouge,Haiti

    Philone, Tyson, Born in Anserouge,Haiti, Died in Anserouge,Haiti

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