Cheryl Rhodes,Family Tree

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My website gives a long list of my family Black, white, mixed, Cherokee, indians,slaves,its a long and rich family line that I am happy to be a part of regardless of history past this is my family please take a look you may belong here if not thanks for looking in on us you may know some of my family or maybe you can direct me to some I can't find thanks for looking your'e welcomed back any time. Rhodes, Liddell, Bryant, Beauregard, Dowell, Jones, Bradley, Hall, Somerville's Piggie, Cross, Johnson, Bolden,we have had many losses and new births much saddness and happiness lets put our family together and find out who we are we don't have to be important just somebody that belongs to somebody it's not how important a man is but how important he values his family not his fortune are fame are degree these don't make family they make a title for the the one who aquires such but will he use these to advance his family are himself self preservasion is last, family preservasion is first these are cheryl's thoughts my degrees are nothing without my family because family make me who I am and I come from a long line of family that are a part of me we are but one body with many members that need each other and if we can't feed off of each other then we are not family. Cheryl Rhodes the Bryant's or of Irish descendant's they came across the Atlantic ocean to Ellis Island in New York the name was Obrien when they came to United States they changed it to an American name Bryant, the Liddell's are from Scotland, the Rhodes, are from England. the Bolden's are from the Cherokee reservation until sombody send us information other then what we have family this is what we are going to go by this is my 8 years of research and time everybody is welcome to add thier research no heresy proof thank you Love you all. 04/18/2008 one dies without family to look out for him one lives when family is behind him

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