Family Tree: Coniglio and Alessi of Serradifalco

Home to 189 Alessi family members, 169 Coniglio descendants, 129 members of the Montalto family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Nov 07 2008 and last updated on Nov 07 2008. The Family Trees on this website contain 4161 relatives. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Alessi
  • Coniglio
  • Montalto
  • Ferraro
  • Benfante
  • Giambra
  • Calabrese
  • di Giugno
  • Loquasto
  • Saetta
  • This file is based on Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio and his wife Rosa Alessi Coniglio, who both emigrated to the United States in the early 1900s, from the village of Serradifalco (Mountain of the Hawk), in the province of Caltanissetta (Fort of Nissa), Sicilia (Sicily), Italia (Italy). The earliest known ancestors of this line of the Coniglio family included the Montalto, Messina, Butera, Calabrese, and Burgio families. Raimondo Coniglio was born in about 1805 in Canicatti, Girgenti, Sicily, to Gaetano Coniglio and Giuseppa Montalto. In 1830, Raimondo married Maria Messina in Serradifalco. They had a son Gaetano and a son Antonio, both born in Serradifalco. Gaetano married Maria Carmela Calabrese, daughter of Felice Calabrese and Maria Burgio. One of their sons was Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio. The earliest known ancestors of this line of the Alessi and Abate families include the lo Guasto, Saetta, Cimino, Ferraro,and di Giugno families. One of the earliest ancestors was Libertino lo Guasto (b 1795 in Serradifalco). The Cimino and Abate ancestors of the American Coniglio family descended from Libertino lo Guasto and Francesca Lattuca’s daughter Concetta, who married Antonio Cimino; and the American Loquasto family descends from their son Salvatore. Modesto Alessi and Emmanuela Ferraro of Marianopoli, Sicily, were the parents of Calogero Alessi, born in Marianopoli. Calogero and Angela di Giugno Alessi, and Gaetano and Giuseppa Cimino Abate were the parents, respectively, of Leonardo Alessi and Concetta Abate Alessi, both born in Serradifalco. In addition to a Maria and a Rosa who died as children, Leonardo and Concetta had four daughters that survived to adulthood: Concetta, Angela, Maria, and Rosa Alessi. Rosa Alessi married Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio, and her sister Angela Alessi married Gaetano's brother Giuseppe. Giuseppe emigrated to Robertsdale, Pennsylvania in 1912. One year later, Angela Alessi Coniglio arrived, with her brother-in-law Gaetano as chaperone. Rosa gave birth to Gaetano's son Guy Vincent in Serradifalco in 1913, and she and the child joined Gaetano Vincenzo Coniglio in America in December, 1914. They had three more children in Roberstdale. In about 1920, they moved to Buffalo, where they had six more. Their descendants are now in the Buffalo area; in North Collins, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Ithaca New York; in Danville, Illinois; and in Indiana, Connecticut, Tennessee, and Florida. Gaetano and Rosa have had over 100 descendants.

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