Family Tree: Conway Family in NSW

Home to 20 Conway family members, 6 Doyle descendants, 5 members of the Isaacs family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Aug 10 2008 and last updated on Aug 02 2010. The Family Trees on this website contain 78 relatives. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This is a website for the Conway and related Doyle, Whelan, Barker and Burrow(e)s families in West Wyalong and Sydney, NSW Australia. As far as I know this is the only online information for these families. There is still a branch of the Doyle/Barker family in Dublin, Ireland and some Whelan/Barker relatives are still in touch with each other. On the other hand, nothing much is known about Anthony and Bridget Conway who arrived in Victoria from England/Ireland as assisted immigrants in 1859. Anthony ended up in West Wyalong as a gold miner, but was known as a drinker, and lived in a dirt floor home in Ungarie Road. My family visited his grandson, Joe Burrowes in the 80s and he had only put in a proper floor some years before in the original Conway dwelling. Would love to hear from any branch/es of these families. Have much to share.

    39 Deceased Ancestors

    - AGNEW -

    Agnew, Thomas, Born in Ireland, Died Aug 03 1890 in Ireland

    - BARKER -

    Barker, Joshua Francis, Born , Died in Bowen, QLD, Australia

    - BURROWS -

    Burrows, Charles William, Born 1908 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia, Died 1988 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    Burrows, Henry, Born ABT 1876 in Wyalong, NSW, Australia, Died 1923 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    - CONWAY -

    Conway, Anthony James, Born 1835 in Dublin, Ireland, Died Nov 22 1918 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    Conway, Charles, Born 1864 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia, Died 1933 in Sydney, Australia

    Conway, Eileen Bridget, Born 1895 in Wyalong, NSW, Died Apr 11 1975 in Summer Hill, NSW

    Conway, Emma Gwenivere, Born 1898 in Wyalong, NSW, Died ABT 1940 in Randwick, NSW

    Conway, James, Born 1862 in Sunbury, Vic, Australia, Died Oct 10 1885 in Barmedman, NSW, Australia

    Conway, James, Born , Died 1906 in Sydney, NSW

    Conway, Margaret Mary, Born ABT 1874 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia, Died 1938 in Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    Conway, Martin Joseph, Born ABT 1868 in The Rock, NSW, Australia, Died Feb 21 1922 in Coogee, NSW, Australia

    Conway, Mary Ellen, Born 1903 in Redfern, NSW, Died 1970 in Callan Park Hospital, NSW

    Conway, Michael Martin, Born Mar 12 1908 in Enfield, NSW, Australia, Died Dec 05 1981 in Bexley, NSW, Australia

    Conway, Patrick Joseph, Born Nov 08 1876 in Axedale, Vic, Australia, Died 1947 in Randwick, NSW, Australia

    - COOK -

    Cook, Olga Emily, Born May 28 1915 in Lidcombe, NSW, Australia, Died Feb 14 1981 in Bexley, NSW, Australia

    Cook, Sidney James, Born Jul 25 1892 in Ashfield, NSW, Australia, Died Mar 23 1951 in North Sydney, NSW, Australia

    - DAVIS -

    Davis, Eileen Gertrude, Born Aug 02 1920 in Yungaburra, QLD, Died ABT 2003

    - DEMPSEY -

    Dempsey, Emma, Born 1863 in Sofala, NSW, Died 1917

    - DOYLE -

    Doyle, Margaret Mary, Born Dec 08 1866 in Dublin, Ireland, Died Aug 21 1933 in Sydney Hospital, Potts Point, NSW, Australia

    Doyle, Mary, Born May 19 1864 in Dublin, Ireland, Died Jul 22 1946 in Dalinghurst, NSW, Australia

    Doyle, Michael, Born in Ireland, Died in Ireland

    Doyle, Michael, Born in Ireland, Died in Ireland

    - GOODALL -

    Goodall, Charles, Born Apr 07 1849 in Bradford, England, Died Mar 06 1922 in Parramatta, NSW, Australia

    Goodall, Vera Maud, Born Mar 02 1893 in Paddington, NSW, Australia, Died Jul 19 1971 in Bondi, NSW, Australia

    - HEALY -

    Healy, Bridget, Born 1826 in Wicklow, Ireland, Died Sep 09 1904 in Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    - ISAACS -

    Isaacs, Keith Raymond, Born Nov 25 1922 in Kogarah, NSW, Died Jan 31 2005 in Sydney, NSW

    - JOHNSON -

    Johnson, Emily, Born Dec 12 1858 in Sydney, NSW, Australia, Died Dec 22 1899 in Moore Park, NSW, Australia

    Johnson, Henry, Born 1827 in Isle of Man, England, Died May 22 1884 in South Head, Sydney, Australia

    - KELLY -

    Kelly, Alice Elizabeth, Born ABT 1876, Died 1949 in Sydney, NSW

    Kelly, Margaret, Born in Ireland, Died in Ireland

    - KENNY -

    Kenny, Mary, Born Aug 1835 in Kilkenny, Ireland, Died Jun 20 1913 in Watsons Bay, NSW, Australia

    - PAYNE -

    Payne, Hilton Claude, Born , Died 1898 in NSW

    Payne, William Noel, Born Dec 25 1922 in Sydney, NSW, Died Mar 07 1993 in Sydney, NSW

    - SORENSON -

    Sorenson, May Isabel, Born Nov 13 1892 in Surry Hills, NSW, Australia, Died Dec 02 1981 in Carlingford, NSW, Australia

    - WALDON -

    Waldon, Isabel Kathleen, Born 1908 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia, Died 1988 in West Wyalong, NSW, Australia

    - WALLER -

    Waller, Edwin Thomas, Born Jun 22 1895 in Leichhardt, NSW, Australia, Died Aug 23 1969 in Gladesville, NSW, Australia

    Waller, Eric Henry, Born Sep 22 1920 in Milton, NSW, Australia, Died May 18 2001 in Colyton, NSW, Australia

    - WHELAN -

    Whelan, Michael, Born , Died Nov 20 1912 in Enfield, NSW, Australia

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