Family Tree: The Crowson Family

Home to 3966 Crowson family members, 155 Hatcher descendants, 105 members of the Jenkins family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Oct 24 2007 and last updated on Sep 16 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 10321 relatives and 51 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • I am using information from several sources about the Crowson family. I want to credit "Crowsons in America" compiled by Robert Lee Crowson of Arkansas and "The Crowson Family of America" compiled by Dr. William Larry Crowson of Mississippi, and "Crowson Genealogy" compiled by Billy Elton Crowson of Alabama for all the wonderful information that they have researched over the years and shared with all of us. This site is something that I am doing for myself and my immediate family and anyone else who has an interest in our history. It is amazing to learn about our family and to know how they lived and worked and were a part of this country's growth and history. I am Shirley Anne Crowson Underwood (1942), my father was Everette Arlen Crowson (1914), son of Oscar Brown Crowson (1881), grandson of William Thomas Crowson (1846), whose father was Richard T. Crowson (1815), whose father was William Miller Crowson I (1793), whose father was Richard Thomas Crowson (1770), whose father was William Crowson (approx. 1740-50), whose father was John Crowson (son of William and Comfort Littleton), whose father was William Crowson (about 1694), whose father was Robert (Crowdson) Crowson (about 1665), our first ancestor in America. If you are a member of any branch of the Crowson family (or Jenkins family) listed at this site I would love to have updated information about your family. I need information about family members from the 1940's to current members. I would like dates of birth, marriages, children with the birthdates and cities and states, etc. If you would like to send me such information click on the "send a message" above or contact me by email at If you are a Crowson and your family line is NOT listed, I would love to add your information as well. In order to view information on living relatives, you may contact me (by clicking on "send a message" above) to get the access code. Because of privacy issues, I've been advised not to make that information public. Material from this web site may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. Genealogical researchers are free to use this material for reference and research purposes. All other rights reserved.

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