Family Tree: James and Mary Hamm of Wise County, Virginia

Home to 31 Hamm family members, 14 Heard descendants, 11 members of the Edwards family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on May 16 2007 and last updated on Mar 05 2009. The Family Trees on this website contain 123 relatives. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • My name is J. Carol Heard daughter of Orbin and Juanita Hamm. My Grand parents were J. W. Ham and Mary Edwards Ham. I have been researching the Hamm/Heard genealogy since 1985. I want to leave my records for other family members who may be interested in our history. I have access to World Family Tree and have used the booklet "James and Mary Hamm's Children" compiled by Darlene Powers for the first Hamm Family Reunion. Most of the ancient records have been found on World Family Tree. Contact me at email: if you have questions or can help in any manner.

    35 Deceased Ancestors

    - BONNER -

    Bonner, Roxie Laverne, Born Jun 27 1933 in Branch, Missouri, Died Apr 30 2002 in Oskaloosa, Kansas

    - EDWARDS -

    Edwards, Henry, Born 1773, Died Feb 1848

    Edwards, Henry Robert, Born 1841 in Virginia, Died 1929 in Virginia

    Edwards, John D., Born 1808, Died Dec 25 1890

    Edwards, Letitia, Born 1773, Died Apr 1835

    Edwards, Mary Luvina, Born Nov 17 1876 in Sandy Ridge, Virginia, Died Mar 24 1954 in Dungannon, Virginia

    - HAM -

    Ham, James William, Born Jan 16 1870 in Ashe Cty, North Carolina, Died Sep 15 1935 in St. Paul, Virginia

    Ham, Jerome, I, Born 1577 in Bristol, Gloucester, England, Died May 1659 in York

    Ham, Jerome, II, Born 1648 in York, Died 1717 in York

    Ham, John, Sr., Born Dec 04 1774 in North Carolina, Died 1845 in Guilford, North Carolina

    Ham, Thomas, Jr, Born 1703, Died Nov 08 1761 in Wix, Essex

    Ham, Thomas, Sr, Born 1678, Died 1744

    Ham, William, Sr., Born 1734 in Elk Creek, Virginia, Died 1815 in Silver Creek, Madison, Ky.

    Ham, William H., Born 1804 in New River, Grayson Cty, Va, Died 1883

    Ham, William Hamm, Born 1716 in Hamm Germany, Died 1781 in Spartanburg, S. C.(USA)

    Ham, William Horton, Born Mar 1847 in Ashe Cty, North Carolina, Died Jun 30 1915 in Wise, Virginia

    - HAMM -

    Hamm, Bannie Nevada, Born Jul 18 1915 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Jul 28 1993 in Sandy Ridge, Virginia

    Hamm, Bertha Blanche, Born Feb 07 1909 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Mar 14 1986 in Coeburn, Virginia

    Hamm, Eliza Jane, Born 1898 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died 1918 in St. Paul, Virginia

    Hamm, Gladys Eleanor, Born Feb 24 1913 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Nov 11 1972 in Richlands, Virginia

    Hamm, Henry Horton, Born Apr 10 1900 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Mar 08 1973 in Richlands, Virginia

    Hamm, Joe Fields, Born Jun 26 1907 in St Paul, Virginia, Died Feb 08 1988 in Dungannon, Virginia

    Hamm, Orbin James, Born Feb 01 1911 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Nov 30 1968 in Tonganoxie, Kansas

    Hamm, Orbin James, Born Feb 01 1911 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Nov 30 1968 in Tonganoxie, Kansas

    Hamm, Woodrow Errett, Born Aug 31 1917 in St. Paul, Virginia, Died Aug 05 1992 in Coeburn, Virginia

    - HARRIS -

    Harris, Lucy, Born in Surry, North Carolina, Died in Warren, Kentucky

    - HEARD -

    Heard, Bryan, Born Jan 14 1897 in Missouri, Died Dec 23 1969 in Windsor, Missouri

    Heard, Columbus F. (owler), Born 1883 in Warren, Kentucky, Died Dec 07 1908 in Knob Noster, Missouri

    Heard, James, Born Nov 1799 in Garrard, Kentucky, Died in Johnson County, Missouri

    Heard, Marion Knox, Born Oct 31 1929 in Missouri, Died Apr 1998 in Windsor, Missouri

    - PRESLEY -

    Presley, Elizabeth, Born , Died in Bristol Ridge, Missouri

    - QUIGLEY -

    Quigley, Myrtle Mae, Born , Died in Sedalia, Missouri

    - SHERMAN -

    Sherman, Martha Eleanor, Born 1733 in Newberry, SC, Died 1781 in Newberry, South Carolina

    - YOUNG -

    Young, Homer Henry, Born in Kentucky, Died in Kentucky

    Young, Juanita, Born Jun 28 1913 in Tacoma, Virginia, Died Sep 23 1987 in Winchester, Kansas

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