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Home to 115 Leighton family members, 106 Kierstead descendants, 87 members of the Ellingwood family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Oct 09 2007 and last updated on Jul 31 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 1747 relatives and 420 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This is our family history. There is quite a lot of information here so I'll try to give you some history. In about 1604 Thomas Leighton came to America and settled in Dover, NH. It is believed that Thomas came from England or I've seen some references to Glasgow, Scotland. In any event all the Leightons listed here are descendants of Thomas. As you will see Thomas Leighton is an extremely common name in this family history. Every generation has at least one and in many cases more that one. Another interesting tidbit in the Leighton Tree is that Jesse Leighton married his distant cousin Nancy Leighton. Nancy was a descendant of Thomas' Grandson Thomas and Jesse was a descendant of Thomas' Grandson John. You will see Leighton also spelled Layton. In many cases the names were spelled phonetically by third parties. Benjamin Ellingwood was probably born around 1668 in Salem, Massachusetts. The connection from Benjamin to Samuel Ellingwood is tenuous at best. I was able to find this connection as listed as part of another family tree but there is no source information to back it up. Herbert Vincent Ellingwood, my grandfather, was a descendant of Samuel. Ellingwood was actually Herbie's mother's maiden name. She was not married at the time of his birth and no record exist of who is actual father was. Herbie's mother Maud also had a twin named Mabel. Most of the Ellingwoods were born in and around Grand Manan Island, Nova Scotia Canada. Many of the Ellingwoods were loyalist and consequently returned to Canada in times of turmoil in the United States. With the Ellingwood name you will also see it spelled Ellenwood. The Kiersteads first came to the new world from Magdeburg Prussia around 1638. Hans Kierstead was a doctor and settled in New Amsterdam which is now New York City. His brother was supposedly killed on a return trip to the fatherland. Lost at sea. Dr. Hans Kierstead had 4 sons that were also doctors. One of the sons Jacobus is the son that I am descended from. There was a long court battle over some land in New York believed to belong to the Kiersteads. That court battle ended in 1705 when Queen Anne gave the land to the Trinity Church. The Kiersteads often spelled their name Keirstead and pronounced it many different ways with the most common being Kay-sted. Many of the Kierstead were born or lived in New Brunswick, Canada. The Earliest record of the Barretts I was able to find is for Hannah Barrett born in New Brunswick, Canada around 1806. The Barretts were generally loyalist as well. Many of them migrated back and forth across the border between Maine and Canada. The common thread in all these families is their ties to Downeast Maine. It the early years families were not as mobile as they are today. This is actually a good thing for the researcher because often time relatives lived next door to each other. Eastport, Maine is a small seaport town located at the most eastern point in the United States. Eastport is the center point of much of our family history. The Kruegers immigrated from Macklenburg Germany in the 1880's. Ludwig Krueger was a cabinet maker immigrating through the Port of Philadelphia and settling in the Sturgis area of Michigan. The "e" in Krueger was allegedly dropped due to a family dispute. Albert Kruger chose not to add the "e" back in at a later date. The Froh's were also German immigrants. Christian Johan Ludwig Froh immigrated from Mecklenburg, Germany sometime before the 1880 census. The Froh's also settled in the Sturgis, Michigan area. Both the Frohs and the Krugers have a history of longevity with many living into there late 80's to earler 90's. The early records for the Perry's show they moved to Michigan from Rhode Island. George Perry married Judith Smith in Genesee County, Michigan in 1840. Oliver was a common name in the Perry family which makes genealogy interesting at times. The Gerber Family were Swiss immigrated to the Wisconsin area sometime prior to 1919 when Rudolph married Helena Butteriss. I have very little information on the immigration of the Gerbers and the Butteriss Family but I do know that they were married in Wisconsin in 1919.

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