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Home to 432 Kenney family members, 378 Dionne descendants, 284 members of the Cyr family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Aug 29 2004 and last updated on Jul 21 2007. The Family Trees on this website contain 13932 relatives and 60 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Thank you for visiting our website! Please let me know right away if you locate a possible typo or error! It is my hope to continue this project over many years to compile an accurate family history of both the Perkins and Bennett families. PERKINS: My most recent research has been to locate the Jette family of Quebec, Canada. Charles and Sophia Jette came to Haverhill, Essex, County, Massachusetts in 1870. I am attempting to determine where in Canada East (Quebec) they came from. Charles and Sophia Jette are the Great Grandparents of my grandmother, Mary Arline (Paradis) (Perkins) Lambert. BENNETT: My most recent research has been to determine the family members of Charles Allen. He was originally born in Tennessee about 1806, and moved his family, along with several of his own siblings to Missouri. Charles Allen and his wife Amanda Burris, are the Great Grandparents of Mary Maxine (Allen) Bennett, Rob`s grandmother. I have been working to validate information found on other online trees of fellow family researchers by adding sources, and in some cases, additional sources, to my main database. THIS SITE IS NOT MY MAIN DATABASE, merely a quick reflection of the work I have done over the past four years. FAMOUS & INFAMOUS: ERIN's CONNECTIONS: Gov Benning Wentworth - 2nd Cousin, 8 times removed [Perkins side] Gov John Wentworth (last Royal Gov of New Hampshire before Revolutionary War; nephew to Benning Wentworth) - 3rd cousin, 7 times removed [Perkins side] Rev Israel Kenney - Loyalist, removed to New Brunswick, Canada after the Revolutionary War - Great (6 times) Grandfather [Perkins/Dionne/Lunn side] Mary Easty - Salem Witch Trials. Mary (Towne) Easty was accused, along with her two sisters, Rebecca (Towne) Nurse and Sarah (Towne) Cloyse of being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Mary Easty was married to Isaac Easty. Mary was hanged on Gallow Hill in Salem (now Danvers), Massachusetts, on 22 September 1692. Isaac fought for many years for the clearing of his wife's name and the family was eventually compensated in 1711 for the wrong. Isaac and Mary (Towne) Easty are Erin's Great (10 times) grandparents [Perkins/Paradis/Kent/Kneeland side]. ROB's CONNECTIONS: Isaac Allerton - Mayflower Passenger; removed from Massachusetts Colony to the New Haven (Connecticut) Colony - Great (11 times) Grandfather [Bennett/Maxwell/Renshaw side] James T Renshaw - The Renshaws were early settlers of Tipton, Missouri. James T ran the family farm, The Fair Deal Farm, which produced Kentucky Union, a sorrel mare bought in Kentucky and brought to the Alexander-Renshaw farm for breaking. Kentucky Union was a trotting horse and won races at Churchill Downs and other noted racetracks. Rob's direct Renshaw relation is Absolom Renshaw, who moved the family to Missouri from Kentucky about 1823. Absolom Renshaw is Rob's Great (5 times) Grandfather. James T is Rob's Great (3 times) Uncle. [Bennett/Maxwell/Renshaw side] AN IMPORTANT NOTATION - When you look at family information under the AHNENTAFEL REPORT, that it will list ages when events happen (example: "Jane" was 18 when she married "Paul"). This is something that this program automatically does based on the dates given, and in some cases, if a date is not exact (example: "Bef 1862" as opposed to "May 12, 1862"), the age given may be incorrect. If you have the exact date of an event (birth, death, marriage etc), and I don't, please pass this on, as this will ensure a more accurate database. For those persons who died "AFTER 1930" the death date will be listed as 1930 - obviously incorrect. If you question the death date, please check with me, as my actual database will have more detailed information. -Erin Lee Perkins Bennett February 2006

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