The Byron-Kuhn Family Tree

Home to 22 Byron family members, 22 Kuhn descendants, 17 members of the Lipscomb family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jul 03 2006 and last updated on Dec 23 2011. The Family Trees on this website contain 522 relatives and 644 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • ***Family News Update: Sadly, Louise Byron, initiator and crafter of our family genealogy site, passed away on 10, December, 2011. Louise derived much joy in creating this site for us all, through extensive research of the blood and love lines that bind us. Her interviews and contact with family members in the U.S.A. and Luxembourg, especially touched her heart and make her work on this site of the utmost importance in her last years. You may find Louise's obituary and memorial service details at This site will live on having been given birth by her dedication and determination. ~Joie Garrett Guinn After having done extensive research, this is the most accurate information I have found available. If you have any additional information or more accurate knowledge PLEASE contact me. I will be happy to honor any reasonable requests. I sincerely hope you will enjoy our site and perhaps learn a little something. A very special "Thank You" to my cousin Sarah Lipscomb and my sweet Aunt Hallie for providing a great deal of information from my Father's side of our family. So many memories. Please keep in mind that hopefully one day our grandchildren and great granchildren will be viewing this and will be able to learn of their ancestors, us!. So, the more information you can provide, the more accurate their knowledge of previous generations will be. A very grateful acknowledgement goes to Marco Zeimet who spotted a submission I posted on a web site and put us in touch with my cousin, Carlo Schintgen. Another especially heart felt "Thank You" to Carlo Schinten, my cousin in Olingen, Luxembourg, as well as his paternal cousin for providing the Kuhn family tree dating back to 1750! It honestly warms my heart to finally know our ancestry from Luxembourg. One more Thank You Very Much, goes to Daniel Kuhn for providing additional information and for sharing his genealogy site with us! His web site is listed in the "Useful Links" section. Any family member wishing to add information that is extroidinary or of special mention about their immediate family members, please feel free to contact me with the information. IE: awards, certifications, institutions of higher learning, Scout merits, hobbies, extended travel, etc. Anything you feel that is unique or noteworthy. Again, I invoke my right as webmaster to accept, edit or disregard submissions but I will be fair in the assessment. Any changes must be verified and will be edited, deleted or included at my discretion. This site is for the purpose of learning our heritage. All reasonable requests are preliminary and I will have the final say. A writer's privilege. Guidelines 1. Only family members may suggest any changes to their respective immediate families. Immediate family members would include: Parents, Grandparents, Children, Step Children and adopted Children. (Whether children are adopted or half siblings or step me they're all the same.) As needed, bloodlines may be noted as necessary in a persons adoption records. 2. Additional information will be added, edited or deleted at my discretion. 3. The same guidelines (as in 2.) apply to any disputes; will be at my discretion. 4. All pictures must be submitted in either the .gif, .jpg or .tif format. 5. Signing the Guest Book is of course up to you but is very encouraged. In the event of serious illness or death, I appoint my daughter, Joie Guinn as administrator of this web site.

    97 Deceased Ancestors

    - BARTHEL -

    Barthel, Madeleine, Born 1916 in Luxembourg, Europe, Died Feb 15 1982 in Luxembourg, Europe

    - BERINGER -

    Beringer, Marie, Born ABT 1720, Died BEF 1793


    Bohackova, Jitka, Born Mar 02 1914 in Rovensko, CZ, Europe, Died Oct 27 1988 in Prag, CZ, Europe

    - BRAMBLE -

    Bramble, Unknown, Born , Died ABT 1899

    - BRIMEYER -

    Brimeyer, Anne Marie, Born Mar 15 1808 in Nagem, Died Jun 11 1841 in Oberfeulen

    - BYRON -

    Byron, Alice Marie, Born Jul 12 1944 in Elkton, Cecil County, Maryland, USA, Died Sep 25 1988 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

    Byron, Emory Valliant, Born Oct 02 1898 in Queen Anne County, Maryland, USA, Died Oct 12 1994 in Newark, Delaware, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

    Byron, Gilbert Valliant, Born Jul 12 1903 in Chestertown, Maryland USA, Died Jun 25 1991 in Easton, Maryland

    Byron, James Rayfield, Born Apr 17 1920 in Lynch, Kent County, Maryland USA, Died Aug 31 2000 in New Castle, Delaware

    Byron, Norman McClary, Born Sep 28 1891 in Farmers Branch, Queen Anne County, Maryland, USA, Died Jan 1987 in Chestertown, MD


    Byron-Clayton, Hallie Collins, Born May 12 1923, Died May 08 2008 in Georgetown, Delaware


    Byron-Downey, Mary P., Born Apr 03 1889 in Maryland, Died Oct 1972 in Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, USA


    Byron-Harris, Betty Jean, Born Dec 30 1924 in Kent County, Maryland, Died Jan 11 1992 in Kent County, Maryland

    - CAPEL -

    Capel, Charles Wayland, Born Jan 11 1903, Died Feb 1978 in Chestertown Kent County Maryland USA

    - CURRY -

    Curry, Roxann, Born in Georgia, Died in New Castle, Delaware

    Curry, Willard (Pee Wee), Born in New Jersey, USA, Died in New Castle, New Castle County, Delaware, USA


    Davis-Carter, Bonnie Roseann, Born Jan 23 1953 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware USA, Died Mar 24 2009 in Wilmington, Delaware; New Castle County; USA

    - DOLEZEL -

    Dolezel, Jaroslav, Born Feb 21 1906 in Nitkovice, CZ, Europe, Died Dec 11 1969 in Sumperk, CZ, Europe

    - ERNZEN -

    Ernzen, Suzanne, Born Mar 03 1863 in Boulder, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Feb 26 1896 in Biwer, Luxembourg, Europe

    - FOWLER -

    Fowler, Billy Dave, Sr., Born , Died Aug 1972

    - GARRETT -

    Garrett, Julie Marie, Born Mar 29 1971 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA, Died Mar 09 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland

    Garrett, Taylor Jaxon, Born Apr 10 1996 in Christiana, New Castle County, Delaware, USA, Died Apr 10 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    - GILLISS -

    Gilliss, Carlton L., Born 1913 in Dorchester County, Maryland, USA, Died Mar 26 1985 in Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland, USA

    Gilliss, Henry, Born 1866 in Maryland, USA, Died in Maryland, USA

    - HARRIS -

    Harris, Joseph, Born Mar 17 1872 in Russia, Died Jul 23 1946 in Greensboro, Caroline Maryland, Greensboro Cemetery Lot # 44755137

    Harris, Milton D., Born Nov 12 1907 in Baltimore Corner, Caroline County, Maryland, Died Jul 13 1976 in Millington, Queen Anne's County, Maryland


    Hershberger, James Richard, Born Oct 08 1932, Died 2002


    Hostetter, Margaret Smith, Born May 06 1893, Died Jun 23 1964

    Hostetter, Thomas Gilmer, Born Dec 10 1887, Died Jun 14 1967


    Hostetter-Lipscomb, Carrie Bell, Born 1920 in Lexington, Virginia, USA, Died 2001

    - JEANDELL -

    Jeandell, James Asay, Born Dec 24 1915 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA, Died Mar 29 1989 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

    - KIEFFER -

    Kieffer, Isidore, Born Dec 03 1845 in Septfontaines, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Mar 03 1919 in Hostert, Folschette, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kieffer, Juliette, Born 1925, Died 2000 in Schifflange, Luxembourg Europe

    Kieffer, Lucien, Born 1915, Died 1990 in Schifflange, Luxembourg Europe

    Kieffer, Nicolas, Born Apr 23 1813 in Gosseldange, Died EST Nov 05 1852


    Kieffer-Schintgen, Oliva Margarite, Born Jul 12 1913, Died May 15 1978 in Schifflange, Luxembourg Europe

    - KUHN -

    Kuhn, Albert, Born Jan 31 1862 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Nov 08 1936 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kuhn, Albert George, Born Apr 24 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, Died Feb 06 1929 in Chicago, Illinois

    Kuhn, Anne, Born Nov 06 1891 in Olingen, Luxembourg, Died 1974 in Schifflange, Luxembourg Europe

    Kuhn, Emil, Born Jan 31 1888 in Schifflange, Luxembourg, Europe, Died in Schifflange, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kuhn, Francis, Born Dec 12 1890 in Biwer, Luxembourg Europe, Died in Shifflange, Luxembourg Europe

    Kuhn, Jean, Born 1775 in Hagelsdorf, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Mar 28 1849 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kuhn, Jean, Born Feb 1859 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe, Died BET Dec 1858 & Dec 1864 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kuhn, Jules, Born 1912 in Diekiach, Luxembourg Europe, Died Feb 23 1944

    Kuhn, Nicolas, Born Mar 20 1822 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe, Died in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe

    Kuhn, Orville Joseph, Seaman 1st Class, Born Nov 18 1923 in Sturgis, South Dakota, Died Oct 09 1943 in Tunisa

    Kuhn, Pierre, Born Jan 31 1862 in Olingen, Betzdorf Luxembourg Europe, Died 1933 in Diekrich

    Kuhn, Pierre (Peter), Born Aug 01 1894 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg Europe, Died Jul 24 1970 in Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky USA

    - KUHN-BYRON -

    Kuhn-Byron, Norma Clara, Born Dec 04 1922 in Chicago, Cook County,Illinois, USA, Died Feb 20 1999 in Wilmington, Delaware


    Kuhn-Gilliss, Carrie Marie, Born Dec 16 1924 in Chicago, Illinois, Died Jun 04 1999 in Cambridge, Maryland

    - KUHN-SMITH -

    Kuhn-Smith, Alice C., Born Jul 24 1921 in Chicago, Illinois, Died Apr 30 2005 in Gouldsboro, Wayne, Pennsylvania

    - LIPSCOMB -

    Lipscomb, Daniel C., Born 1957, Died 1975

    Lipscomb, James Edward, Sr., Born 1913 in Richmond, Virginia, USA, Died 1978

    Lipscomb, Paul Edward (P.J.), Jr., Born Sep 13 1984 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland USA, Died Sep 16 1984 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland USA

    - MANLEY -

    Manley, Charles T, Born 1936, Died 1994

    - MARENCAK -

    Marencak, Josef, Born Jul 25 1942 in Holic, Died Nov 13 1972 in Bruntal

    Marencak, Michal, Born Apr 28 1907 in Dolny Ohaj, CZ, Died Feb 11 1983 in Dolny, Ohaj, CZ

    Marencak, Stefan, Born Aug 20 1936, Died May 29 1988 in Cesky Krumlov


    McGinnis-Wansor, Mame Mary Ann, Born ABT 1865 in Massey, Kent County, Maryland, USA, Died BET 1957 & 1958 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

    - MELTZ -

    Meltz, Marguerite, Born Mar 25 1844 in Obermertzig, Luxembourg, Europe, Died May 22 1883 in Nothum

    - MEYERS -

    Meyers, Marguerite, Born ABT 1865 in Godbrange, Died Sep 28 1941

    - NAUNDORF -

    Naundorf, Glen, Born 1949 in Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, USA, Died Apr 09 2009 in Salisbury, Maryland, USA

    - PIERRE -

    Pierre, Kuhn, Born 1822, Died 1933


    Rassmussen, David Lee, Born May 27 1917 in Greensboro, Caroline County,Maryland, USA, Died Sep 02 1981 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA

    Rassmussen, David Wayne, Born Aug 05 1948 in Chestertown, Kent County, Maryland, Died 2002 in Pass Christian, Harris County, Mississippi


    Reckinger, Anne, Born Jul 04 1807 in Niederfeulen, Died Apr 05 1815 in Niederfeulen

    Reckinger, Anne, Born 1871, Died 1950

    Reckinger, Bertholet, Born Oct 27 1794 in Niederfeulen, Died Feb 18 1847 in Oberfeulen

    Reckinger, Jean Guillame, Born Feb 02 1751 in Niederfeulen, Died Jan 12 1821

    Reckinger, Marguerite, Born Jul 18 1797 in Niederfeulen, Died Apr 22 1850 in Doncols

    Reckinger, Marie, Born Mar 28 1802 in Niederfeulen, Died Feb 22 1805 in Niederfeulen

    Reckinger, Pierre, Born Mar 06 1867 in Mecher, Luxembourg, Europe, Died May 01 1901

    - REDING -

    Reding, Jean, Born 1744 in Uaeldange, Died Sep 02 1793

    Reding, Marguerite, Born Feb 21 1763 in Useldange, Died Mar 05 1863 in Nieldereulen

    - SAUBER -

    Sauber, Robertine, Born 1943, Died 2001


    Scarborough, Grady, Born , Died in Georgia, USA


    Scarbrough, William David, Sr., Born May 23 1944 in Tipton, GA, Died Nov 1987 in New Castle, Delaware


    Schintgen, Emile, Born , Died May 15 1978

    - SCHWINDT -

    Schwindt, Marguerite, Born Feb 24 1845 in Septfontaines, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Jun 13 1872 in Hostert, Folchette, Luxembourg, Europe


    Showalter, Daniel, Born 1802 in Virginia, USA, Died Jul 01 1889 in Near Cowan's Station, Rockingham County, Virginia, USA

    Showalter, George W., Born Nov 1861 in Pennsylvania, USA, Died in Pennsylvania, USA


    Showalter-Behane, Carrie, Born Apr 1889 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania USA, Died in Oak Park, Illinois USA


    Showalter-Kuhn, Anna Elizabeth, Born Apr 18 1897 in Huntingdon Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania USA, Died Sep 29 1988 in Cambridge, Maryland


    Smith-Harris, Caroline, Born Aug 09 1873, Died Feb 22 1958

    - SWENDA -

    Swenda, George, Born May 08 1923, Died 2002

    - TASTET -

    Tastet, Arthur Frank, Born , Died Nov 08 1964

    - TOTHOVA -

    Tothova, Elena, Born Nov 20 1912 in Dorok, Kmetovo, CZ, Died Dec 19 1953

    - WANSOR -

    Wansor, Earle Ben, Born 1913, Died 1982

    Wansor, James Richard, Born Oct 1870 in Duchess, Maryland, USA, Died in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA

    Wansor, John Richard, Born ABT Mar 23 1831 in New York, New York, USA, Died Nov 10 1923 in Delaware, USA

    Wansor, Wilbur, Born Jul 16 1901 in Wilmington, Delaware, Died Jul 1978 in Wilmington, Delaware


    Wansor-Davis, Irene Esther, Born 1910 in Wilmington, Delaware, Died 1957 in Garden of Gesthename, Gracelawn Cemetary, New Castle, Delaware, USA Lot # 277130031


    Wansor/Capel, Jennie Winfield, Born Jul 13 1896 in Wilmington, DE, Died Apr 05 1980 in Chestertown, MD

    - WAYMAN -

    Wayman, Roseanne M., Born Feb 25 1954, Died Nov 15 2010

    - WELTER -

    Welter, Elisabeth Anna, Born Jul 08 1779 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe, Died Aug 23 1858 in Olingen, Betzdorf, Luxembourg, Europe

    Welter, Marguerite, Born 1780 in Rollingen, Mersch, Died Jan 02 1848 in Gosseldange

    - WESSEL -

    Wessel, Gary Alan, Jr, Born Aug 25 1969, Died Oct 27 2010

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