Family Tree: The New England Cloyd Family

Home to 46 Cloyd family members, 19 Clyde descendants, 11 members of the Wilson family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jan 25 2006 and last updated on Jan 13 2018. The Family Trees on this website contain 146 relatives and 69 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This family is of Scottish origin. The Clyde or Cloyd appears frequently in the early records of the parishes of Glasgow and Lanark. Family tradition has it that three brothers named Clyde left Scotland on account of religious troubles and settled in the north of Ireland. The subsidy and Hearth rolls of Londonderry, Ireland show that there were in Glendermott parish, in 1662, one Jo. Clyde; in Ballykelly, a James Cloyd; in Kearne or Carn, a John Clyde in 1663; in Drumboe, a Munyon Clude; and in Glasteele a Robert Clide. Tradition in Ireland is that some of the family of John Clyde of Carn emigrated to America. John Clyde, whose farm was on Carn Hill near Londonderry, was probably the grandfather of Daniel Clyde, who emigrated to American from Londonderry about 1732, and settled in that part of Londonderry, NH which is now known as Windham. This Daniel Clyde is said to have been born in 1683. He had a brother Michael (b. 1710) who settled in East Allen,PA. Daniel Clyde married Esther, daughter of Hugh Rankin, an emigrant from County Antrim, Ireland to Londonderry, NH. Esther Rankin was born in 1706; was a woman of worth and of a strong religious character. Daniel Clyde was a selectman in Windham in 1747. He died June 4, 1753. Daniel and Esther Clyde had nine children, five of whom were born in Ireland: 1. Joseph, b. 1772 2. Hugh, b. 1724 3. John, b. 1726 4. Daniel, b. 1728 5. Ann, b. 1730 6. Samuel, b. April 11, 1732 in Windham; 7. Mary, b. 1735 8. Nancy, b. 1740 9. Agnes, b. 1744. This is the record of the Cloyd family through Joseph Cloyd. Have fun!

    46 Deceased Ancestors

    - BURNS -

    BURNS, Anna Mcquestin, Born 1797 in Windham, NH ??, Died in Ohio

    - CAMPBELL -

    CAMPBELL, Hannah, Born 1801 in Windham, NH, Died 1861 in Windham, NH

    - CHASE -

    Chase, Ethel Louise, Born Apr 30 1897, Died Oct 25 1990 in Beverly, MA

    - CLEAVES -

    Cleaves, Benjamin Thomas, Born Jul 22 1921, Died Sep 10 2003 in Beverly MA

    Cleaves, Wheaton, Born 1845 in Beverly, MA, Died Aug 16 1902 in Beverly, MA

    - CLOYD -

    Cloyd, Eliza Ann, Born Oct 15 1817 in Windham, NH, Died in Washington, Orange, VT

    Cloyd, Elizabeth Brooks, Born 1913, Died 1978

    Cloyd, Eugene Dearing, Born Jun 23 1871 in Amesbury, MA, Died Sep 30 1947 in Boston

    Cloyd, George C, Born Dec 03 1836 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachus, Died Dec 30 1914 in Windham, NH

    Cloyd, James Clark, Born Sep 06 1797 in Windham, NH, Died Sep 28 1877 in Windham, NH

    Cloyd, John, Born Sep 19 1763 in Windham, NH, Died Mar 18 1825 in Windham, NH

    Cloyd, John, Jr, Born Sep 29 1807 in Pelham, NH, Died Feb 11 1904 in Windham, NH

    Cloyd, John Douglas, Born Apr 25 1917 in Beverly, MA, Died Jul 01 2004 in Beverly, MA

    Cloyd, John Francis, Born Jun 16 1834 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, Died 1899 in Died Merrimac, MA, Buried Saco Maine

    Cloyd, John Shiels, Born Jul 10 1898 in Amesbury, MA, Died Feb 1985

    Cloyd, Louise Elizabeth, Born Mar 08 1921, Died 1979

    Cloyd, M. Amanda, Born May 20 1844 in Lowell, Died Oct 23 1923 in Windham, NH

    Cloyd, Marcia Anne, Born Jun 20 1936, Died 1996

    Cloyd, Richard Dearing, Born 1908, Died 1968

    Cloyd, Robert Hume, Born 1911, Died 1972

    - CLYDE -

    Clyde, Agnes, Born 1744 in Windham, NH, Died Jun 07 1805 in Dunbarton

    Clyde, Ann, Born Apr 16 1768 in Windham, NH, Died 1830 in Litchfield, Hillsboro, Nh

    Clyde, Anne, Born 1730 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died Apr 12 1812 in Windham, Rockingham, NH

    Clyde, Daniel, Born 1683 in Lanarkshire, Scotland, Died Jun 04 1753 in Windham, New Hampshire

    Clyde, Daniel, b.1754, Born Sep 25 1754 in Windham, NH, Died 1825 in Lyme, Grafton, Nh

    Clyde, Daniel, Jr, Born 1728 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died in Clyde, Wayne, Ny

    Clyde, Daniel Wilson, Born Mar 03 1795 in Windham, NH, Died 1852 in Ohio

    Clyde, Hugh, Born 1724 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died 1766 in Windham, NH

    Clyde, John, Born 1726 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died May 18 1825 in Windham, NH

    Clyde, Joseph, Born 1722 in Londonderery, Ireland, Died Jun 07 1805 in Windham, NH

    Clyde, Joseph, b.1766, Born Feb 12 1766 in Windham, NH, Died Aug 16 1858 in Windham, NH

    Clyde, Mary, Born 1735 in Windham, NH, Died Feb 04 1828 in Litchfield, Hillsboro, NH

    Clyde, Mary, b.1760, Born Nov 17 1760 in Windham, NH, Died 1840 in Windham, NH

    Clyde, Nancy, Born 1740 in Windham, NH, Died in Dunbarton, Merrimack, NH

    Clyde, Samuel, Born Apr 11 1732 in Windham, NH, Died Nov 30 1790 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, NY

    - CUSHING -

    Cushing, Mary, Born 1810 in Hingham, MA, Died May 11 1893 in Windham, NH

    - DEARING -

    Dearing, Mary Elizabeth, Born 1839 in Saco, Maine, Died May 30 1894

    - GREGG -

    Gregg, David, Capt., Born 1727, Died 1769

    - MOFFATT -

    Moffatt, Margaret, Born 1723 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died Jul 14 1814 in Windham, NH

    Moffatt, Sarah, Born 1728 in Tyrone, Ireland, Died 1777 in Windham, NH

    - RANKIN -

    Rankin, Esther, Born 1706 in Country Antrim, Ireland, Died Feb 16 1779 in Windham, NH

    - SHIELS -

    Shiels, Helen Augusta, Born Jul 31 1876 in Amesbury, Died Jun 22 1941

    - VANHORNE -

    VanHorne, Gloria May, Born Dec 15 1930, Died Oct 01 1997 in Beverly MA

    - WASSON -

    Wasson, Catherine, Born Apr 28 1737 in Leicester, MA, Died May 31 1824 in Cherry Valley, Otsego, New York

    - WILSON -

    Wilson, Daniel, Born 1741 in Pelham, Hillsboro, Nh?, Died in Pelham, Hillsboro, Nh

    Wilson, Phebe, Born 1776 in Pelham, Hillsboro, Nh, Died Dec 15 1854 in Pelham, NH

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