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  • THE HISTORY OF PRIMUS SR. AND ELIZABETH “BETSY” TYLER ‘S FAMILY The Tyler Family have had to rely upon the oral history passed down throughout the generations. In 2011 an 1869 Federal Pension application, made by Primus Sr., was discovered. In this application, Primus Sr. was applying for disability funding from the Federal government. His claim was based upon the death of his son, Shepherd Tyler, who died while fighting in the Civil War. Primus Sr. stated in this Pension application that he had been born a slave on the Edwards plantation in Greene County, North Carolina. He was married to Elizabeth (Betsy) Tyler, a free mulatto woman in 1827. In the narration of Primus Sr., he stated, that he was married according to the manor and custom of such persons in the old times and old country, which was performed by simply preparing a supper and inviting in friends, and at the proper time, the groom and bride took their places at the end of the table facing each other. After the supper ended the parties were considered duly married and recognized by the law when not-conflicting of the interests of the masters. In this 1869 pension application, Primus Sr., also stated that on June 9, 1851 at the age of 55 years he was sold by Elizabeth Edwards to a Quaker, James Siler, for the sum of $100.00. On June 28, 1851 James Siler relinquished his rights to Primus Sr., to Primus Sr.’s wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Tyler. To this union of Primus Sr. and Elizabeth, census documents indicate the names of 12 children: Richard, George, Eliza (twin), Nancy, Himebrick, Elizabeth, Primus Jr., Avery, Moses, Shepherd, Samantha (twin), and Sallie. All of the children were born in North Carolina. In this Pension application Primus Sr., had witness statements from grandson George and his sons- in-law Reuben Lawhorn and William Gibson. In their statements, these witnesses verified that Elizabeth (Betsy) Tyler and her children bought 158 acres of land in Parke County Indiana for $4,000. Primus Sr. was not a part of this land purchase. Federal records indicate that the pension application was denied. In 1840’s Reuben and his wife Eliza Tyler Lawhorn moved to Raccoon Township, Parke Co., Indiana. The 1850 census had the following Tyler siblings living with Eliza and Reuben: George, Nancy, Himebrick, Elizabeth, Primus Jr., Avery, and Moses. At that time Eliza had three children, Oliver, Alice, and George. (The 1850 Census Dist. 85, Park County, Indiana, page 121, In the 1850 Census Elizabeth “Betsy” Tyler and the three youngest children Shepherd, Samantha and Sally are living in Greene County North Carolina (1850 Greene County ,North Carolina page 78, In the 1860 Raccoon Township Parke County Census all of the Tyler’s’ are living in Indiana. Primus Sr., has taken the last name of Tyler. ( 1860 Raccoon Township, Parke County, Indiana page 2 Ancestry .com) Elizabeth “Betsy” Tyler died June 6, 1861 and was buried in Catlin, Indiana Documented history of the children of Primus Sr. and Elizabeth (Betsy) Tyler are as followed:  Richard married Arcadia Artis Feb. 1, 1852 and lived on the farm until the late 1870’s. He moved to St. John, Kansas with his family namely Milton, Julia Ann, Edward, Elwood, Wilson, Harriet Emily Jane, Annie, Morris, Cora, and Obeiah Elizabeth, all of children were born in Catlin, Indiana (Parke Co.) At the age of 41 Richard joined Company C of the 28th Colored Infantry Regiment in December 29, 1863. Records state that Richard was on detached duty as carpenter to Brigade Headquarters form July 1864 to September 1865, in October 1865 he was detached to Corpus Christi, Texas. He mustered out November 8th, 1865 in Corpus Christi, Texas. He died March 30, 1879 in St. John, Kansas.  Eliza and Reuben moved from Parke County to Indianapolis. By this time Eliza had eight (8) children, Oliver, Alice, George, Susan, Alford, Elias, and Prince. Eliza died after her son Prince was born. She was buried in Marion County and in 1866 Reuben Lawhorn remarried. The only record we have of Eliza’s’ children is Elias and Alford. Elias married Ella Allen and moved to Washington, Indiana they had the following children, Percy, Rosa Lee, Hebert, Ruby, Farrell, and Capitola. Rosa Lee married Sherman Harmon and they had 12 children. Reuben at the age 44 joined Company C 28th Infantry Regiment U.S Colored Troops December 22,1963. Records state that he was on recruiting duty March and April of 1864 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was sent away from the White House sick June 20,1864. He was discharged July 10, 1865 at Fort Monroe, Virginia.  George married Martha Artis in Catlin, April 24, 1853. There is no record of the children to this union.   Nancy married Nathan Johnson March 26, 1851 in Catlin. There is no record of the children.  Himbrick married Zlphia Connors September 18, 1853 in Parke County Indiana, their son Octavius was born in Indiana. Himbrick and Zlphia moved to Cass County Michigan and had the following children Cornelius, James, Amanda Isabel, Mary Jane and Allison. In 1864 Zlphia died while Himbrick was serving in the military. Himbrick then married Louisa Curtis and they had the following children, Eva, Elmira, Sheridan Alvin, Julia, Elvira, Arvena, Sherman Emory, and Gertrude, all of these children were born in Convert, Michigan. Himbrick enlisted in the 1st Michigan Colored Volunteer Regiment, before it was re-designated the 102nd Regiment US Colored Troops on December the 4th 1863. He had the rank of Sergeant . He mustered out September 26, 1865 at Charleston, South Carolina.  Elizabeth “Lizzie” married Denbow Butler June 26, 1857 in Catlin. There is no record of children.   Primus Jr., married Omey Anderson in Vigo County in Indiana June 22, 1865 and they had twelve (12) children, Horace, Perry O., Elfrida Jennie, Alma, Seneca, Gilbert, Annie, Nora, Hudla, Rhoda, and Luella. After he got married he moved to Otter Creek, Vigo County Indiana. He died February 4, 1913 at his daughter Nora ’s house in Brazil, Indiana.  Avery married William Gibson August 27, 1857 in Catlin. They had the following children, Matilda J., and Mary E. both were born Catlin.   Moses married Juliet Allen on April 30, 1868 in Catlin. They had the following children, Mable, Minerva, and Mary. They were born in Catlin. Juliet died in Catlin and Moses married Sarah Evans on December 30, 1875 in Catlin. They had no children in this union. On December 23, 1886 Moses married Serena Stewart in Vigo County, they had no children. Moses married Amanda Winsley November 17, 1892. Moses was a school teacher, he died in Terre Haute.  Shepard B with his older brother Richard at the age of 19 joined Company C 8th infantry Regiment US Colored Troops on December 29,1863. The records state 5 feet 6 inches tall complexion black, Hair black born in Greene County, North Carolina, occupation Farmer, age 20 was wounded June 25,1864 in Chickahominy Swamp Virginia and died June 27,1864, He is buried in 207 Freedom Court, Fredericksburg, Virginia, zip code 22408.   Samantha never married and went to Kansas with her brother Richard and his family. She died in St. John, Kansas.  Sarah “Sallie” Ann married Alfred A. Carter on December 22, 1870 in Catlin. They moved to Westfield, Indiana. They had the following children, Raleigh Primus, Gilbert, Fredrick Douglas, Lenora, Bertha, Harry Joseph, Lucy Anicy, and Walter D. Sallie died May 24, 1904 and Alfred died Oct. 12,1912 Both were buried in Westfield, Indiana

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