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Home to 266 Quixley family members, 102 Shapcott descendants, 94 members of the Spandler family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Sep 03 2008 and last updated on Oct 23 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 2371 relatives and 266 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • I have altered the top of the tree with a postulated sibling relationship between William Quixley (b. Dublin 1808) and James Quixley (b. Oporto, Portugal 1813). I stress that this connection is not yet 100% proven. All decendencies thereafter are as good as possible in terms of validity The name Quixley appears to originate in the North Yorkshire area. There is a village - Whixley between Harrogate and York, once home to Simon de Quixley Lord Mayor of York in the 1380s. The name occurs also at the same period in the Durham area. From this one can trace the name back pre-Norman Conquest as a Saxon name which became corrupted by the Norman occupation. Sir Edmund Burke's General Armoury of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales 1878 shows several armorial versions: 1. QUIXLEY: Gules, three greyhounds courant argent, collared sable studded or. 2. QUIXLEY: Gules, three greyhounds courant argent, collared cheqny or and sable, each charged on shoulder with an escallope sable. 3. QUYXLEY (Quixley) Gules, an inescutcheon argent overall a bend sable. Crest: An antelope's head erased gules. 4. QUYXLEY (Quixley) Gules, an Orle argent overall a bend ermine. The first two arms are essentially the same thing with the addition of an escallope onto the shoulder of the greyhounds (also sometimes referred to as leverets (young hares)). The Escallope is an embellishment indicating the owner had been present on one of the Crusades or less specifically a Pilgrimage. Unfortunately these were often added much later to give the achievement more kudos. The first two achievements come from the Quixley family of York: Simon de Quixley, Lord Mayor of York 1380-3.(see stories section)

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