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Home to 176 Mullins family members, 85 Sayre descendants, 58 members of the Parsons family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Apr 26 2004 and last updated on Nov 05 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 1222 relatives and 138 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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    Place your mouse over a pic to see who it is This is about the Sayre Family and connecting families in West Virginia. So far I know my line has Sayre,Mullins,Rhodes,Parsons,Salisbury sur names. My father was Ohley Jennings Sayre m. Hildegard Johanna Kottmann.Ohley Jennings Sayre fought in the Korean Conflict. There were 2 children in this marriage. Ute Beautrix Sayre & Renate Sayre. Renate Sayre m. #1 Michael Lee Wilkins. There was 1 child in this marriage. JamesAlfred Lawrence Wilkins. Renate Wilkins m. Todd Dean Smith he died from Lukimia. There are 2 children in this marriage. AmySue Marie Smith & Todd Jennings Smith. Renate Smith married Thomas Turner Thompson Jr. There were no children born in this union. My Grandparents: are Jesse Bee Sayre m. Laura Jane Mullins. And Garhard Kottmann m. Anna Godek. GGrandparents: Valentine Bee Sayre m. Lucy Leenora Rhodes. And Joey Mullins m. Mary Salisbury)-Have heard it as Jeffrey. That may be her mothers maiden name. GGGrandparents: John Franklin Rhodes m. Amanda Haynes. And Lewis Mullins m. Ollie Salisbury. GGGGrandparents: Thomas Edward Rhodes m.Rachel Casto. Mr Rhodes born.abt 1702 died.abt 1735(His first name unknown)lived among the foothills of VA with his wife and 3 children many years before 1738.He was tomahawked and scalped in his doorway about 1735 during an Indian uprising. His wife and daughter were carried into captivity with other women and children,his sons hid in bushes and escaped to a fort.The women were killed because they couldn't keep up with the Indians flight across the mountains,but a chief took a fancy to the daughter and adopted her. John Rhodes b. cir 1722 Christopher Rhodes Sr b. abt 1724 d. abt 1839 Christopher escaped the Indians (see above),married,and settled in Rockbridge,Co VA with his family.A widely known marksman and hunter he lived to be 115.When Christopher was over 100 he won a Christmas shooting match, sitting in his doorway and steadying his long rifle again the doorface.aka Christain Rhodes b.abt 1730-42 d. aft 1831, of Botetourt Co VA,hunter,Indian fighter,married several times, received a land grant south of James River in 1768.His will dated Feb 26 1827 calls him George Christopher Rhodes,and is the archives in Charleston WV, Will Book E of Botetourt Co. A man named Rhodes lived in the pioneer days in Rockbridge co. Va. near the Natural Bridge. He was hunter and Indian fighter. At one time, his stock were all killed or carried off in an Indian raid, and his cabin burned, but the family escaped to the fort. In 1832, six of his sons came to Mill Creek Valley, to the Flesher farm opposite Ripley. (Jackson co. Va.) Their names were Christopher, Benjamin, Michael, Samuel, Mathias and Peter. Christopher, Samuel and Benjamin were married, and lived at the different improvement on the farm, beginning at the upper end. (Mill Creek) Mathias was married, but had no children. Michael and Peter never married. The old farm is still in the hands of descendants of the Rhodes family. (Pioneers of Jackson co. pg 153 by John A. House) Benjamin Rhodes born abt 1783 Rockbridge Co VA, d. 1851 (will dated Oct 20 1851).Benjamin married ????? then he married Nancy Golden Ilene Winters says: raised in the household of Christians Mathias (Matthew) Rhodes b. 1815 VA m. Martha "Patsy/Matilda" Parsons Feb 21 1839 Thomas Rhodes Born Oct 24, 1848 Jackson Co, Va Died Aug 18,1920 Jackson Co ,WV He Married Rachel Casto on Feb 13, 1868 in Jackson Co, WV Thomas Edward Rhodes Oct 15, 1888 Jackson Co, WV Died Jan 8, 1972 Jackson Co, WV He Married Esta Ethel Tenney on May 28, 1913 Jackson Co, WV Esta Ethel Tenney Born Apr 14 ,1889 Roane Co,WV Died Jul 13,1963 Jackson Co,WV William Granville Rhodes Aug 24, 1913 Jackson Co , WV Died Dec 25, 1990 Jackson Co,WV He Married Lillie Virginia Horn on Nov 26, 1937 Lillie Virginia Horn Born May 25,1922 Died Apr 25,1999 Jackson Co, WV William Jesse Rhodes Sr Born Jul 16, 1939 Died Aug 11, 2002 Jackson Co, WV He Married Mary Evelyn Westfall on May 18, 1963 Mary Evelyn Westfall Born Apr 27, 1947 Died Sep 15, 1994 Then My Cousin William Jesse Rhodes Jr Married Lori May Hackney Ira Mullins was born February 8, 1857 in Kentucky, the son of John and Martha Mullins of Pike County. Ira was a small time merchant, but moonshiner by trade. He married Louranza "Lou Ann" (Estep), May 10, 1879 in Letcher County. Sometime previous Ira Mullins' trade of moonshining had led him into a skirmish with revenue agents. During this battle he was severely shot, an injury which resulted in his being paralyzed, unable to walk or to even feed himself. One of the revenue agents causing Mullins to experience extreme discomfort was none other than Dr. Marshall Benton Taylor. One night someone fired into Ira's bedroom window. Mullins barely escaped injury as the bullet lodged in his bedclothes, setting his bed on fire. Ira took the shot into his bed as a warning and assuming the culprit of the deed was Dr. Taylor, he took steps to remedy the problem. Rumors carried over the mountains that since he was unable to carry out the deed of ending his troubles on his own, Ira was offering gunmen $300.00 to do it for him. Doc learned of the threat and claimed he couldn't have shot into Ira's house because he was doctoring that night in Kentucky. Ellen Alley confirmed her daughter was expecting and Taylor himself had been their guest for about a month. It was on May 14, 1892, that one of the most horrible crimes of the area occurred. It was between nine and 10 o'clock in the morning when Ira began a trip to his home at Pound, Virginia. Heading a group of eight people, he left the home of his brother-in-law, Wilson Mullins, who lived at the mouth of Cane Creek Branch, in Kentucky. Wilson's eleven year old daughter Mindy started out on this trip, but was taken to her grandmother, Patsy (Potter) Mullins' house. She cried to go with them and Wilson stopped at a store, buying a can of peaches to soothe her. He opened the peaches and let her eat them and drink the juice. Wilson told Mindy to be a good girl and that they would be back soon. Mindy remained with her grandmother and this was the last time she saw her father alive. Now seven in number, they were making their way home to Pound, Virginia and would cross the mountain by way of Pound Gap. The gap, originally called "Sounding Gap," is a high pass at the head of Elkhorn Creek, near where the present day town of Jenkins, Kentucky is now located. Travel over these steep rough roads was slow and laborious, but they had made good time. Though they had stopped two or three times during their trip, it was just after noon when the party neared the crest of the mountain. Wilson, who was a son of Marshall "Big Foot" Mullins and had married Ira's sister, led the procession riding on horseback. John Chappel, a handyman for Ira, was driving the wagon, and Ira's wife, Louranza (Estep) Mullins, sat beside Chappel on the wagon seat. Ira Mullins was partly sitting up on a pallet in the back of the wagon on top of a load of hay. Two young boys, Ira's fourteen- year-old son, John Harrison Mullins, and Greenberry Harris, the son of Jemima Harris were walking just behind the wagon. Wilson's wife, Jane Mullins, rode on horseback, beside or just behind the boys. Hidden and unseen underneath the hay was a wagon-load of wildcat liquor'. It was about one o'clock in the afternoon the Mullins family neared the site that is today known as "Killing Rock," about one fourth to one half mile from the top of the mountain. Near the right side of the road there were two rocks about four or five feet in height. Between these rocks was a separation of several feet, which formed a natural opening. A wall had been built up between the two large rocks to about the height of a man's waist. Branches from pine, maple and chestnut trees, had been cut and placed to cover the opening. The weather was warm and the leaves had begun to wilt, giving the appearance they had been there for several days. Concealed behind the rocks and branches were the assassins who opened fire on the Mullins family as they came into range. When the shooting commenced, from the right side and above the road, Wilson was riding beside the wagon. A thunderous roar of gunfire exploded from behind the rocks. In a matter of seconds, bullets penetrated the horses, the wagon and its passengers. The air was filled with black powder smoke from the guns; the ground became covered with blood. Even the team of horses pulling the wagon were struck by the gunfire and fell to the ground dead. Ira Mullins instantly suffered eight shots to his body, two wounds in his chin, one in his head at the temple, one in his shoulder, one in his wrist, one in his side, one in his bowels, one in the thighs and legs. The shot to his side passed through his body. Louranza Mullins was struck by several shots about her breast and knees. Ira Mullins' fifteen year old son, John Harrison Mullins, was walking with Greenberry Harris just behind the wagon saw one of the horses go down. Wilson sought cover and was about fifteen feet up the road when he staggered and fell to the road, shot dead in his tracks. Jane saw one of the team horses go down, turned to see her husband start to run, then fall. She was either thrown or got off her horse on her own but her horse ran off toward Virginia. Wilson lay under a tree and Jane ran to him, she turned him over on his side, trying to ease his pain. Louranza managed to climb out of the wagon and scrambled under it as the lead rained down on them. Mortally wounded, Louranza yelled for Jane to come to her and amid the melee of gunfire, Jane hurried as quickly as possible to her aid. She helped Louranza to sitting position, her back up against the wagon. Louranza managed to utter her last words, "They have killed me." Terribly frightened, Jane tried to see if any of the others were still alive. The air was heavy, filled with black powder smoke from the blazing guns. During a slight cessation of gun fire she looked toward the rocks where the shooting was coming from and as the smoke cleared, she saw three men standing twenty to twenty-five steps from the wagon. They were concealed behind the rocks, wearing veils that covered their faces. She could see them from the waist up and the lower part of their faces were visible. She screamed, "Boys, for the Lord's sake, don't shoot anymore, you have killed them all now. Let me stay here with them till someone finds us." The men called out to her three or four times cursing and threatening her. Jane thought she heard three voices yell and took the first voice to be Calvin Fleming's. She thought one of the voices she heard might have been Doc Taylor. One of the men, possibly Henan Fleming, asked that her life be spared, then another of the killers yelled, "God Damn you, take to the road and leave or we will kill you, too." Taking them at their word, Jane left the scene of the murders as the killers had advised. She made her way back to Elkhorn, in Kentucky, arriving about four o'clock. John Harrison Mullins, the only other person to live through the melee, had escaped in a different direction and came into Pound, Virginia about two o'clock. Jane and John Harrison Mullins, were the only two able to escape the massacre. Harrison located Jemima Harris and George Francisco, telling them of the events on the mountain. Jemima immediately started to the place where the shooting had occurred, and on the way passed the house of Floyd Branham. She stopped at the Branham house and asked Floyd's wife, Elizabeth, go with her. When Jemima Harris and Elizabeth Branham arrived, the site they came upon was dreadful. There were numerous bullet holes in the wagon; both the horses pulling it had been killed. They lay bleeding in the road, still hitched. Ira Mullins was still atop his pallet in the wagon plainly showing shots to his face and temple. Jemima discovered her son, Greenberry, lying in the wagon, shot twice in the head. The body of John Chappel was also in the wagon, his body showing evidence of six shots. Wilson Mullins was lying on his face in the road about fifteen steps from the wagon. Louranza Mullins was found about five feet from the wagon, lying flat on her back. Her legs were either broken or crushed and doubled back under her, with her apron thrown up over her head. In a pocket attached to string belt and worn under her dress and in a little handbag, she had carried about $1,000.00 in cash. They discovered the belt of the money pocket had been cut and her handbag was gone. It was later disclosed that the killers had hidden all the money except $100.00. Each of them took $25.00 to buy themselves a new suit of clothes. The purse was found cut to pieces, but the lost bag of money was never recovered. Robert Mullins lived about three miles from Pound Gap and arrived at the scene about an hour and a half after the killings. Jemima Harris and Elizabeth Branham had already been there. John Vint Bentley, who lived in Kentucky, was also at the scene that same afternoon. They examined the body of Ira Mullins and saw the additional gun shots to his shoulder, wrist, side, bowels and legs. The wounds were large and looked like Winchester or pistol wounds, but they could not tell the size. They searched the area where the assassins had taken shelter to shoot. The brush placed in front of the rocks was wilted and looked like it might have been cut a week. There was a little path leading off from there to the road, where they saw no tracks but found several small pieces of green veil, along with an old army haversack. At the place where the parties were said to have stood while doing the shooting, they also discovered six cartridge shells under a small heap if pine knots and all were of the same 45 X 75 caliber. They looked like they had been laid down and covered with a few leaves. Bentley and Mullins knew of two guns of that caliber, one belonged to Henry Adams, who lived about four miles away, and the other to James Potter. Jane would later say she was not "point blank certain" that it was Doc Taylor she saw, but thought it was. She had stayed overnight with him about seven years earlier and had heard him talk. She also felt she could swear positively to a person with his face covered down to his mouth since she could see him from the waist up. She was able to recognize Taylor mostly by his looks, but for a time she kept silent on what she had seen. She was advised by a magistrate of the law to keep her mouth shut until she could be protected by the officers of the law. Mat and Sarah Blevins were neighbors and friends of the Mullins family. They lived about two miles away and heard of the killings the same day they happened. The next day they went to visit Jane and offer their condolences. The bodies of the slain had been taken to Wilson and Jane's house where they were washed and dressed for burial. Some of the bodies had been placed on the front porch, since there wasn't enough room for five coffins in the house. A large fire was built in the yard and kept burning to keep the flies away. It was thought that the Fleming brothers may have initially let the information out. But eventually the evidence came together and the stories spread. Suspicion that had to this time been random, was now centered around Doc Taylor and the Fleming's as the prime suspects. Area residents began to talk, if only in whispers, about the crime. Doors that before were never locked were now shut and bolted. They began to ponder the fact that after the slayings Doc Taylor and the Fleming brothers no longer traveled alone, but in a group. They also noticed these men were now heavily armed. FEASTER:Gertrude's relative DAVID FEASTER is actually the brother of my (our) GREAT, GREAT, GREAT, GREAT-GRANDFATHER...Henry Feaster (SR)II. That is where her genealogy breaks from ours. Henry II was born in 1787. He died in 1866. He is listed in the 1810 census. He owned land in Virginia and is buried on the Homestead. Land transfers and his will are on record in Grant County, PA. Here is our lineage.... John Ludwig Feaster GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER....( was born in Germany in 1708, died 1774 in Pennsylvania. His wife Mary was born in 1706 died 1774. They lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This information came along with the war records of their son Henry, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. John Ludwig Feaster came to America on the ship Phoenix landing November 2,1752. ) Henry Feaster GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER (PATRIOT) Henry Feaster (SR) II ..GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER Henry Feaster (JR) III....GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER William Conard Feaster.GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER Elvin Feaster................GREAT GRANDFATHER Harold Wayne Feaster...GRANDFATHER Here is a link for the other Sayre side from All the Sayre Here is a link for the Rhodes side from My Cousin William Jesse Rhodes Jr. This is the line from My Daughter AmySue Marie Smith and the Marriage to Shawn Michael Feaster. Her page: This link to the Thompson side is from My Neice Belinda Thompson Wesner also on Tribal pages

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    288 Deceased Ancestors

    - (?) WORKMAN -

    (?) Workman, Mae, Born , Died 1988

    - (SIZEMORE) -

    (Sizemore), Virginia Belle, Woody, Born , Died Apr 21 1918

    - ? FRANCES -

    ? Frances, Margaret O., Born 1858 in VA, Died Jul 07 1891 in WV

    - ALLEN -

    Allen, Harry Delmar, Born 1924, Died 1944

    Allen, Rollie Edward, Born Mar 12 1898 in Jackson Co,WV, Died Dec 12 1976

    - ANDERSON -

    Anderson, Catherine C, Born May 27 1830, Died Apr 19 1912

    Anderson, Herbert Wayne, Born Jan 15 1915 in Trout Dale Va, Died Jul 21 1993 in Potomac Vally Hosp Keyser

    - BANIAK -

    Baniak, Margaret Ann, Born Apr 12 1943 in WV, Died Feb 25 2013 in Winchester,Va

    - BARNETT -

    Barnett, Emily, Born 1836, Died Aug 25


    Blankenship, Floyd, Born in Pike Co, Ky, Died in Clay Co,WV

    - BONNETT -

    Bonnett, Hannah, Born 1768 in Ireland, Died 1798 in Jackson Co WV

    Bonnett, Susannah, Born 1807, Died Feb 07 1863

    - BOWELS -

    Bowels, Leftridge, Born Jun 02 1849, Died Feb 1941

    - BRAG -

    Brag, Ethel Verna, Born Feb 03 1910 in WV, Died Sep 1986 in OH

    - BROWN -

    Brown, Jessie Esta, Born Nov 06 1919 in Wyndal, Fayette Co Wv, Died Dec 24 2003 in Charleston

    - BURGESS -

    Burgess, John Henry, Born Mar 14 1934, Died Apr 30 2000

    Burgess, John Henry, Jr., Born Oct 30, Died Jan 22 1987

    Burgess, Orie, Born in Charleston, Wv, Died Nov 23 1919

    - BUSH -

    Bush, Elizabeth Susannah, Born Feb 20 1740 in Va, Died 1807

    - CARNIFAX -

    Carnifax, Lota G., Born Sep 18 1917, Died May 24 2011 in WV

    - CASTO -

    Casto, Abel B., Born Aug 17 1862, Died May 20 1938 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, Andrew Delmer, Born Dec 08 1871 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Mar 31 1928

    Casto, Benjamin F., Born Jan 26 1799 in Harrison Co, Va, Died May 01 1882 in Jackson Co, WV

    Casto, Charles H. `Big Ears`, Born 1827, Died 1907 in Jackson Co,WV

    Casto, David W, Born 1784 in VA, Died 1854 in Upshur Co., WV

    Casto, Debra, Born , Died May 1884

    Casto, Elizabeth Lavina, Born 1869, Died 1957

    Casto, George W., Born Jun 19 1826 in Mason Co,West Virginia, Died Feb 07 1911 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, James, Born 1789 in Pennsylvania, Died Dec 22 1868 in Jackson Co WV

    Casto, James Thomas, Born Jun 17 1863 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died May 11 1934 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, John J, Born 1787, Died 1878 in Tug Fork,Jackson Co,WV

    Casto, Jonathan, Born Dec 30 1794 in Virginia, Died Oct 21 1851 in Jackson Co WV

    Casto, Jonathan William, Born Mar 28 1873 in Belgrove, Jackson Co WV, Died Oct 24 1949

    Casto, Joseph Marion, Born Mar 02 1826 in Jackson Co,WV, Died Sep 29 1912 in Jackson Co,WV

    Casto, Lucretia, Born 1792 in Randolph Co., VA, Died 1846 in Jackson Co., WV

    Casto, Margaret Elizabeth, Born Apr 16 1855 in Jackson Co,Va, Died Mar 12 1922

    Casto, Mary Ann(Nansy), Born May 22 1793 in Harrison Co., VA/WV, Died Jun 28 1835 in Lewis Co WV

    Casto, Nathan, Born Jan 24 1822, Died Oct 16 1885

    Casto, Rachel, Born Nov 28 1852 in Parchment Vally,Jackson Co WV, Died Nov 11 1925 in Roane Co, WV

    Casto, Ruama, Born Oct 01 1859 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Apr 14 1868 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, Ruth J., Born Oct 01 1853 in Cox Fork,Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Aug 28 1933 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, Samuel S., Born 1855 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Dec 31 1914

    Casto, Sarah E., Born Aug 11 1857 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Apr 16 1868 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Casto, William, Sr, Born Jan 12 1760 in PA, Died Nov 11 1836 in Jackson Co WV

    Casto, William C `Devil Bill`, Jr, Born 1790 in PA, Died 1884 in Jackson Co WV

    - COLLINS -

    Collins, Nancy, Born 1797 in Ashe Co NC, Died in Jenkins, Letcher Co KY


    Crihfield, Alice C `Allie`, Born Sep 1873 in Belgrove WV, Died May 30 1935

    - CUMMINS -

    Cummins, Hattie Belle, Born Apr 10 1886 in WV, Died Feb 10 1984 in WV

    Cummins, James Auston, Born 1847 in WV, Died Feb 01 1923 in WV

    Cummins, James Orie, Born Sep 03 1882 in WV, Died Jun 10 1954 in Pittsburg,Pa

    Cummins, Loretta Philaena, Born Oct 30 1879 in WV, Died Oct 27 1965 in WV

    Cummins, Loretta Philena, Born Oct 30 1879 in WV, Died Oct 27 1965 in WV

    Cummins, Margaret (Maggie) Susan, Born Apr 10 1883 in WV, Died Oct 03 1932 in WV

    Cummins, Olive Roberta, Born May 09 1884 in WV, Died Mar 30 1972 in WV

    Cummins, William Henry, Born Nov 03 1880 in WV, Died Jan 23 1973

    - CURRY -

    Curry, Virginia, Born , Died 1875 in WV

    - DEAL -

    Deal, Delilah, Born in Cabell Co,WV, Died Apr 04 1925 in Calvin,Nicholas,Co WV

    - ERVIN -

    Ervin, Susan, Born , Died Oct 1982

    - ESTEP -

    Estep, Polly Louranza aka Lou Ann, Born 1859, Died May 14 1892 in Pound Gap Massacre,Pound,Wise Co Va

    - FEASTER -

    Feaster, Drizzt, Born Oct 21 2010 in WV, Died Jul 04 2013 in WV

    Feaster, Harold W, Born Feb 12 1918 in Maysville WV, Died May 07 1993 in Potomac Valley Hosp Keyser

    - FIELDS -

    Fields, Reece Bowen, Born Oct 18 1844 in Russell Co,Virginia, Died Feb 16 1916

    - FINK -

    Fink, Susan, Born , Died 1808 in Jackson County, West Virginia, United States

    - FLESHER -

    Flesher, Anna `Nancy`, Born 1761, Died 1859

    Flesher, Heinrich Henry, Born Nov 12 1734 in Germany, Died Jan 1808 in Lewis Co WV

    - FRAZER -

    Frazer, Clarence Lee, Born Jul 02 1906 in WV, Died Jan 17 1994 in WV

    Frazer, Delmas Lee, Born Jun 27 1949, Died Apr 13 2002

    Frazer, Helen, Born Aug 30 1930 in WV, Died Sep 11 1975 in Va

    Frazer, James Clay, Born Feb 01 1914 in WV, Died Jun 10 1963 in WV

    Frazer, James Herndon, Born Oct 29 1881 in WV, Died May 14 1944 in WV

    Frazer, John Fred, Born Apr 08 1912 in WV, Died Feb 18 1976 in WV

    Frazer, Joseph Ray, Born , Died Jul 24

    Frazer, Marguerite Madge, Born Jul 30 1910 in WV, Died Feb 27 1996 in WV

    Frazer, Mary Elizabeth, Born Oct 30 1915 in WV, Died Jan 08 2006

    Frazer, Paul Howard, Born Jul 18 1917 in WV, Died Jun 13 1990 in MD

    Frazer, Roy Glen, Born May 26 1904 in WV, Died Jul 29 1965 in WV

    Frazer, Ruth Rose, Born Jul 20 1919 in WV, Died Apr 09 2012 in WV

    Frazer, Zela Chloe, Born Jun 09 1918 in WV, Died Dec 28 1988 in WV

    - GODEK -

    Godek, Anna, Born Sep 20 1913 in Hamburg Germany, Died Mar 27 1983 in Hamburg Germany

    - GOLDEN -

    Golden, Nancy, Born 1797, Died Sep 20 1849

    - GRAY -

    Gray, Harriet Cathryn, Born 1860, Died Apr 06 1916 in Clay Co WV

    - GREER -

    Greer, Woodrow Joseph, Born Sep 05 1912 in WV, Died Mar 06 1982 in WV

    - HAYNES -

    Haynes, John Silas, Born Dec 10 1875 in Sissionville, Wv, Died Nov 12 1947

    - HILL -

    Hill, Andrew Clark, Born Mar 12 1842, Died Jun 07 1906

    Hill, John Harrison, Born May 01 1838, Died Apr 23 1897

    - HINKEL -

    Hinkel, Mr., Born in Pike Co, Ky, Died in Clay Co,WV


    Hollandsworth, Verta Belle, Born Mar 19 1906 in WV, Died Jul 15 2003 in WV


    HomerTaylor, Walter, Born Apr 06 1856, Died Jul 10 1939

    - JEFFERY -

    Jeffery, Mary Ann, Born 1880 in Clay Co West Virginia, Died Feb 26 1972 in at the home of HER daughter Mrs Virgie Carroll)

    - JOHNSON -

    Johnson, Luanna, Born 1850, Died 1928

    - JONES -

    Jones, Pearly, Born May 21 1940, Died Jul 25 2003

    - KESSEL -

    Kessel, Sidney, Born 1798, Died 1883

    Kessel, William Amos, Born Jun 14 1843, Died Oct 27 1900

    - KNIGHT -

    Knight, Betsy Jane, Born Apr 22 1940, Died Oct 17 2007 in WV

    - KOTTMANN -

    Kottmann, Hildegard Johanna, Born Oct 21 1935 in Nordhorn Germany, Died Jan 20 2002 in Metro Hosp Flordia

    - LYDLE -

    Lydle, Nettie, Born 1893, Died 1960

    Lydle, William R., Born 1872, Died 1960

    - MATHENY -

    Matheny, William B. Bill, Born , Died May 20 1995

    Matheny, William B. `Bill`, Born , Died May 20 1995

    - MATHERS -

    Mathers, Elizabeth Ann, Born Feb 10 1943, Died Mar 02 1987

    - MAY -

    May, Ernestine aka Blondie, Born May 04 1916 in Sullivan County,Indiana, Died Nov 26 2007 in Shakamak Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Jasonville,Indiana

    - MCDADE -

    McDade, Grace, Born 1794 in Harrison Co, W.V, Died 1862 in Jackson County, W.V

    - MCVEY -

    McVey, Gerald Park, Born Oct 15 1915 in Wirt Co,WV, Died 1981

    McVey, James Franklin, Born Dec 1940 in Wirt Co,WV, Died

    - MEEKS -

    Meeks, Fred Elmer, Born Dec 18 1909 in WV, Died Aug 06 1983

    - MILAM -

    Milam, Virginia, Born Sep 17 1916, Died Aug 1991 in WV

    - MOORE -

    Moore, Alden, Born , Died in WV

    Moore, Thomas, Born , Died 1994

    - MULLINS -

    Mullins, Albert B., Born Nov 01 1875, Died Nov 1965

    Mullins, Amentha Susan, Born Mar 28 1886 in Clay Co WV, Died May 25 1966

    Mullins, Belva, Born 1911 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died 1920

    Mullins, Booker Wilbur, Born Aug 06 1856 in Pike Co,Ky, Died Feb 1944 in Kanawha Co,West Virginia

    Mullins, Burley L., Born Jan 13 1922, Died Dec 04 1971

    Mullins, Clayton, Born Dec 14 1901 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died Apr 19 1985 in Clendenin,Kanawha Co,WV

    Mullins, David Crockett, Born Aug 31 1853 in Wyoming Co,Virginia (WV), Died Jul 04 1935 in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, Dessie, Born 1908 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died 1920

    Mullins, Dora E., Born Sep 05 1882, Died Oct 22 1903

    Mullins, Easter, Born 1835 in Pike Co Ky., Died 1870 in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, Edna Mable, Born Jun 10 1916 in WV, Died Feb 04 2010 in Crown Hill Cemetary, Twinsburg, Ohio

    Mullins, Elvin Cecil, Born Dec 06 1906 in Kanawha Co WV, Died Sep 02 1938 in in the coal mines at Winifred

    Mullins, Emory Fulton, Born May 10 1909, Died Jul 02 1979

    Mullins, Esta L., Born May 25 1919 in Clindenin,Kanawha Co. West Virginia, Died Mar 18 2005 in Dover,Ohio

    Mullins, Esten, Born 1916 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died 1920

    Mullins, Flora E, Born 1903, Died 1904

    Mullins, Glendora J, Born Jan 18 1883, Died Jan 16 1958

    Mullins, Harley H., Born Mar 08 1912 in WV, Died Aug 27 1996

    Mullins, Henry, Born 1905 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died 1920

    Mullins, Henry, Born Feb 08 1880, Died May 27 1882

    Mullins, Holly Carl, Born Dec 11 1924 in WV, Died Jun 26 2005 in Kanawha Co,West Virginia

    Mullins, Homer, Born Oct 04 1887, Died Mar 12 1966

    Mullins, Ida Alma, Born 1896, Died 1937

    Mullins, Ira, Born Feb 08 1857 in Pound,Wise Co,Va, Died May 14 1802

    Mullins, Isabel, Born in Pike Co,Ky, Died in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, Jackson K., Born Dec 15 1883 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died Jun 27 1977 in Clendenin,Kanawha Co,WV

    Mullins, James K., `Tucky Jim`, Born Jun 03 1843 in Jenkins,Pike Co,Ky, Died May 31 1916 in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, James Kentucky `Tucky`, Born Jun 03 1843 in Pike Co,Ky, Died May 30 1916 in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, James Marshall, Born Sep 07 1871, Died Apr 06 1958

    Mullins, Jane, Born 1868, Died 1910 in Elkhorn,Ky

    Mullins, John Harrison, Born 1879 in Pike Co,Ky, Died in Pound,Wise Co,Virginia

    Mullins, John Marshall, Born 1808 in Virginia, Died May 1864 in Union Prison NJ,b Finns Point NJ

    Mullins, John Marshall, Born 1900, Died 1924

    Mullins, Joseph (Joey), Born Jul 25 1885 in Clay Co WV, Died Jul 04 1970

    Mullins, Lando, Born Apr 16 1873, Died Mar 11 1957

    Mullins, Laura Jane, Born Jul 25 1914 in Queen Shoals WV, Died Nov 09 2005 in Clendenin WV

    Mullins, Leta Ellen, Born May 10 1870, Died Jan 07 1942

    Mullins, Lewis Sherman, Born Feb 27 1892, Died Apr 16 1965

    Mullins, Louisa Elizabeth, Born Aug 23 1859 in Wyoming Co,Virginia (WV), Died Jul 04 1938

    Mullins, Lydia E., Born Dec 13 1877, Died Dec 29 1945

    Mullins, Lydia M, Born 1893, Died 1914

    Mullins, Marshall, Born 1808 in Va, Died May 1864

    Mullins, Matilda, Born in Pike Co, Ky, Died in Clay Co,WV

    Mullins, Michael Dean, Born Jun 18 1968, Died Jun 19 1968

    Mullins, Mindy, Born Apr 22 1875, Died Sep 25 1957

    Mullins, Nancy, Born 1847 in Pike Co,Ky, Died Dec 30 1915 in Carter Co,Ky

    Mullins, Noah S., Born Feb 20 1885, Died Nov 07 1886

    Mullins, Oliver E, Born Mar 23 1888, Died 1910

    Mullins, Rosa Bell, Born Sep 08 1891, Died 1967

    Mullins, Samantha, Born 1883, Died 1905

    Mullins, Savanna Mae, Born Sep 10 1918, Died Oct 19 1947

    Mullins, Sidney, Born 1919 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died 1920

    Mullins, Squire, Born May 26 1842 in KY, Died Aug 13 1921 in Clay Co WV

    Mullins, Squire, Born May 26 1842, Died Aug 13 1921

    Mullins, Thomas Harvey, Born Oct 25 1879, Died Jul 29 1949 in Falling Rock Wv

    Mullins, Thomas Harvey, Born Feb 08 1880, Died Dec 10 1882

    Mullins, Thornton, Born 1914 in Kanawha Co, WV, Died Apr 26 2012

    Mullins, Vesta, Born Oct 18 1908 in Glen,Kanawha Co, WV, Died Jun 21 2008 in Ghent

    Mullins, Viola, Violet, Born Jan 26 1881, Died Jul 17 1950

    Mullins, Virgie L., Born , Died May 19 1999

    Mullins, Walter Scott, Born Dec 12 1881 in Clay Co WV, Died Apr 17 1917 in Widen, WV

    Mullins, William Harvey, Born May 27 1869, Died Mar 19 1949

    Mullins, William Ray, Born May 28 1910 in WV, Died Dec 03 1983

    Mullins, William `Bandy Bill`, Born 1810 in Pike Co Ky, Died 1875 in Clay Co, WV

    Mullins, Wilson, Born , Died May 14 1892 in Pound,Wise Co,Virginia


    Mullins Salisbury, Vesta `Todie`, Born Jun 08 1908 in Glen,Kanawha Co, WV, Died Jun 21 2008 in Burial Tyler Mountain Memory Garden

    - NICHOLAS -

    Nicholas, Cathryn-Katheryn Ruhamey, Born Feb 10 1849, Died Aug 20 1932

    - NIECE -

    Niece, Rebecca, Born 1780, Died 1853 in Jackson Co,WV

    - OURS -

    Ours, Nicholas, Born 1787, Died 1874

    - PARSONS -

    Parsons, Anna, Born 1812 in Virginia, Died Jun 16 1877 in Jackson County, West Virginia

    Parsons, Barbara, Born Feb 18 1849, Died Feb 27 1942

    Parsons, Charles, Born 1800 in Jackson County, West Virginia, United States, Died 1884 in Hancock Co, Illinois

    Parsons, Charles, Jr., Born Jun 06 1805, Died Dec 07 1875

    Parsons, Charles, Sr., Born Nov 04 1745 in Queen Ann's Co Maryland, Died Nov 04 1823 in Frozen Camp,Jackson Co. Va/Wv

    Parsons, Dorothea, Born 1837 in Virginia, Died May 18 1906 in Jackson Co WV

    Parsons, Elias, Born 1797, Died Dec 29 1849

    Parsons, George, Born , Died 1823

    Parsons, Henry, Born 1788 in Buchannon Fort, Harrison County, VA, Died Sep 11 1862 in Jackson Co West Virginia

    Parsons, Henry, Born Jun 20 1842, Died Jan 31 1924

    Parsons, John, Sr, Born 1778 in Buckhannon, Upshur, Virginia, Died Jun 18 1859 in Jackson,Va

    Parsons, John Fink, Born Aug 20 1794 in Warth's Bottom, Died Sep 10 1873

    Parsons, John Nelson, Born Mar 01 1831, Died 1912

    Parsons, Margaret, Born May 29 1829, Died 1892

    Parsons, Martha, Born 1800, Died 1878

    Parsons, Martha `Patsy` Matilda, Born 1816 in Frozen Camp Jackson Co WV, Died 1870 in Roane Co WV

    Parsons, Mary, Born Jan 01 1773, Died Dec 04 1863

    Parsons, Moses, Born 1810 in Jackson,Virginia, Died Oct 23 1880 in Jackson, West Virginia

    Parsons, Nancy, Born Jun 25 1802, Died Jun 17 1875

    Parsons, Ruth, Born Nov 10 1801 in Kanaha Co,West Virginia, Died Jun 20 1868

    Parsons, Ruth, Born Mar 20 1848, Died May 20 1920

    Parsons, Sarah, Born Jun 06 1812, Died Jul 06 1862

    Parsons, William Lowther, II, Born Jul 24 1769 in Quees Ann's County,Maryland, Died Oct 10 1839


    Parsons III, William M, Jr., Born Sep 20 1806 in Ripley,Mason, Mason County, West Virginia, Died Jan 27 1892 in Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia

    - RHODES -

    Rhodes, Benjamin, Sr., Born 1783 in Rockbridge,Va, Died Nov 12 1851 in Jackson County,Va ,WVa

    Rhodes, John Franklin, Born 1869, Died Jun 25 1956

    Rhodes, John H., Born 1856 in Roane Co,WV, Died Apr 05 1860 in Roane Co Wv

    Rhodes, Lucy Leenora, Born Feb 21 1895 in Jackson Co WV, Died Dec 16 1998

    Rhodes, Mary Jane, Born 1846 in Roane Co,WV, Died May 28 1860 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Rhodes, Mathis, Born Aug 03 1813 in Rockbridge Co, Virginia, Died Oct 13 1888 in Roane Co Wv

    Rhodes, Peter, Born 1843 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Feb 09 1862 in Buffalo,Putnum Co,West Virginia

    Rhodes, Sarah Ann, Born Jan 18 1851 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Nov 17 1919 in Reece B Fields Cemetery, Roane Co, WV

    Rhodes, Thomas Edward, Born Oct 24 1848 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Aug 18 1920 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    - RHODES JR -

    Rhodes Jr, William Jesse, Born Jun 26 1967 in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Dec 11 2011

    - ROLLINS -

    Rollins, Elijah J, Born 1784, Died 1857


    Salisbury, Allen, Born 1879, Died 1956

    Salisbury, Andrew Jackson, Born Jan 01 1832 in Mercer County Va, Died 1905 in Clay County WV

    Salisbury, Andrew Jackson, Born Jan 01 1832 in Mercer Co. VA, Died 1905 in Dog Run, Clay Co. WV (Old Home Place)

    Salisbury, Arminta, Born 1871, Died 1952

    Salisbury, Ibby, Born 1865 in Buffalo,Clay Co,WV, Died Dec 1911 in Apgah, ClayCo, WV.

    Salisbury, John Burl, Born Dec 1874, Died 1948

    Salisbury, John Burl, Born Dec 1874, Died 1948

    Salisbury, Sherman H, Born Oct 1875, Died 1955

    Salisbury, William M., Born 1861, Died 1861


    Salisbury Baylock, Olive aka Ollie, Born 1849 in Wyoming Co,Virginia, Died 1928

    - SAUNDERS -

    Saunders, Cole Christian, Born 2005, Died 2009

    - SAYRE -

    Sayre, Abel W, Jr, Born Sep 15 1830, Died Nov 15 1880

    Sayre, Able, Sr., Born Feb 05 1799 in Monongalia Co Va, Died Aug 05 1862 in Jackson Co,West Virginia

    Sayre, Agnes, Born Jan 18 1893, Died Oct 14 1900 in WV

    Sayre, David Jesse, Born Feb 29 1940, Died Feb 27 1998

    Sayre, Drema Melody, Born Feb 07 1954, Died Feb 29 1957 in Clay County WV

    Sayre, George W., Born 1838, Died 1906

    Sayre, Ichabod Valentine Badgerly, V.B., Born Jun 02 1828 in Mason Co WV, Died Jan 05 1914 in Wv

    Sayre, James Albert, Born Mar 1895 in Foster Chapel,WV, Died May 11 1990 in Charleston,WV

    Sayre, Jesse Bee, Born Sep 05 1913, Died Jun 25 1994 in Falling Rock Road,Clay County Wv

    Sayre, Joseph Dale, Born Dec 22 1941, Died Jul 01 2001 in Ohio

    Sayre, Lois Gay, Born Sep 27 1937, Died Oct 27 1938

    Sayre, Margaret, Born 1834, Died 1903

    Sayre, Marion Rufus A., Born Apr 30 1891, Died May 15 1936 in WV

    Sayre, Mary Magdalene, Born 1904, Died Apr 08 1982 in Buffalo,NY

    Sayre, Minerva, Born 1831, Died 1890

    Sayre, Ohley Jennings, Born Feb 02 1935 in Queen Shoal,Clay County Wv, Died Feb 29 2000 in Jackson Gen Hosp Ripley West Virginia

    Sayre, Orilla, Born Jun 07 1846, Died Oct 29 1894

    Sayre, Robert Clark, Born Jun 02 1943, Died Jan 30 1987 in Cleveland,Ohio

    Sayre, Robert Clovie, Born Apr 14 1915, Died Apr 1984 in Kanawha Valley Memorial Hospital

    Sayre, Roberta, Born Feb 24 1939, Died Feb 24 1939

    Sayre, Romie Clay, Born Jan 31 1917, Died Dec 17 2001

    Sayre, Ruhama Lyons, Born 1804 in Ritchie,County, Died Aug 02 1877 in Sycamore Creek

    Sayre, Sarah `Salllie` Jane, b.1823, Born 1823, Died 1897

    Sayre, Valentine, Born May 18 1919, Died Jan 11 1997 in Cleveland,Ohio

    Sayre, Valentine Bee, V.B., Born May 29 1888 in Jackson Co WV, Died Oct 16 1918 in WV

    Sayre, Violett Bee, Born Mar 16 1933, Died Mar 21 1933

    - SEIGARS -

    Seigars, Norma Joy, Born Mar 05 1935 in Ill, Died Apr 04 2009 in Parkersburg Hospital

    - SHINN -

    Shinn, Sarah C., Born , Died Jun 02 1852

    - SIMMONS -

    Simmons, Martha Elizabeth, Born Aug 28 1851, Died Feb 17 1923

    - SLEETH -

    Sleeth, John Alexander, Born 1757, Died Oct 09 1794 in Harrison Co/Lewis Co, WV

    Sleeth, John Alexander, Born 1727 in Scotland, Died Sep 20 1794 in Harrison Co, WV


    Sleith-Sleeth, Mary Polly, Born 1780, Died 1866

    - SMITH -

    Smith, Todd Dean, Born Aug 24 1958 in Seattle Washington, Died May 19 1993 in Glen Carbon Illionis

    Smith, Todd Dean, Born Aug 24 1957 in Seattle,Washington, Died May 19

    - SPARKS -

    Sparks, Dana L., Born Jan 14 1916 in WV, Died May 17 1997 in WV

    - STANLEY -

    Stanley, Betsy, Born , Died in Clay Co, WV

    - TALLMAN -

    Tallman, Melvin Willis, Born Nov 11 1950, Died Feb 27 2003

    - TAYLOR -

    Taylor, Lawrence Rosco, Born Feb 10 1910 in Jackson Co,WV, Died 1981

    Taylor, Roscoe Allen, Born Oct 1959 in Jackson Co,WV, Died

    - THOMPSON -

    Thompson, Frances Lourissa, Born Nov 01 1914, Died Nov 09

    Thompson, Phyllis Jean, Born Oct 04 1968, Died Oct 04 1968 in Mingo Co Wv

    Thompson, Scooter, Born Nov in Jackson Co,West Virginia, Died Aug 23

    Thompson, Sidney Gray, Born Aug 29 1880, Died Jul 1971

    Thompson, Sydney, Born Feb 09 1944 in WV, Died Feb 09 1944 in WV

    Thompson, Thomas Turner, Jr, Born Feb 08 1944 in West Virginia, Died Jan 05 2005 in West Virginia

    Thompson, Thomas Turner, Sr., Born Oct 06 1922, Died Feb

    Thompson, Tina Lynn, Born Aug 04 1966, Died Oct 04 1966

    - THRASHER -

    Thrasher, Mildred R, Born , Died 1994

    Thrasher, Mildred R., Born , Died Jun 05 1994

    - TRIPLETT -

    Triplett, Barnes, Born 1882, Died 1954

    Triplett, Marshall, Born 1891, Died 1971

    Triplett, Sarah J., Born Jul 19 1885, Died Dec 04 1965

    Triplett, Susie, Born 1893, Died 1981

    Triplett, William Scott, Born 1881, Died 1961

    - VANOVER -

    Vanover, Daniel, Born 1799 in Ashe Co NC, Died in Letcher Co KY,

    - WALKER -

    Walker, Rebecca Catherine, Born Sep 03 1888 in Strange Creek,WV, Died Jun 12 1950 in Flatwoods,Braxton Co,WV


    Washington, George, Born Oct 01 1873, Died Dec 10 1933


    Weatherholt, Magdalene, Born 1795, Died 1886

    - WEESE -

    Weese, Leonard, Born May 07 1905, Died Oct 28 1958 in WV

    Weese, Robert Lee, Born Aug 31 1932 in WV, Died Jan 11 2003 in FL

    - WESTFALL -

    Westfall, Hiram, Born Jul 07 1845 in Jackson Co Va, Died Jun 04 1902 in Jackson Co Va

    - WILKINS -

    Wilkins, Debra Lynn, Born Jul 03 1961 in Indiana, Died Jun 21 2001 in Baker, California

    Wilkins, Jennifer Marie, Born Nov 28 1982, Died Jan 17 2010

    - WOLFORD -

    Wolford, Clifton Henry, Born Feb 22 1918 in Fort Ashby,WV, Died Sep 07 2011 in Lions Manor,Cumberland,MD

    - WORKMAN -

    Workman, Verna Jean, Born Jan 07 1949, Died Jun 20 1993 in Ravenswood West Virginia

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