Family Tree: Upper Island Cove Family Roots

Home to 1519 Mercer family members, 943 Drover descendants, 805 members of the Smith family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Feb 12 2008 and last updated on Feb 21 2018. The Family Trees on this website contain 17053 relatives and 1781 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • ............................ PLEASE HELP by SHARING WHAT YOU KNOW ................................ !!!!! THE INFORMATION YOU CONTRIBUTE is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT. If YOU have, or know of, any new or additional information regarding any recorded ancestor or family member on this site, or any ancestor who may not be currently listed, PLEASE add/edit or forward to my attention the material that you know personally, or provide direction to the source if other than yourself. SHARING OF INFORMATION is the cornerstone in building this 'important community based genealogical resource', not only for current users but also for future generations with UPPER ISLAND COVE (as well as Bishop's Cove & Bryant's Cove) FAMILY ROOTS. !!!!!! More than 100 individuals have already provided information that is reported on this site. We now have more than 250 members using the website. If you are a member who has not already provided some information, please consider doing so - add or confirm. Thanking you in advance..... ................ All CONTRIBUTORS will be duly recorded and recognized as a SOURCE................ Welcome to the Upper Island Cove Family Roots website. My name is Randell Mercer, site owner/administrator & a family tree member. My family roots are primarily associated with the community of Upper Island Cove, located in the Conception Bay North area of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. In the process of researching my own family ancestry, I have also compiled a considerable amount of information on many other family names that have resided at Upper Island Cove, dating from its origin in the 1700s up to the 1950s and even beyond. These include such surnames as Adams, Bishop, Clarke, Crane, Coombs, Drover, Greeley, Lynch, Lundrigan, Newman, Sharpe and Young, as well as others. I am willing to share any of this information. When requesting an invitation to access the site, please include some information on your family connections(i.e. some individual or family originating from Upper Island Cove). Minimally, this must include the name & birth date of a parent and grandparent, and, if available, information on any earlier ancestor. Providing this information would enable me to determine if any of your family connections are available online for your viewing. If your family connections are confirmed, I would like to update the website to reflect any new information that you would have provided, and, at that time, provide you with access as a "member". As a member, you will not only have access to view the information on the thousands of names recorded on this website, but you will also be able edit or add information pertaining to your immediate family (ie. parents, children, siblings and spouse). I welcome any information that would add to, verify or correct any details presented on this website. PHOTO REQUEST: If you have any photos relating to Upper Island Cove or family ancestors that you are prepared to share, please forward for posting on the website. Visit the STORIES SECTION below and enjoy some interesting information that is part of the history of Upper Island Cove. If you have any anecdotes, family stories or important incidents/events associated with Upper Island Cove, and would like to share them, please let me know. To forward any comments, feedback and information or to request access to the site, please do so by clicking 'send a message' found in the Welcome Message above, OR by clicking "admin" in the Security window above.

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