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Home to 448 Prewitt family members, 415 Elmore descendants, 404 members of the Pruett family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Mar 31 2006 and last updated on Aug 18 2012. The Family Trees on this website contain 7222 relatives and 51 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • ELMORE, STEPP, PRUETT, LAWSON, SWENSON, HOLTKAMP, BETTIS, CARMAN, CANNON, etc. Through the Years USA, AL, AR, KS, KY, IL, IND, MS, MO, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX, VA, SWEDEN, GERMANY In loving memory of Edna Swenson Tucker, Greta Swenson Dennison, Orville Swenson, Alzadah Pruett Weaver, Hattie Pruett Curnutt, Ollie Pruett Emmerich, Herb Pruett, Alma Pruett, Jim Northway, Lloyd Elmore, Myrtle Elmore, Phillip Lawson, Edythe Cannon Bettis, Burke and Marybelle Jacks Bettis, Doris Eklund Bettis, Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bettis, Conny Gaesen, etc. All of whom supplied me with information and photographs to perserve our heritage. May they rest in peace. I got interested in Genealogy shortly after my oldest daughter, Robin, came home from school needing a family tree for an assignment. I didn’t know that much about our family history and we, (Robin and I) decided to see what we could find. After talking to our older relatives and writing down their memories we set off to places we heard about and talked to different people who have helped us along in our search. Robin, Cheryl, Albert (my children) and I spent many hours in libraries, courthouses, cemeteries, talking to family members and on a lot of back country roads. Over the years we have met people who we are related to that we would never have known otherwise, and now with the Internet our area of search has expanded and we have met more people yet. In these exciting times of online forums and surfing the net our possibilities are endless and the sharing of knowledge could be endless. Now with forums and having this site online I've made contact with distant relatives who have helped me expand our family tree. The information gathered on this site is a work of many different people combined to make one large family tree, and I just happened to be the person who has brought this all together. Mission Statement To promote genealogical research and the sharing of that research with one another. To preserve family history. To promote a strong Family affection and brother/sisterhood with members of our great family. By sharing our research, we may be able to better tie the different lines together. Please do not take everything you find on any of the family data files as ABSOLUTE FACT. Much of the information posted comes from sources that I have not verified yet, some have been sent to me, others found on internet and finally those researched and found at libraries, churches or gov?t. organizations. I'll be happy to help you anyway I can. Sources: Phillip Lawson, Isaac and Jane Hubbard Lawson Family Sources: Ollie Emmerich, MT. View, MO Alzadah Weaver Hattie Curnutt Clara M. (Hubbard) Foster Salem, Oregon 97304 Clara's entry from Rev. Watts records and notes 8-1818 to 1850 Pike Co ILL land Records 21-800 MO families by Don Vincent 30-1850 to 1870 Pulaski Co MO census 31-Misc. Pulaski Co court records that survived the fire 32-Phelps co MO land records 33-1860-1870 Phelps co census 34-John H. Watts papers, Phelps and Pulaski Co Mo 38-Letter written by William Hubbard, 1959 60-Joseph Hubbard Ledger 62-Western Historical Manuscript All from: "The Family of Jane Hubbard Lawson" by Clara M. Hubbard Foster Jesse, Annie, George and Delitha Elmore information and pictures Source: Ollie Emmerich, Mt. View, MO Alzada Weaver Hattie Curnutt Lloyd Elmore, He also sent me a copy of a post card to Rory... Belleville, IL 62221 Dated: 23 Oct. 1980 Jim Northway Ashland, MO 05 Aug. 1977 Complete family sheets Velma Richey Shenandoah, IA 14 June 1980 Family Sheets 25 July 1979 Herbert E. Pruett Willits, Ca 95490 28 July 1977 Leuwanna Williams Marysville, CA 95901 Richard A. Prewitt Grimes, IA 50111 Mrs. Robert Spencer Arlington, VA 22207 Mary A. Boone Willow Springs, MO Burns-Mackey Funeral Home Willow Springs, MO 27 Jul 1977 Willow Springs News Willow Springs, MO 10 Feb. 1977 Birth and Death records - Jefferson City, MO. Alot of correspondence and a paid group search in England Mrs. Myrtle Elmore Phoenix, AZ 85013 Dates: 1974-1989 Leigh Johnston "the Paper Trail of Elmore Lawson Pruett and Holtkamp Swenson families"

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