Family Tree: the Haimona Taite & Te Rahuikura Ngatai Whakapapa website

Home to 97 Taite family members, 26 Phillips descendants, 26 members of the Stokes family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jan 29 2008 and last updated on May 07 2017. The Family Trees on this website contain 363 relatives and 31 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • This website has been created for our children and all future generations, To be able to find our family connections, to hold strong to our whakapapa and to know who we are and where we come from. For within us lie the blood of our tupuna and the future generations to come. This is what we get to leave our chidren and generations to come. I would like to add that this website also includes all the whanau that we link to in Nga Potiki. About Me; Toku Pepeha Ko Mauao te maunga Rangatira Ko Kopukairoa te maunga Kaitiaki Ko Tauranga te moana Ko Rangataua te tahuna Ko Waitao te awa Ko Tahuwhakatiki,Tamapahore me Te Whetu O Te Rangi nga marae Ko Ngaiterangi me Ngati Pukenga nga iwi Ko Nga Potiki a Tamapahore te hapu Ko Peter Mita Taite Phillips toku matua Ko Ripeka Tahere Pere toku whaea About Peter Mita Taite Phillips My dad Peter Mita Taite Phillips was whangai by Mita and TeRawi Phillips at birth, his birth parents are Haimona and TeRahuikura Taite. Mita Phillips and Haimona Taite are first cousins. We have many family connections within our whanau through our tupuna, which I attempt to show within these family websites, Lots of aroha to all our whanau that have shared their knowledge of our whakapapa for the purpose of this website. Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa. Please contact me if you have any information to add or note within the website information that has not been added correctly or needs to be corrected. I welcome your assistance.

    35 Deceased Ancestors

    - BLAKE -

    Blake, Ihaia TeRukirakiroa, Born 1923, Died 1993

    - CHRISTIE -

    Christie, Huia, Born in Wairoa, Died Jun 29 2008 in Wairoa

    - HAIMONA -

    Haimona, Kupa, Born in Tauranga,NZ, Died in Tauranga, NZ

    Haimona, Pinekera Titihuia Te Oao, Born BEF 1900 in Tauranga,NZ, Died in Tauranga, NZ

    - HONIANA -

    Honiana, Mohokura, Born 1928 in Tauranga, Died Apr 13 2008 in Tauranga

    - MACLEOD -

    MacLeod, Ani Te Tuhi, Born BEF 1877 in Maugatapu, Tauranga, Died in ?

    MacLeod, Taipari Johnnie, Born ABT 1846 in Tauranga, Died Feb 02 1916 in Maungatapu,Tauranga

    - MATAIRA -

    Mataira, Eunice Wahanga, Born Apr 27 1910 in Nuhaka, Died Nov 14 1971

    - NGATAI -

    Ngatai, Hori Taiaho, Born 1824 in Maungatapu, Tauranga, Died Aug 20 1912 in Whareroa, Tauranga

    Ngatai, Rahuikura, Born Dec 31 1902 in Whareroa, Tauranga, Died May 23 1996 in Tauranga

    - NGATAI(1ST) -

    Ngatai(1st), Kimi Ngahoro, Born ABT 1830 in ?, Died ABT 1907 in Tauranga

    - NGAWAKA -

    Ngawaka, Peata Porina Kiritahanga, Born ABT 1855 in Tauranga, Died 1925 in Tauranga

    - PERE -

    Pere, Ripeka Tahere, Born Dec 30 1944 in Hastings, Died Jun 29 1997 in Hastings

    - PHILLIPS -

    Phillips, Awhina Whetu, Born Oct 27 1969 in Tauranga, Died Jun 06 2010 in Hastings

    Phillips, Kiro Kirikau, Born 1917, Died Jul 07 1997 in Tauranga

    Phillips, Maaka Margaret, Born Mar 28 1910 in Waitao, Tauranga, Died Nov 29 2000 in Tauranga

    Phillips, Minnie Girl, Born ABT 1940 in Tauranga?, Died in Tauranga

    Phillips, Mita, Born Mar 13 1909 in Tauranga, Died Sep 24 1992 in Tauranga

    Phillips, Peter Mita, Born Jun 05 1943 in Tauranga, Died Feb 05 2014 in Hastings

    Phillips, Te Rata Ben, Sr, Born Sep 1880 in Tauranga?, Died Jul 1960 in Waitao, Tauranga

    - RAIMONA -

    Raimona, Te Iringa Kirikau, Born Oct 1882 in Tauranga, Died Nov 03 1966 in Waitao, Tauranga

    Raimona, Te Katipo Taite, Born ABT 1885 in Tauranga, Died 1915 in Tauranga?

    Raimona, Te Kirikau, Born BEF 1843 in Tauranga, Died Jan 29 1919 in Waitao, Tauranga

    - RANDALL -

    Randall, Te Rawi Lovey Kotahi, Born Oct 22 1915 in Huntley, Died Nov 09 1961

    - TAITE -

    Taite, Ema, Born Aug 10 1959 in Tauranga, Died Aug 10 1959 in Tauranga

    Taite, Haimona Te Hua Kirikau, Sr, Born ABT 1904 in Tauranga, Died Jun 23 1968 in Tauranga

    Taite, Iria, Born Apr 20 1928 in Tauranga, Died Sep 01 1968 in Tauranga?

    Taite, Manahi, Born 1927 in Tauranga, Died 1930 in Tauranga

    Taite, Raymond Parata, Born Aug 05 1970 in Tauranga, Died Mar 02 1990 in Tauranga

    Taite, Tatahau Tapsell, Born Oct 21 1931 in Tauranga, Died 1971 in Tauranga, NZ

    Taite, Te Hua Haimona, Born Jul 06 1937 in Tauranga, Died Jul 30 2007 in Tauranga, NZ

    Taite, Te Tio Joyce, Born Jul 16 1926 in Tahuwhakatiki, Tauranga, Died Jan 29 2010 in Motueka, South Island, NZ

    Taite, Waakaiti, I, Born 1936 in Tauranga, Died ABT 1944 in Tauranga

    - TEEPA -

    Teepa, Peka Cassiopia Lee, Born Jan 11 1994 in Tauranga, Died Jan 11 1994 in Tauranga

    Teepa, Zane Kendaldine, Born Nov 11 1994 in Tauranga, Died Nov 11 1994 in Tauranga

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