Family Tree: John Walton & Mary Sims of Hanover VA

Home to 108 Walton family members, 5 Harper descendants, 5 members of the Qualls family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Jul 02 2005 and last updated on Oct 22 2013. The Family Trees on this website contain 223 relatives and 15 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • John Walton died in 1772, just prior to the Revolution. He and his wife, Mary Sims, had at least 12 children. Those 12 children ventured out in two basic directions. The older set of sons and daughters (intermarried with Bakers and Edwards) pioneered Kentucky and Tennessee. They were the children of Rev Simeon Walton, Jesse Walton, and George Walton and Mary Walton. These three brothers were "Separate Baptists" and in 1768 petitioned to worship in their own church, established in George Walton's home. Those brothers were denied the right to worship as dissenters in their own home. That is what separation of Church and State was all about ... and what those men wound up fighting for! That set branched out ever westward to Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. The younger bunch of John's children set their sights on Georgia and pioneered Georgia as soon as those lands were opened up in the 1770's and 1780's. The Georgia Waltons in subsequent generations pioneered Alabama (after the Creek War) and Florida, intermarrying with some of the first residents of Florida. You cannot study Walton family history without studying the history of the United States. The Walton role in the shaping of the South and West is fascinating. Read up on it, it is great fun! My latest quest has been to find the maiden name of Robert Walton Jr's mother, Elizabeth. She was first married to John Burgamy, who was hanged by the British in 1781. Her second husband was Barnard Heard, an older man that was recently widowed. He was the brother of the first Governor of Georgia, Stephen Heard. Barnard Heard died a few years after their marriage and by about 1785, Elizabeth was married to Robert Walton (son of John Walton & Mary Sims). My guess is that Elizabeth may have been a Harris. There were some Burgamy's married into the Harris family in Hanover County, VA. They were Hugenots that fled France and went to England, settling in the Colonies. The Harris's were also intermarried with the Walton's in several generations, specifically, Robert's sister Mizapina was married to a Robert Harris. I believe that when I weed through those Harris connections to Burgamy and Walton, I might find an Elizabeth that fits the bill. If anyone has any ideas or information, please email me.

    94 Deceased Ancestors

    - AVERA -

    Avera, Elizabeth Mary, Born 1776 in Johnston County NC, Died Nov 02 1829 in Putnam County GA

    - BAKER -

    Baker, Mary Sims, Born Dec 05 1739, Died 1812

    Baker, William, Born 1735, Died 1811


    Bondurant, John P, Born 1748, Died 1809 in Adair, KY


    Booth-Napier, Elizabeth, Born 1641, Died May 04 1717

    - BOWEN -

    Bowen, Marjorie, Born in Georgia, Died in Fla

    - BURGAMY -

    Burgamy, John, Born , Died 1781 in Georgia

    - BURNETT -

    Burnett, Elizabeth, Born 1722, Died 1816

    - BUSSEY -

    Bussey, Dorothy, Born in SC, Died in Lincoln County GA

    - CAMBER -

    Camber, Dorothy, Born 1754, Died Sep 12 1832

    - COBB -

    Cobb, Charles L, Born 1735 in Bedford VA, Died 1800 in Campbell, VA

    Cobb, Susannah, Born 1702 in New Kent VA, Died 1764

    - FLIPPEN -

    Flippen, Jane, Born 1739 in Cumberland va, Died in Cumberland, va

    - HARPER -

    Harper, Donald Wayne, b.1944, Born 1944 in Laurel Hill, FL, Died 1967 in Florida

    Harper, Horace G., Born , Died in Laurel Hill, FL

    Harper, Samuel, Born 1916 in Laurel Hill, FL, Died 2004 in Laurel Hill, FL

    - HARRIS -

    Harris, Robert, Born , Died 1799

    Harris, William, Sr, Born 1669, Died 1733

    - HEARD -

    Heard, Barnard, Born , Died 1784 in Washington GA

    - HESTER -

    Hester, Agnes, Born Dec 20 1746, Died Nov 10 1821

    - HILTON -

    Hilton, James, Born Sep 1730 in New Kent, VA, Died Sep 25 1786 in Bedford, VA

    - HOBSON -

    Hobson, Joanna Lawson, Born Oct 09 1779 in Cumberland, VA, Died Nov 23 1852 in Pontotoc, MS

    - HUGGINS -

    Huggins, Ann Elizabeth, Born in Alabama, Died in Florida

    - JENNINGS -

    Jennings, Elizabeth, Born 1735, Died 1798

    - KELLY -

    Kelly, Elizabeth, Born , Died in Laurel Hill, FL

    - LONG -

    Long, Mary Ann Sarah, Born in GA, Died in Alachua Fl or Russell CO AL

    Long, Nimrod W., Born in Baldwin County GA, Died in Uchee, Al

    - MASON -

    Mason, Elizabeth, Born 1683, Died Apr 05 1717 in New Kent, VA


    McLaurine, Janet Carson, Born Apr 25 1787 in Powhatan, VA, Died Mar 03 1818 in Cumberland, VA

    - OVERTON -

    Overton, Kesiah, Born , Died 1784

    Overton, Temperance, Born Mar 02 1678, Died Feb 19 1716

    - PLEASANT -

    Pleasant, Ann, Born 1739, Died 1823

    - POPE -

    Pope, John, Born in VA, Died in KY

    - QUALLS -

    Qualls, Emily, Born in Coffee County, AL, Died in Coffee County, AL

    Qualls, James, Born in Coffee County, AL, Died in Covington County, AL

    Qualls, Lena, Born , Died in Laurel Hill, FL

    - RAINES -

    Raines, May, Born , Died in Pompano Beach, FL

    - RAMSEY -

    Ramsey, Issac Newton, Born 1824, Died 1903

    - ROBERSON -

    Roberson, O Z, Born , Died in Florida

    - SIMS -

    Sims, Mary, Born 1718, Died 1804

    - TILGHMAN -

    Tilghman, Elizabeth, Born May 29 1744 in Goochland Va, Died Sep 28 1787 in Morganton NC

    - WALTON -

    Walton, Bryan, Born 1813, Died 1843 in Morgan County GA

    Walton, David James, Born 1789 in Virginia, Died Aug 17 1845 in Robertson Co TN

    Walton, Edward, Born 1743, Died 1819

    Walton, Edward, b.1746, Born 1746, Died Oct 1807 in Cumberland Co VA

    Walton, Edward, b.1778, Born 1778 in Cumberland, VA, Died 1840 in Cumberland, VA

    Walton, Edward, Jr, Born 1675 in New Kent County, VA, Died Apr 27 1720 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent VA

    Walton, Edward, Sr., Born 1645, Died Apr 27 1720

    Walton, Frances, b.1726, Born Jan 14 1726, Died 1766

    Walton, George, Born Feb 17 1737, Died 1800

    Walton, George, b.1740, Born 1740, Died 1817

    Walton, George, b.1749, Born 1749 in VA, Died Feb 02 1804 in Augusta, GA

    Walton, George B, Born in Uchee Alabama, Died in Florida

    Walton, Hubert, Born 1899, Died 1961 in Florida

    Walton, Hubert Dale, d.2005, Born 1939 in Pompano Beach, FL, Died 2004 in Ocala area of Florida

    Walton, Hubert Dale, Jr, Born Nov 12 1960 in Pompano Beach Florida, Died 1939 in Ocala area Florida

    Walton, James Robert, Born in Pompano Beach, Fl, Died in Pompano Beach, FL

    Walton, Jesse, Born 1740 in Goochland va, Died Jul 1789 in Franklin, GA

    Walton, Jesse, b.1774, Born Jul 06 1774 in Cumberland, VA, Died Nov 20 1830 in Monroe, MS

    Walton, Jesse Simeon, Born 1807, Died in Texas

    Walton, Jessee, Born Nov 10 1739 in Virginia, Died May 21 1821

    Walton, John, Born Sep 08 1709 in Hanover County VA, Died 1772 in Hanover County, VA

    Walton, John, b.1765, Born Jul 17 1765 in Amelia County VA, Died Mar 21 1840

    Walton, John, Jr, Born Apr 01 1738, Died Sep 23 1793

    Walton, Josiah, b.1740, Born 1740 in Cumberland, VA, Died 1776 in Cumberland

    Walton, Josiah, b.1776, Born Apr 19 1776 in Cumberland, VA, Died Apr 22 1816 in Williamson, TN

    Walton, Louisa Jane, Born 1820 in Lincoln County GA, Died 1847

    Walton, Martha, Born 1737 in Goochland, VA, Died 1794 in VA

    Walton, Martin, Born , Died in Robertson County, TN

    Walton, Mary, Born 1745, Died 1800

    Walton, Mary Elizabeth, Born 1831 in Lincoln County GA, Died 1857

    Walton, Mary Elizabeth, b.1807, Born 1807, Died in Pontotoc MS

    Walton, Matthew, Born 1759, Died 1819 in Kentucky

    Walton, Mizapina, Born 1760, Died 1811

    Walton, Newel, Born Dec 13 1763, Died 1834

    Walton, Norma Eldes, Born 1928, Died in Pompano Beach

    Walton, Oliver B., Born 1815 in Lincoln County GA, Died in Lake Butler, FL

    Walton, Robert, Born 1753 in Virginia, Died May 02 1836 in Warren County GA

    Walton, Robert, b.1717, Born 1717, Died 1750

    Walton, Robert, b.1749, Born 1749, Died 1837

    Walton, Robert, Jr, Born 1786 in Lincoln County GA, Died 1848 in Lincoln County GA

    Walton, Robert Ashley, Born , Died 1948

    Walton, Robert Avery, Sr, Born May 08 1808 in Lincoln County GA, Died Mar 27 1867 in Gilmer TX

    Walton, Robert Leon, Born 1901 in Alachua Florida, Died 1977 in Pompano Beach Florida

    Walton, Samuel Bedford, Born Jan 28 1815, Died Mar 29 1875 in GA

    Walton, Simeon, Rev., Born Sep 03 1741, Died Mar 27 1798

    Walton, Simeon B, Born 1821, Died in Alabama

    Walton, Thomas, Born 1738, Died 1810

    Walton, William, b.1736, Born Dec 24 1736 in Goochland, VA, Died Jan 31 1806 in Burke, NC

    Walton, William, b.1776, Born Sep 18 1776 in Amelia County, VA, Died May 20 1865 in Pittsylvania County, VA

    Walton, William Overton, Born 1775 in Georgia, Died Nov 02 1829 in Putnam County GA

    - WHITSETT -

    Whitsett, William Paul, Born , Died in Pompano Beach

    - WOMACK -

    Womack, Sarah, Born 1777, Died 1822

    - WOOLFOLK -

    Woolfolk, Agnes, Born 1758, Died 1810

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