WILLIAMSLINE - Williams of Spanish Town, Ja. Family Tree.

Home to 164 Williams family members, 27 JONES descendants, 19 members of the Mudie family and family histories of 87 other surnames; this website was created on Mar 20 2009 and last updated on Feb 12 2016. The Family Trees on this website contain 436 relatives and 304 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a Message to the Administrator of this site.

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  • Welcome to WILLIAMSLINE, the new Family Tree for the Williams Family of Spanish Town, Jamaica. This web-site is dedicated to the memory of the late, Kenneth Williams Sr. whose dream it was to see the old Family Tree, which he and his siblings collaborated on, transferred from paper to an electronic format where it could be shared and preserved forever. The family members listed here are the descendants of Nathaniel Augustus Williams and Evelyn Epseba Solan. It is my hope that this web-site will tell the family story; just as "Grandpa Ken" would have wanted it told. A story of a large family of educated, talented and charismatic people who share a common, unmistakable history. Please make sure to look at the column on the right where there are links to music, pictures, newspapers and other source documents detailing our Family's story. This web-site is a "work-in-progress" and I humbly ask to be forgiven for any errors and gladly agree to correct them when they are brought to my attention. In addition, I would like to invite everyone to contribute material that they think may enhance the site whether pictures, stories, names, dates, old documents etc. The information contained herein has been gathered through oral-tradition and various internet resources including the Jamaica Gleaner archives. TO GET STARTED: Begin with and 'click' on "Williams, Nathaniel Augustus" above; it will take you to the top of the tree. Keep clicking on descendants to navigate through the tree. REMEMBER TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK.

    30 Deceased Ancestors

    - BERNARD -

    Bernard, Mavis Pearl, (Miss Bee), Born Jan 01 1912, Died Jan 28 1977 in UHWI

    - BRYAN -

    Bryan, Lorrine Patricia, (Pat), Born May 13 1947, Died Jul 10 1997

    - CEPHAS -

    Cephas, Jeannett, Born Sep 27 1940, Died Jul 2000

    - CESPEDES -

    Cespedes, Joseph Ivanhoe, Born EST Mar in Born in 1832 (est), Died EST Aug

    - GOPIE -

    Gopie, Nellie Leel, Born EST May 1904, Died EST Aug 1985

    - HALL -

    Hall, Percival, Born Jun 08, Died Feb 11 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    - HAYNES -

    Haynes, Stanley Washington, Born Apr 19 1914, Died Apr 16 2009 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    - JONES -

    Jones, Robert W., Born Nov 05 1925 in Little London, Jamaica, Died May 07 2008 in Syracuse, NY

    - LARSON -

    Larson, Erik, Born Aug 27 1902, Died May 28 1966

    Larson, Tyra Olivia Valborg, Born Apr 15 1907, Died May 27 1990

    - MESSADO -

    Messado, Alexander, Born , Died in University Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica

    - MILLER -

    Miller, Dorothy, Born Apr 02 1926, Died Jul 24 2004

    - MUDIE -

    Mudie, George Hammond, Jr., Born May 13 1947, Died 1980

    - PACKER -

    Packer, Florence, Born , Died in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    - ROBERTS -

    Roberts, Sonia Doris, Born Dec 24 1961 in London, England, Died Dec 25 1961 in London, England


    Roberts-Dudley, Doris Sonia, Born Jan 27 1962 in London, England, Died Apr 03 1992 in Brentwood, New York

    - WALCOTT -

    Walcott, Thomas Harry, Born in Costa Rica, Died in Kingston,Jamaica

    - WILLIAMS -

    Williams, Celia Eleanor (Gibson), (nee James), Born in Panama, Died Apr 03 1964 in New York, New York

    Williams, Daniel `Boysie` Pinnock, Born Dec 31 1921 in Jamaica, Died Apr 24 1990 in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Williams, Doris Maud, (Mammie), Born , Died 1981

    Williams, Dulice Loyola, Born , Died Jul 1995 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Williams, John Vincent `Dan`, Born Nov 25 1911 in 1 Beckford Street, Spanish Town, Died Jul 1958

    Williams, Karlene R., Born Jun 14 1959 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Died Jun 10 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    Williams, Kenneth Lloyd Decourcey, Sr, Born Jan 27 1930, Died Dec 2008 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    Williams, Luther Nathaniel, Jr., Born Feb 12 1919 in Spanish Town, Jamiaca, Died Nov 1981 in Houston, Texas

    Williams, Luther Nathaniel, Sr (Pappy), Born Apr 21 1896 in Planters, St. Catherine, Died Jul 12 1971 in Spanish Town Jamaica

    Williams, Neville George, (Bully), Born Jun 11 1927, Died Oct 25 2008 in Hinesville, Georgia

    Williams, Rose-Marie `Tiny`, Born Sep 13 1937, Died Oct 02 1971 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    Williams, Seymour George, Born Mar 06 1939 in Spanish Town Jamaica, Died Jul 02 in Spanish Town, Jamaica

    Williams, Victor `Dicky`, Born Feb 01 1936 in Spanish Town, Jamiaca, Died Jul 13 1972

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