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Build your Family Tree Website

Once you have signed up, TribalPages creates empty Family Tree website for you. You can now either enter the names of your relatives online or import the family tree from your computer.

There is 500 name and 50 photo limit to the number of names you can have on a free website. See pricing for more details.

TribalPages automatically generates Ancestor, Descendant and Family Charts for each name in your Family Tree. In addition to these interactive charts, your Family Tree will contain printable Reports and location Maps.

Personalize Your Website

You can choose your own background colors and the layout of your homepage. Just pick what features you want on your homepage and TribalPages will automatically fill in the details. You can chooses to show the upcoming birthdays, recently added photos, important surnames, guest book and much more.

Highlight Blood Lines

Just pick a list of names whose bloodlines you would like to highlight and designate a color for each name. Now, whenever a name that is a Descendant, Ancestor or Related by blood to any of these names appears anywhere in your family tree website, that name will be highlighted with the corresponding color and "bloodline" icon.

Private and Secure

You can make your website as private as you like. Separate passwords for site administrators and visitors. For privacy you can hide some or all the information of Living Persons in your family tree. TribalPages will not sell, lease or disclose any of your family tree information to other members or third parties. You can delete your data at any time and TribalPages will erase all your records.

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