Genealogy Maps

Genealogy Maps for Your Tamily Tree

Genealogy Maps are a great new way to present your family history to the world. Seeing where your ancestors came from and where their families ended up is a very powerful experience. These new tools take location information already present in GEDCOM or online family trees, and provide a unique graphical view of a family history to answer some fundamental questions:
  • Where Did We Come From? - The Ancestor Map shows all known locations from an individual's ancestors. Showing many generations at one glance, this map quickly show where a person's past lies.

  • Where Did This Family Live? - The Family Map displays where the Parents and Children of an individual were born, allowing the family historian to walk step-by-step through the family's past just by following the links to each family member.

  • Where Did They Go? - The Descendants Map provides a single view of how an ancestor's offspring spread throughout the world, and provides a fascinating view of how broad an impact a single individual can have.

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