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Upload Family Photos

Upload Family Photos

Bring your family tree to life by uploading family photos. Each photo can be attached to one or more names. Organize photos into Albums. Create a slide show.

Free websites can upload 50 photos. Upgraded sites can have upto 5000 pictures. See pricing for more details.

Photos are automatically embedded in Family, Ancestor and Descendant charts, Reports and Maps. When there is more than one person in a photo, TribalPages will display the names and relationships of all the individuals. It will also compute their ages at the time the picture was taken.

Photos by Email

You can also add photos to your new site via Email! It's easy, quick and incredibly flexible. You and your family email photos to your Photo Email Address. TribalPages will receive this email as place the photos into your family tree's photo album.

Photo Publishing Wizard for Windows

This tool will let you upload your photos to your TribalPages sites directly from within the Windows file manager interface. By downloading and running the simple installer, you can batch upload any number of photos to your TribalPages site.

Photo Slide Show & Screen Saver

Your family tree website contains slideshows for each of your photo albums. You can also create a Screensaver from the pictures on your TribalPages website. The Screensaver will automatically fetch the latest photos from your website.

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