Name:Pilar Rodriguez Leon
Family secret (from Carlos de Miguel)- Pilar was not the daughter of Tomas and Conchita but the daughter of their daughter-Enriqueta Rodriguez. Pilar was born when Enriqueta Rodriguez was 20 years old and that makes her the 'secret' sibling of the original 7 - Tomas, William, lionel, Conchita, violetta, Enriqueta and Maurice. It is thought the Father is most likely Lionel Harris, but that is not certain!
Father:Lionel Harris, Sr
Mother:Enriqueta ( Esther ) Rodriguez Leon
Spouse:Luis Aguado Rodriguez-Quintana
Children:Pilar (Pili) Aguado Rodriquez
Mauricio Aguado Rodriguez ???? - 1959
Maria Luisa Aguado Rodriguez
Jose Antonio Aguado Rodriguez
Luis (Lulo) Aguado Rodriguez b.1918
Enriqueta (Ketty) Aguado Rodriguez b.2003
Sister:Violeta Harris 1898 - 1989
Brother:Maurice Harris b.1900
Self:Pilar Rodriguez Leon b.1893
Brother:William Harris 1901 - 1982
Brother:Lionel Harris, Jr b.1903
Sister:Conchita Harris 1904 - 1987
Brother:Tomás Joseph Harris 1908 - 1964
Sister:Enriqueta Eva Harris 1910 - 2006