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The Miles Lassiter Family of Randolph County, No.. 
(Infant) COBLE 1903 - 1903
Born in Pike, Indiana USA
Died in Pike, Indiana USA
Src: My Obsession With Where I come from contact: Contact site administrator
A Baby COBLE b.1886
Born in , Bladen, North Carolina, USA
Src: The Smith Family contact: Contact site administrator
A. COBLE 1802 - 1853
Src: Phillips of Tennessee contact: Contact site administrator
A. B. COBLE 1932 - 1984
Src: Digging Up Roots contact: Contact site administrator
Abigail COBLE b.1806
Born in Montgomery, North Carolina, USA
Src: J Frank Burleson/North Carolina Burlesons contact: Contact site administrator
Abigail COBLE b.1806
Src: Watkins contact: Contact site administrator
Abner COBLE 1809 - 1889
Born in North Carolina
Died in Columbus, Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Src: The Premo Family contact: Contact site administrator
Abraham COBLE 1791 - 1847
Src: Newman/Davis/Rice/Lawrence contact: Contact site administrator
Abraham COBLE 1790 - 1865
Born in PA
Died in IN
Src: Alice's Corner/Hendricks, Woodall, Post, Steeley, Huitt,.. contact: Contact site administrator
Abraham COBLE b.1826
Born in Tennessee, USA
Src: Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Ada COBLE 1869 - 1896
Src: Scroggins of Polk Co., MO contact: Contact site administrator
Ada Gusunenaw COBLE 1893 - 1955
Src:  Daniel contact: Contact site administrator
ADA COBLE, (8) b.1871
Born in OH
Src: JOSIAH STANBOROUGH contact: Contact site administrator
Ada Celestia COBLE b.1877
Born in Alamance Co. NC
Src: The Tangled Web contact: Contact site administrator
Ada S COBLE b.1841
Src: Watkins contact: Contact site administrator
Adaline COBLE 1840 - 1896
Src: Newman/Davis/Rice/Lawrence contact: Contact site administrator
Adaline COBLE b.1831
Src: Our Tangled Web contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE 1727 - 1794
Born in Sinsheim, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Died in NC, USA
Src: The Vaught-Brown Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE 1797 - 1880
Born in North Carolina
Src: The Westbrook(s) & Garner Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE 1797 - 1884
Died in Hickman Co., TN
Src: The Bates Family contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE ???? - 1926
Born in Hickman Co., TN
Died in Lobelville, Perry Co., TN
Src:  Daniel contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE b.1762
Src: The Bates Family contact: Contact site administrator
Adam COBLE b.1886
Src: Watkins contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaide Maude COBLE 1892 - 1967
Born in Burrowa. N.S.W
Died in Burrowa. N.S.W
Src: The Covell Family contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaide Maud COBLE 1892 - 1967
Born in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia
Died in Boorowa, New South Wales, Australia
Src: The Basterfield Branches contact: Contact site administrator
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