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Nash Costello Family 
(Ginnetter) (Jennet) FORTUNE 1838 - 1872
Src: Ralph DuVall Family Genealogy contact: Contact site administrator
? FORTUNE ???? - 1881
Src: The Haynes Family contact: Contact site administrator
? FORTUNE b.1833
Born in ?
Src: Harlands contact: Contact site administrator
???? FORTUNE b.1625
Born in Crediton, Devon, England
Died in Barbadoes Islands
Src: The Davis Family contact: Contact site administrator
A. L. FORTUNE 1823 - 1903
Src: The Smith Family of Renfroe, GA contact: Contact site administrator
A.G. FORTUNE 1850 - 1930
Src: The Phillips, Callahan & Gooch Families contact: Contact site administrator
Aaron A. FORTUNE 1877 - 1951
Born in Alabama
Src: Rebels Rogues and Royalty contact: Contact site administrator
Aaron A. FORTUNE ???? - 1951
Born in Alabama
Died in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., Norht Carolina
Src: David Cicero Dyess and related families contact: Contact site administrator
Aaron FORTUNE b.1876
Born in Ala
Src: Meader contact: Contact site administrator
Aaron FORTUNE b.1875
Born in Alabama
Src: Herbert,Hannon,York,Carney family contact: Contact site administrator
Abigail Catherine FORTUNE 1848 - 1919
Born in Lake, Lake, Illinois, USA
Died in Sumner, Pierce, Washington, USA
Src: The Family Connections contact: Contact site administrator
Absolom M FORTUNE 1842 - 1863
Born in Nelson Co, Va
Died in Gettysburg, Pa
Src: Fortune-Handloser Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Ada Lina FORTUNE 1877 - 1920
Born in Texas
Src: Phillips Family contact: Contact site administrator
Ada FORTUNE 1894 - 1989
Born in Wood Green, Middlesex, England
Died in Friern Barnet, Middlesex, England
Src: Lamont and Normandin Families contact: Contact site administrator
Ada May FORTUNE b.1897
Born in Amherst, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia
Src: Nevin Family from Atlantic Canada contact: Contact site administrator
Adaline FORTUNE b.1842
Born in Rutherford Co, Nc
Src: Fortune-Handloser Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adam FORTUNE 1828 - 1829
Born in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
Died in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland
Src: Woody's Family History contact: Contact site administrator
Adam FORTUNE 1789 - 1855
Born in Black Dikes, East Lothian, Scotland
Died in Spott Mill, Spott, East Lothian
Src: FORREST FAMILY (SCOTLAND) contact: Contact site administrator
Adam FORTUNE b.1796
Born in Oldhamstocks, East Lothian, Scotland
Src: Brue/Harding and Lloyd/Davis Family tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaid FORTUNE b.1861
Born in Indiana
Src: Johnson Clan contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaide Florence FORTUNE 1897 - 1897
Born in Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia
Died in Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia
Src: Fortune Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaide FORTUNE 1902 - 1963
Src: RonFamilyLine contact: Contact site administrator
Adelaide FORTUNE b.1902
Born in Wombwell, Yorkshire
Src: The Raskelf Blackburns contact: Contact site administrator
Adelia Ann FORTUNE b.1898
Src: The Wiseman Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
Adeline FORTUNE b.1804
Born in Rutherford,N.C.
Src: The Whole Damn Family contact: Contact site administrator
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