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la famille (DI)GIROLAMO 
( Pete)Henderson William MARTIN 1951 - 2008
Born in Roanoke Viirginia
Died in Vinton Virginia
Src: The Duncan Family contact: Contact site administrator
(2g) James MARTIN 1821 - 1905
Born in Grates Cove
Died in Grates Cove
Src: Martins contact: Contact site administrator
(?) MARTIN b.1485
Src: Barrett,Chastain,Craig,Deavers,Ellsworth, Funk,Higgs,Hodel.. contact: Contact site administrator
(Alton) William MARTIN 1899 - 1972
Born in , Hickman, Tennessee
Died in , Hickman, Tennessee
Src: The Grasty-Johnson-Seckinger Families contact: Contact site administrator
(Alva) Grant MARTIN 1868 - 1900
Born in Marion County, West Virginia, USA
Src: Tall Thompson Tales contact: Contact site administrator
(Anzelom) MARTIN b.1883
Src: The Iserman-Ashline Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Barnabe?) Pierre MARTIN b.1601
Born in France
Src: MacFarland-Bowman Genealogy Project contact: Contact site administrator
(Fanny) Frances Veronica MARTIN 1725 - 1803
Born in Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Died in Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Src: :MARTIN & ADAMS CONNECT: contact: Contact site administrator
Born in Georgia
Died in Lakeland, Florida
Src: East Coast Families  contact: Contact site administrator
(Infant) MARTIN 1841 - 1841
Src: Noltes From Germany contact: Contact site administrator
(Infant) MARTIN 1841 - 1841
Born in Washington County,Tennessee
Died in Washington County,Tennessee
Src: Ferguson/Sellers/Armentrout/Sevier/Rutherford/Nolte/McCord.. contact: Contact site administrator
(Juda) Judy MARTIN 1798 - 1855
Died in Grandview, Edgar Co., Illinois
Src: Earl Jackson Powell Of Wetzel County,West Virginia,Beegle,.. contact: Contact site administrator
(maybe) Susan MARTIN ???? - 1961
Born in Cheltenham VIC AUS
Src: The White-Scott-Judd-Davie Family contact: Contact site administrator
(Milian) MARTIN b.1876
Src: The Iserman-Ashline Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Mima) Jemima Ann MARTIN 1900 - 1975
Born in Chaffey Twp. Muskoka
Died in Seattle, Washington, USA
Src: The Johnson-Gennings Family contact: Contact site administrator
(Name?) MARTIN 1911 - 1911
Born in (Location?)
Died in (Location?)
Src:  Families of John MARTIN and Sarah DUNN MARTIN of Abbevill.. contact: Contact site administrator
(not Recorded) MARTIN b.1866
Born in Callington, , South Australia, Australia
Src: Cemetery Photos For Perth Western ( CPFPWA ) contact: Contact site administrator
(Rutha) Jane MARTIN 1852 - 1927
Born in Harrison County, Virginia (Now West Virg
Src: Tall Thompson Tales contact: Contact site administrator
(Stillborn) MARTIN 1909 - 1909
Src: Noltes From Germany contact: Contact site administrator
(Stillborn) MARTIN 1909 - 1909
Src: Ferguson/Sellers/Armentrout/Sevier/Rutherford/Nolte/McCord.. contact: Contact site administrator
(unknown Male) MARTIN b.1868
Src: The Morgan And Hammer Ancestry contact: Contact site administrator
(unknown) MARTIN ???? - 1886
Src: The Phillip E. Forbes & Family Tree contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown) MARTIN 1811 - 1886
Died in Xenia,Greene County,Ohio
Src: Ferguson/Sellers/Armentrout/Sevier/Rutherford/Nolte/McCord.. contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown) MARTIN b.1862
Src: "The Mayfield, Vick, Gooch, Wilkins, & Woody Family Site" contact: Contact site administrator
(Unknown) MARTIN b.1860
Src: derby links contact: Contact site administrator
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