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Welcome! This website was created on Jun 08 2013 and last updated on Feb 28 2024. The family trees on this site contain 30305 relatives and 3663 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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Welcome to The World Family
About The World Family
I started my family tree to keep up with those I'm related to as well as to see how far back I can go. To my surprise, I found out that I'm related to King Edward I "Longshanks" which lead to other relations in my family tree from William Wallace in Scotland to the Royal Family of the UK as well as the German engineer who put a man on the moon.

If a person can trace their family history back far enough, they will most likely be related to most of the population alive today, especially for those who can trace their family history to Europe/Asia and/or for any of those who live in Europe/Asia. For example: some can trace their family history to Charlemagne or to King Edward I "Longshanks" or even to Genghis Khan (With the recent popularity of genealogical DNA testing, a larger and broader circle of people started to claim descent from Genghis Khan. It's estimated that 1 in 12.5 of the whole population of Asia and 1 in 200 of the whole population of the world is directly descended from Genghis Khan.).

I'm constantly adding, removing, and updating information on this site to have it as accurate as possible. The sources I use to gather my information comes from Wikipedia, Rootsweb, Geni, Geneastar, Ancestry, MyHeritage, Famouskin, IMDb, FamilySearch, Tribalpages, WikiTree, FindAGrave, HumphrysFamilyTree, MyLife, whatever I can find through Google search, and by word of mouth from family members. Some of these are in the useful links listed on the left, note that these links lead to the home page not to a individual's family tree. Please note that majority of the photos on this site I don't own which have been copied from these sources (mostly from Wikipedia, FamilySreach, and FindAGrave) and so the credit needs to go to the ones who took and placed them for these sources. Some of the surnames are spelled differently based on the language and/or the regions they lived such as of my Great-Grandmother with her surname Knepp in the United States but her ancestors surname Knöpp in Germany before they emigrated to the United States. Some of the places I might have posted with an individual(s) is what it is now and not what it is then or visa versa.

If you have information more accurate and/or directly from such individual(s) please let me know.
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