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About Duligal
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comments, positive, negative, good, bad or indifferent!.

Next, boring statistics, this site contains over 2750 people, covering 16 
generations with proven connections, earliest 1550 and 4 generations unproven - 
earliest 1700, in all a grand total of, 620 surnames and 775 marriages. End of 
My research started around 1980 and I am as sure as can be that ANY PERSON born, world-wide, 
of Charles DULIGAL 1796-1873 (my 3xGreat Grandfather) -- (as of July 2015, there are 2ll) is a 
relation of mine, also any person being blood descendant of  his son Charles Duligal 1831-1867/Ann 
Jane Adelaide Wilson 1831-72 is a direct relative to me.
Charles (1831-1867) had 2 brothers, Richard (1826-1880) and Henry,(1828-1900) their parents were, 
Charles Duligal/Elizabeth Wright.
UP DATE, on the origin of the surname as of May 2017, the surname is French/Breton Huguenot, Jehan 
Le Gal c1575, his son Francois LeGal c1620, his son, Rene Francois de Gal 1951-1724 and said to be 
Maquis de Legal circ 1600's-1700 and ancestor to all Duligal's. During my research I have found 14 
variations of the spelling of Duligal, and can prove the descendants of Charles Duligal 1796-
1873. to present day
28 July 2015 UPDATE:- I now have a strong feeling the ancestor of Charles Duligal 1796-1873 had the 
surname of DELEGAL which I've traced back to the beginning of 1700's

The information relating birth, marriage and death years may differ slightly from the 
actual date, this is due to not being able to view official records for confirmation, 
plus at times, we humans do add or subtract the odd year when it suits us. Of course 
any proof that can offered will be gratefully received.

Official records in UK were not started until 1837 in the UK,  - prior to this, information has been
from Parish Records etc, - the 1841 census show Richard b. 1826 and 
Charles b.1831 being sons of Charles/Elizabeth Duligal, living at Speedy Place, 
St.Pancras, Marylebone. The first mention of details of Henry Duligall b.1828 (note 
double "L")is that he shows up in the 1851 census living with a 
family "Royston" as servant and Leather Cutter, living at 32 Chapel St, St.Pancras, 
Marylebone and how I have connected him as being brother to Richard and Charles is 
his first marriage (1851) has Charles Duligall (double "L") a Porter being his 
father. Henry's 2nd marriage 1855 (double "L") shows his father is Charles with 1 "L" 
and being deceased, but Charles is sighted in 1861 census and he passed away 1873.
Henry's 3rd marriage 1888 again 2"L" showing father as being Charles Duligal, General 
Are you confused yet??
Now we get onto Richard b.1826, his first marriage 1855 show Charles as father 
being a Porter. Richard 2nd marriage 1864 1"L" with his father Charles, a Gentleman, 
Henry and Jane Duligall (2"L's") are witnesses. 
In census for 1871, Emma E Duligal b. 1851, daughter of Richard (1825-1880) and Mary A.F.Duligal 
daughter of Charles 1831-1869) are living with Henry, they being his nieces.

To all those of the family who spell the surname slightly different to the way it is 
recorded within this "TREE", this is not done with any malice or forethought, so 
please excuse the difference. 

Read "Charles 1796-1873" in "People/Stories", shown in the black bar at top of 
this page.
Same section:- "A collections of possibilities",(fact or fiction), and again, same 

Go through all the Photo sections, if you click on some of them I have added comments 
which maybe of interest, in the Photograph Album section with the title of "Possible Surname 
Origins & possible Ancestors" you can view 3 plague's with a possible explanation of the surname, 
then a TREE and report of facts gathered from IGI of persons that COULD be ancestor of Charles 1796 
and indeed all Duligal{l},as of this moment, Sept 2008 the connection can not be 
proved, EVERYTHING from Charles 1796 CAN BE PROVED

Don't forget the "Guest Book"

To those who would like any photograph added or replaced I'm only an email away.

With the help of many contacts and official documents, my research has taken me back to
the following ancestors of my Great Grandparents,
Charles DULIGAL  1796. &   Elizabeth WRIGHT  (First sighted, England London)
John    NASON 1768.    &  Sara DUNNAGE    (       "            "    Essex) 
Daniel BELTON 1666.    &  Mary            (       "            "    Surrey)   
Richard BLAND 1766.    &  Ann SANDERSON   (       "            "    Northamptonshire) 
Robert MURRELL abt.1780.& Susan BEAN      (       "            "    Norfolk)
William BRAND abt.1770. & Ruth HAWKES     (       "            "    Essex)
John PRIOR  abt. 1680.  & Mary WERE       (       "            "    Sussex) 
John ANTHONY 1732.      &  Ann PAYNE      (       "            "    Hampshire)

Family contacts made in:- Vancouver & Toronto, Canada. Ireland. Basle, Switzeland. 
Brisbane QLD & Shell Habour NSW, Australia and Bethlehem, North Island, New Zealand, 
Johannesburg, South Africa.

To ALL those people world-wide, over 70 at the last count, mainly 
through "Genesreuntied", Ancestry.Com, Genforum, and some just plain browsing the 
Internet, who have supplied me with information that has enabled me put this family 
tree together, I say a most sincere "THANK YOU". It is amazing how contacts lead onto 
other contacts, and there are a vast number of us "ancestor Chaser" out in the wide 
Here I must make comment regarding the Kick-up the b . . . . . . e and the 
motivation, some 10 years ago,I received from Margaret Helen Please 1927-2008 nee 
Smith, wife of Stanley Please 1923-, (he is 1st cousin twice removed to Sarah Ann 
Duligal nee Latham, she being 1st cousin 3 times removed to the writer), Margaret is 
the first person to make an entry in my GUESTBOOK, who also renewed my enthusiasm to 
enable me to research my family and relatives.I am eternally grateful to her and 
proud to have established an email friendship which through her passing away sadly 
came to end May 2008. Like her own family, I shall miss her.

Other sources:- London Records Office, GRO (General Registry Office) for Birth, 
Marriage and death certificates, as well as FreeBMD. Census returns 1841-1911, 
IGI (International Genealogy Index.)
Joseph Dillon Ford and Luara Delegal nee Tilman, both make the possible Delegal connection and 
both living in USA

To All the readers, if you have anything you wish me to add, or facts that I may have 
wrong, please communicate with me.

I would be very pleased to read your comments in the "GUEST BOOK"
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