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Welcome! This website was created on Aug 19 2007 and last updated on Feb 11 2024. The family trees on this site contain 1524 relatives and 547 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Beldin Family
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We are attempting to build the Beldin Family Tree.
It will take effort from everyone to make it happen.
Please log on and update with any accurate information. 
It would be nice to have everyones e-mail address or phone number to remind 
The reunion was established in 2006 by Laura Beldin daughter of Clyde and 
Jennie (McKimm)Beldin
and Monica Chilcote Ellenberger daughter of Sam and Lucy (Beldin) Chilcote.
Sorry to announce the reunion has been cancelled because low attendance.

Reunion 2012 
Another beautiful day,another great time of being with family. 46
attended,some for the first time.
Lots of good food.
Both the little and adult kids enjoyed the water baloons.
There was a 50/50 and a goodie basket won by Phylis Gower.
Clara Leigey donated a folding chair that was chanced off and won by Ralph McKimm Jr.
Other gifts were given to the oldest attending which Nick Plumbo won.
Youngest Cameri McKimm.
Married longest Ralph and Barb mcKimm
Most rescent marriage, Larry and Heather Beldin
Traveling longest distance jeannie McKimm Zetwick.
Each new attending received a fly swater.
When asked for suggestions for next year Bill Woodring suggested everyone stay healthy and return 
next year,and to that we all said AMEN !!!!
Interesting facts
2006 46 attended
2007 36 attended
2008 36 attended
2009 59 attended
2010 51 attended
2011 24 attended
2012 43 attended
2013 35 attended
2014 32 attended
2015 15 attended
2015 reunion,
2016 no reunion
It was a nice warm day and a great time was had by all with lots of stories and visiting.
Nick Palumbo won oldest attending.
Bill Woodring won food basket drawing.
Jeannie Zetwick won gift card for greatest distance traveled
Reunion held aug 2014.
This was first time reunion was held at Castle Garden Township Building.A vote was taken and 
majority voted to have it there again in 2015.
It was a beautiful fall like day,lot of good food and visits.
Youngest attending was Alyasa Mitchell,oldest Nick Palumbo.
longest distance traveled Bob Beldin.
50/50 drawing was won by Ed Leigey 3rd and donated it to reunion fund.
Hope to see everyone in 2015.
Reunion held on Aug 2011.
There were 24 family members who attended.The weather was beautiful and so very much food.
The little ones enjoyed the water fountain over the games that were provided.
We ate around noon,visited the whole time and around 3:30 some started to leave.
The 50/50 drawing was won by Ed Leigey Sr  AGAIN and he donated it back to the reunion committee 
A basket of kitchen goodies was chanced off and won by Brian and Dustin Zetwick. The lottery 
ticket tree was won by Barb Mckimm who won $7.00 from it.
The Kitchen goodies will most likely be going to Slippery Rock on Aug 26th.
Even though the attendence was low a great time was had by all.
Thank you to all that helped and all who was able to attend.
Hope to see everyone again next year,come early and stay late,remember family this is your 
reunion.Please fee free to share any ideas,get involved and lets keep it going.
Laura Beldin,daughter of Clyde and Jennie McKimm Beldin.
Aug 21 2010 reunion update
We were granted another beautiful day for the 4th annual reunion. Food was abundant as usual.
There were 51 family members that attended.It was good to see a number of new faces 
attending,Brenda,sean,Kylie and Josh Torrens from Bouyertown(daughter of Ralph and Barb mcKimm.
Catherine Dippold from Ozark.
Rich and Cheryl Test from Lake city(Grandaughter of Bertha Beldin)
Rex Woodringfrom Benezette(son of Rex and Nila Beldin Woodring.
Charles Bowmaster and brother-in law Peter Dupae from Chruch Virginia.
Clarence Walker from Austin
Dan and Rita Reed(Grandson of Ruth Beldin Reed
Judy Knarr from Emporium
Ed Legiey(husband of Clara beldin) won the 50/50 and donated it back to the reunion committe for 
next year.
Thanks to all who worked to make it another great time.Lets keep it going and make ever year 
something special.
2007 reunion News
There were 28 family members present.
Prize winners:
Ralph and Barb McKimm won a picture frame for the oldest(40 years) married 
couple present.
Bill Woodring won oldest member present.
Brian Zetwick guessed closest number in candy jar.
Breanna  Hanley won the 50/50 drawing.
There was a cake there with a picture of all who attended the 2006 reunion.
Notice the Folder Tribute to our family who have served...Please add their pics 
and names to this file.
Marie Sampey Hvezda has a web site http;//community.webshots.com/user/mariej01.
It's very nice.

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