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Welcome! This website was created on 07 Oct 2010 and last updated on 18 Oct 2020. The family trees on this site contain 17703 relatives and 3280 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Boal Family search
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If you are a Boal,Boals,Boale or Bole I would like to hear from you and obtain some detail of your  family. This site is a large map of as many Boal's as I have been able to collate at this time     This site works with an access code. Contact me through the site to gain access. I expect that you will probably have some further information or documents to add. The goal of  this site is to provide a guide to our current research. As such, the proof is in the documents,  with a lot of them on line in here.   
 I have now added around 2700 photos and they are all attached. I will now be entering more  progresively and updating details soon.*** Remember you can enlarge the photos (they are 800  x 600) and use them if you want them!! (within the site usage rules) Please be aware that any photos of living people may not show. If you are looking for something  thats not there or have any you would like to add just contact me. Please also note that when I add census documents that there will be a lot of them. They may only  be added to the father or head of home for ease.
 This page provides a shell for all of my research into our family name BOAL. It is such an unusual  name that it warrants some investigation as to where it has come from. At this stage it will be  updated regularly and is current from 14 October 2010. 
 It also includes all my other heritage families, Winwood, Black, Reoch and Mitchell on my mums  side and Avery, Humrich, Krisanski on the Boal side.
 Our family came to Brisbane Australia between 1865 and 1895. The first family member was an Andrew  Boal who came to Sydney in 1861, married here and then came to Brisbane. The next generation came  here after there mother Elizabeth Boal(nee McWhinney) passed away in 1882 from commplications  after childbirth of her 12th. James Boal, Jane, John, Andrew, Eliza & Maggie all came here and  lived in Queensland.  
 At present we understand The Boal family commenced in Scotland around 1590, and moved to Northern  Ireland and then onto many parts of the world. Because of this scattering it is quite a job to  track all of us down. 
 There are 4 groups in the move to Scotland, Comber(Down) Killinchy, Downpatrick (Down)   Donegal and Antrim.
 Be aware that all entries attached here are not linked. There may be 50 trees in here. The trick  now is to try and work out how they fit.. We may never know that. Please also be aware that a lot of information in here is not completely proven, nor could it ever  be. It seems to me that with the absence of good vital documents that the best we can do is pick  up the pieces. 
 If you see any clear mistakes or wish to add further information please email or send me detail. I would however like to get photos of as many as possible to add in.. Please be aware that the following trees are now Colour co-ordinated..(with a coloured dot) (and I am sorry for our American friends that it can't flash red, white & blue) Descendents of George Boyll b 1614 (Comber Down Boal's) is in Green Descendents of William Boal b 1620 (Antrim, Downpatrick, Donegal & most USA Boal's)is in Blue. (assumption that he may have been related to the Rev John Bole who came as one of the first  Killinchy Presbyterian ministers in 1610) 
 On my Mums side we have
 Descendents of John Mitchell in Gray
 Descendents of John Black in Olive
 Descendents of Thomas Roch (Reoch family) in Lime
 Descendents of William Winwood in Red
 All the best.
 PS. Remember, I have haemochromatosis, which is a genetic blood disorder. It appears in families  from northern Europe. If you have any doubt get a blood test, the cure is very simple. It is all  about too much iron and if left unchecked can be very serious. (ie you can die undiagnosed and  very young!!) 
 Bradley Boal 
 March 2013.
 Contact Email: bbsb64@bigpond.com.au

Still adding more details and photos. Please feel free to send more material to me!
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