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Welcome! This website was created on Aug 12 2009 and last updated on Feb 26 2024. The family trees on this site contain 778 relatives and 2634 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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Praying GOD`S Bountiful Blessings on Our Pitre & Randall Family Members Throughout 2024!!
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About Pitre & Randall Family
 FRANK PITRE is born!
 One historic day, Mary Frank gave birth to a son she names Frank Pitre, better known to us  as "Popee".  His father, Emile Pitre and Mary resided in Ville Platte, Louisiana.  The family  spoke Creole French.  Later in their life, Mary made Big Cane, Louisiana which is near a small  town of Bunkie, Louisiana their home.
 On a separate day in history, around the same time of Frank Pitre's birth, another miracle of  life was happening.  Edna Crockett and Wilson Randall, Sr. united in marriage, and were blessed  to have a daughter they named Beverly Lockwood Randall.  Beverly was blessed with two brothers,  Willie and DeWitt.  At this point, God forced the hand of destiny causing this family to also  make Big Cane, Louisiana their home.
 Beverly, Willie and DeWitt were very young when their mother went to her heavenly home.  Their  father later married Lena Randall, which gave Beverly and her brothers an earthly mom. He and his new wife Lena were blessed with several additional children.  The boy's names were:   Alvia, Isaac, Lawrence, Doyle and Wilson Jr.  The girl's names were:  Alice, Anita, Lodee, and  Maude.
 Beverly and Frank Unite:
 As God's plans would have it, Beverly and Frank crossed each other's pathway and Holy Matrimony  between them soon followed.  They, like their parents were also bountifully blessed with a host  of children.  It was their children who provided us with our family reunion beginnings.  The  children's names were:
 1.  Nathaniel Pitre (Bear or Banana Slim)
 2.  Alton Pitre, Sr. (Lil' Buddy)
 3.  Edmonia Pitre-Nedd (Sister)
 4.  Louella Pitre-Bonton (Ba'Sis)
 5.  Carrie Pitre-Williams (Babe)
 6.  Willie Pitre (Bo)
 7.  Lodelia Pitre (Shang)
 8.  Alverter Pitre-Lavalais (Shug)
 9.  Edna Pitre
 Unto these children came a host of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, cousins,  nieces, nephews, and well you know the rest because it can be found in you! We now have several generations and many family members represented on our family tree.  Be  sure to check the website and learn how the family ties back to Wilson and Edna Crockett  Randall.

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