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Welcome! This website was created on Aug 26 2006 and last updated on Feb 19 2024. The family trees on this site contain 30363 relatives and 2327 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About The Nichols Quick Connection
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WELCOME!  Our list of surnames expands and expANDS and EXPANDS!  The history of the Nichols &  Quick families centers around Marlboro County, South Carolina and Scotland County, North  Carolina--areas just miles apart. In Fact, the county signs are back-to-back coming in from  Bennettsville, SC.

If your ancestors came from Marlboro County, SC or the Richmond-Scotland-Moore Counties of NC, it is more likely, than none, that one or more of your ancestors are listed on this site. 

We welcome other Quick Groups who use this page to gather information on their family  genealogy. We are glad that we can be of help!

Now this is what I know about my section of this HUGE QUICK & NICHOLS FAMILY .... my great  grandfather was Alex NICHOLS (1857)who married Winnie ADAMS (1864)and parented nine  children: John B (1876), Martha (1877), William Walter (1880), Randolph (1881), Basitta (1883)  Martin (1886), Benjamin Harrison (1889), Lucinda (1893) and Eliott (1895). Winnie was a mid- wife who delivered most of the Black children in the Gibson Area. 

Adam QUICK (1831) married  Farabee ADAMS (1856), the daughter of Silas & Margaret (Easter) ADAMS. Adam & Farabee parented  10 children: Sweetvine (1885), Barby (aka Bubba 1886), Mietta (aka Pittie (1888), Glenn (1889), Janie (1890), Robert (aka RT 1891), Harmon (1892), Beatrice (1894), John Arthur (aka  Jack 1897), and Lozzie Mae (1901).

The NICHOLS & QUICK families are linked with more surnames than I have the space to mention.  One of Silas ADAMS descendants, Alberta "Coot" ADAMS Quick, a daughter of Noah ADAMS died at  the ripe old age of 106 years old! Boy! How I wish that I had discovered that she was in the  family earlier in this research! The things she could have told me!!! 

Mary Liles STUART, a daughter of Carey and Carrie YORK Liles, always steered me in the right direction.  She lived to be 99 years, 11 months and 28 days and her mind was as sharp as a tack!  All of us have  information that can be shared.

Everything on this site, and our other sites, covers our families after 1870! If you have some  free time, consider helping with this family project. As your family grows, inform us so that  their names can be added to the family database. Would hate for your child to run across this  site one day and discovered that their name was not included. If you have family pictures,  share them with us. I will send them back to you by return mail--promise..or you can upload  them directly to the site.

Remember, it takes each of us, individually and collectively, to make this family complete!  While you are on the computer, remember to check out the other sites--a link appears at the  bottom of this page! Get involved. See how much information  we can gather for YOUR FAMILY!

We email and “snail” mail a newsletter "The NICHOLS/QUICK NEWSLETTER" twice a year to  keep us connected.  Because of the increases in stamp prices, we will no longer be able to "SNAIL MAIL" the newsletter.  Email me if you are NOT presently receiving a copy.  Email me if you would  like to have your name included in this website's ADDRESS BOOK. Come on y'all--stay  connected!!!

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