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Welcome! This website was created on Jun 30 2015 and last updated on Nov 19 2021. The family trees on this site contain 2011 relatives and 705 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Calhoun-Ballard-Rush-McCauley Legacy
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The Legacy Continues from Generation to Generation.  We the Calhoun-Rush-McCauley Family are  foremost God-fearing, strong and diverse people.  We were born to believe in God and in  ourselves.  We cherish our background and the forefathers that came before us.  The legacy that  they left us is unique in that it defines who we are as people.  We have so many different  personalities in our family but we share the common bond of integrity.  We are proud and we are  loving.  Our motto is if you are a Calhoun-Rush-McCauley, you are somebody! Not that we are  bragging, but this has been the motto for years, I don't know if it started with my aunts Mary  Ruth Calhoun Cook and Maudie C. Calhoun Boykins, but it is here to stay!  Love you family

History about Coweta County:  Early settlements in Coweta included Calico Corner (Grantville),  Willow Dell (Senoia – named after William McIntosh’s mother,) Bullsboro and the county seat of  Newnan, established in 1828.

A little history about the Blackjack/Turin area where most of our ancestors lived.  Paris Hill School in Blackjack was in existance from about 1926 to 1949.  The principal was Leroy Norwood born  9-19-17 and died 2/22/2008 buried at Mt. Prospect Cemetery, Moreland, GA, (Mrs. Louise McGunity  Rush's brother).  Mrs. Eloise Thompson (born 11-21-19 and died June 24, 2000 buried at Eastview  Cemetery) was a teacher at the school.  Mrs. Elois Thompson (from Newnan) was a teacher at he  school.  Walter B. Hill Industrial School in Turin next to China Grove Baptist Church was started  about 1927. It closed around 1953 when East Side opened. Mrs. Freddie Wortham was principal with  seven teachers and 80 or 90 students. It provided some of the best education for blacks in the form  of vocational classes. It is a Rosenwald School. Haralson School had four teachers; one was Mrs.  Freddie R. Wortham. Alice Mae Strozier Spear, was a teacher. There were about 50 students and 7  grades.  Shoal Creek school which was in Shoal Creek Baptist Church merged with Walter B. Hill.

Calhoun is a surname of Scottish and Irish origin.

New Hope AME Church - was the church of Jimmie Lou Calhoun. The original New Hope was blown to the  ground in a tornado in 1945.  Killed were Willie Warner and Vonya Calhoun.

White Oak Baptist Church - was Lewis Calhoun's church.  Located near New Hope AME Church was  also torn up in the same storm.  White Oak was rebuilt before New Hope.  Willie Warner and his  granddaughter Vonya Calhoun's funeral was held outside the White Oak Baptist Church (the old White  Oak where the cemetery is located in Haralson, GA).  White Oak has since moved to the Blackjack  Community on Gordon Road.

Haugabrooks Funeral Home - Mrs. Geneva Moton Haugabrooks Obituary Mrs. Geneva Moton Haugabrooks, fondly remembered by family and friends as “Mama Haugabrooks and  other indelible epithets passed Saturday, January 30, 1977, at her residence in Atlanta. Born February 7, 1888 in Senoia, Georgia, the youngest child of Charlie and Frances Moton, her  immediate family circle included two sisters and one brother. Having grown up under the influences  of Christian parents, Mrs. Haugabrooks’ name was added to the membership roll of the Oak Grove  Baptist Church where she served faithfully under the leadership of Reverend A. W. Wilkerson. Leaving her small hometown, as a young lady, Mrs. Haugabrooks ventured to Atlanta to attend Spelman  Seminary, now know as Spelman College. It was not very long thereafter that she met and married Mr.  Thomas Haugabrooks in December, 1907. It was at this point, Mrs. Haugabrooks decided to make  Atlanta 
 her new home, and immediately joined the Wheat Street Baptist Church family where she worked  faithfully until her death.  Before establishing Haugabrooks Funeral Home in 1929, Mrs. Haugabrooks  worked as a cook for Governor Slaton for some eight years, taught school at St. Marks School in  Fayette County for three years and managed the A.B. Cummings Funeral Home for eight years. So Mrs.  Haugabrooks took the knowledge she had gained from her experiences at the A.B. Cummings Funeral  Home 
 and started her own funeral home.With less than $300 in cash, $100 of which was her own personal  money, Geneva Haugabrooks opened the doors of Haugabrooks Funeral Home located at 257 Auburn  Avenue, 
 N.E., Atlanta, Georgia. She operated her business with one hearse and a limited  number of  employees. Haugabrooks Funeral Home is presently located at 364 Auburn  Avenue, N.E., Atlanta,  Georgia.

Mrs. Haugabrooks, who was an altruistic business lady managed the overall operation of the  mortuary; 
 however, Mrs. Haugabrooks entrusted the general management of the mortuary  to her nephews, Mr. C.  H. Sherwood and Mr. L. P. Sherwood.  Mrs. Haugabrooks’ sphere of interest and active participation  in Religious, Business, Political, Community and Civic organizations extends world-wide. Mrs. Geneva Moton Haugabrooks, “Mama Haugabrooks”, was a Christian who combined academic excellence  with a graciousness which brought clarity and warmth to the discipline of Christian Education. She  has an inexhaustible supply of love, patience, kindness, and understanding for those who were in  need. Our community, city, state and nation has lost a vibrant and inspiring personality.

Mrs. Geneva Morton Haugabrooks was the founder and owner of the Haugabrooks Funeral Home, which is  still in operation with family and staff. Mrs. Haugabrooks was active as a long-standing owner of  the Funeral Home, which began operation in 1929 on Auburn Avenue, changing location once to 364  Auburn Avenue, where the business exists today. Mrs. Haugabrooks was greatly admired as one of the  early African American pioneers of Atlanta's Black business. She was also known as one of the few  Black women entrepreneurs on Auburn Avenue.

Mrs. Haugabrooks' commitment to community went beyond her service as an entrepreneur and dedicated  businesswoman. She was recognized as an accomplished community leader, who interfaced with  Atlanta's 
 nationally and internationally known political figures and local personalities. Mrs. Haugabrooks was noted for her many accomplishments and outstanding service in the community by  the NAACP, the Urban League, the Young Men's Christian Association, Atlanta's African American  churches, National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc., National Association of Negro  Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., Georgia Governor, Mr. Joe Frank Harris, and many  more.

Roscoe Jenkins Funeral Home - Roscoe Jenkins Funeral Home was founded by Roscoe Conklin Jenkins in  1911. He was a strong believer in honesty, integrity and treating everyone with respect. He later  married Octavia Smith Jenkins. Together, they continued to touch the lives of many and contributed  greatly to the civic, religious, and educational life of this and surrounding communities.

Mr. Roscoe Jenkins died July 8, 1964 after a long distinguished career in the funeral industry.  Mrs. 
 Octavia Jenkins and their daughter, Ms. Octavia Jenkins Mahone continued the legacy of the founder  after his death.

Mrs. Octavia Smith Jenkins died May 17, 1992. She was a virtuous woman who was the epitome of  strength, courage, and grace. Her significant contributions to the community were numerous.

Ms. Octavia Jenkins Mahone became sole proprietor after the death of her mother. She maintains and  upholds the distinct morals and values instilled by her parents.

On January 1, 2007, Ms. Octavia Jenkins Mahone, and her daughter, Mrs. Jacquelyn Mahone Flowers,  and 
 family friend, Mrs. Linette Horris Ward became owners of Roscoe Jenkins Funeral Home, Inc. The  partnership will continue to maintain the principles and professionalism of Roscoe and Octavia  Jenkins. In addition, the partners look forward to serving the community, and the surrounding areas  throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Roscoe Jenkins Funeral Home has been blessed to render over ONE HUNDRED YEARS of uninterrupted,  professional funeral service to the citizens of Coweta County and surrounding areas. The owners of  Roscoe Jenkins Funeral Home, Inc. look forward to continuing the legacy for many years to come.

Rising Star was an elementary school for our earlier ancestors and Eastside Elementary as well (Eastside opened in 1955).

If you would like to contact me regarding this website, please email me at  sehrobinson@yahoo.com
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