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About Charker/Chalker/Carter/Hoey
William Charker alias William Chalker (as stated on the trial record ) was sentenced at Surrey Gaol
Delivery on the 25th of March 1801, and charged, at the age of 25 years,at the Surrey Assizes
afterbeing held at the Kingston Upon Thames Gaol. He was charged along with another man,
Joseph Rasberry, of burglary, on the seventh of December 1800 , about the hour of seven in the
night, in the dwelling house at Saint Mary, Lambeth, of Thomas Evance Esquire and stealing his
goods to t he value of P33.6.0. The jury found William and Joseph not guilty of burgalary, but 
of stealing the goods, to be transported beyond the seas for the term of seven years to such a
place as His Majesty with the advice of his Privy Council shall think fit to declare.
William Charker and Joseph Rasberry, both came from Saint Mary, Lambeth in the County of
Surrey. Their occupations were that of labourers . The list of goods that the two stole was quite
extensive. Included were items of clothing and various items of gold and silver. They were
transported on the Coromandel, and each received 7 years.
In 1803 William, still a convict, was given permission to marry another convict, Mary KEARNS, who
had completed her sentence at this time.
Coromandel I 13 Jun 1802 sailed 12 Feb 1802 from Spithead Trial Record Tried 1801: Native
place St Mary Lambeth, Co Surrey Occ: Labourer Sentenced at Surrey Gaol on 25 Mar 1801 (age
25). Charged atSurrey Assizes after having been held at Kingston upon Thames. Charged with
Joseph RASPBERRY of burglary on 07th Dec 1800 about 7pm in a dwelling house at St Mary
Lambeth of Thomas Evance Esq & stealing goods to value of Ð33.6.0 Not guilt of burglary, guilty
of stealing Sentenced to be transported for 7 years Sailed from Deptford 12 Feb 1802 on
COROMANDEL arrived Port Jackson 13 Jun 1802. 1803 William (convict) given permission to
marry convict Mary KEARNS (sentence comp). Mary granted 65 acres on Hawkesbury at Green
Hills (now Windsor). William assigned to Mary & became farmer. Mary was granted 65 acres of
land on the Hawkesbury at Green Hills (now Windsor). WIlliam assigned to Mary and became a
farmer. Sydney Gazette 11 Nov 1804 Article about fire at Green Hills Where Mary severely burned
- see Chalker book page 6 1806 Muster - Chalker's Hawkesbury farm 65 acres 20 Acres wheat 13
acres maize 5 acres barley 15 acres pasture 1 acre orchard 11 acres fallow 5 horses, 40 sheep ,
30 goats, 40 pigs 27 Mar 1806 - Hawkesbury River flooded Sydney Gazette 5 Jul 1807 Articles of
Separation by mutual consent date 4 Jul 1807 William and Mary Chalker - farm and animals kept
by Mary except for one horse known by the name of Miss Sportly 1807 William & Mary separated -
all lands to wife 1808, 7th April William granted Free Pardon. Worked as overseer for Gregory
Blaxland at Brush Farm. 1809 Elizabeth Sheckel assigned to Gregory BLAXLAND at Brush Farm
10 Sep 1809 Edward (Ned) born Brush Farm 17 Sep 1810 William James born at Prospect 18 Oct
1811 William granted 60 acres at Bringelly 29 Nov 1811 Maria born Prospect 26 Aug 1813
Joseph Henry born 1814 son South Creek (Bringelly) 1817 James 1818 Mary Ann 13 Jan 1818
granted 125 acres at Bringelly 29 Oct 1818 William purchased an additional 50 acres of land from
William Brady 1 Oct 1820 - 31 Dec 1820 Principal Overseer of Govt Stock Jan to Mar 1821
Principal Superintendent of Govt Stock Oct 1820 - 31 Mar 1821 Chief Constable, Cow Pastures
31 Mar 1821 - 30 Jun 1821 Principal Overseer, Govt Stock 1822 per Chalker Book p 28 William
Charker had a mishap at the stockyards, injuring his legs, and in May 1822, David Johnston asked
for an assistant to be appointed, because of the declining state of William's health. In July 1822,
William resigned his Govt positions and asked for 4 oxen , his old horse, "Dusty", and victualling
from Govt Stores for himself and his family, as a reward for his faithful service. Soo after, he 
asked for another 30 acres of land on high ground, adjacent to his original grant, which was 
to flooding. All these requests were granted, but by now William's health was failing rapidly, even
though he was only 48 yrs old. 1823 For his services as the Principal Overseer of Govt Stock at
the Cow Pastures, William Charker obtained an order for 200 acres of land on the 4th January
1823, but he died before the grant was surveyed. In fact it was 11 years later that his widow,
Elizabeth Sheckell, received the grant. The deed was issued and appears as Portion 35, Parish of
Mittagong. It was only around 1960 that this land passed out of the hands of Chalker descendants.
William died 2 Feb 1823 age 48 Death Notice Sydney Gazette 6 Feb 1823 Died at his residence,
in the interior after a long illness, Mr William Chalker, late one of the principal Overseers of
Government Stock. He leaves a wife and family of eight or nine children to lament his loss,
Generation 8 (con't)
Generation 8 (con't)
Government Stock. He leaves a wife and family of eight or nine children to lament his loss,
Summary of Will: (per Charker Book) page 34 In WIlliam's last will and testament, dated 30th
January 1823, he bequeath unto his friend and companion Elizabeth Sheckell all the rents and
emoluments of his farms and premises for her natural life, and after her decease, the farms to be
divided equally amongst her children.........
Notes for Elizabeth Sheckel or Shackle:
Speke arr 16 Nov 1808 sailed 18 May 1808 Falmouth per 1828 Census CHALKER
Elizabeth F44 FS Speke 2807 P Settler Bringelly Edward 18 BC William17 BC
Joseph 15 BC John 13 BC James 10 BC Mary Ann 9 BC George
7 BC Frederick 3 BC *C0809 Mary Sheckel 28 Oct 1806 Warrant served of Elizabeth
Sheckel in parish of Nth Perrott, Somersetshire. age:22 trade: twine spinner res: Bridport, Dorset
Tried 12 Mar 1807 - arrived as Elizabeth Shackle Tried at Dorset Assizes charged with stealing 7
1/2 yards of muslin & found guilty. penalty:7 years transportation. Dep England 18 May 1808
arrived SPEKE Sydney 16 Nov 1808 1809 Elizabeth Sheckel assigned to Gregory BLAXLAND at
Brush Farm 10 Sep 1809 Edward (Ned) born Brush Farm 17 Sep 1810 William James born at
Prospect 18 Oct 1811 William granted 60 acres at Bringelly 29 Nov 1811 Maria born Prospect 26
Aug 1813 Joseph Henry born 1814 son South Creek (Bringelly) 1817 James 1818 Mary Ann died
South Creek (Bringelly) 01 Oct 1842 age 59

The name Charker was used at Williams’s baptism in Winchester, England and in his 
death notice in Sydney, but his tombstone was inscribed William Chalker.
To assist you in trying to determine which Line of Descendent you may belong, we have 
listed below: 
The Married Names of the Daughters of the First Three Generations of the Family of 
William Charker/Chalker and Elizabeth Sheckle

(This list includes the names of those whom we know, but may not be a complete 
DANIEL -  Dowling, Hambridge, McGlynn, Gustafson, Triggs, Moore, Nicholson, Dobbie, 
Currey, Rutter 
EDWARD -  Newman, Webster, McGarr, Fitzroy, Saunders, McKinnon, Middleton, Head, 
Baller, Watt, Duggan, Williams, Donnelly, Day, Pinnell, Carter  
WILLIAM JAMES -  Ryan, Rushton, Hereford, Turner, Neilson, Armstein, Auld, Morphett, 
Richards, Comans, Luke, Petith 
MARIA - York, Ryan, Dempsey, Evans, Josephson, Brown, Kable, Tindall, Ferguson 
JOSEPH HENRY -  Power, Berrigan, Shanley, Belcher, Reardon, Aver, Bottin, Curtis, 
Ridgewell, Moon, Venables, Gottaass, Sheldon, Feeney, Phillips, Sloan, Johnson, 
Eccleston, Whittaker, Delany, Crowe, Hyles, Dinnen 
JOHN -  Kelly, Clack, O’Brien, Hannen, Kerin, Simpson, Selmes, Wheeler, James, Hurst, 
Taylor, Bell, Verrender, Duck, Gobert, Trainer, Brown 
JAMES -  Jones, Mitchell, Smith, Donnelly, O’Malley, Wild, Shea, Fitzgerald, Pitts, 
Muller, Battam, Bye, Turner, Buie, Dawson, Baily, Wharton, Cronin, Angove, 
McLoughlin, Cook  
MARY ANNE -  McGlynn, Wilkins, Sheather, Caites, Wright, Russell, McGrath  
GEORGE -  had no issue  

The Carter story is an interesting one, John Benjamin Carter left England with his 
wife Martha Louise and daughter Martha Jane on board the "Whitby" in 1849. Martha 
Louise died during the voyage giving birth to Thomas; she was buried at sea. Arriving 
in Melbourne John and two children then started the "Carter" story in Australia

All care is taken to make sure the information is correct at the time of entry, 
however some errors may occur and I apologise for that and am happy to correct them 
when advised.. editor
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