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About Champenois-Shampanore of New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin
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When I found a book with my paternal grandmother's maiden name I started checking it out and found 
I go 'way back'.  Reading about them was something like reading a history book except this was MY 
family.  My Mom is helping me get all the information entered and is having a lot of fun doing it.  
She is a history and genealogy lover. 
Most of the information we have besides Grandma's notes, come from the book, 'A History of 
Champenois-Shampanore'(and all the various spellings) compiled by Mr. Leland Francois(1933-1997) 
and his sister, Lois Francois-Free. They were direct descendants of Thomas & Mercy (Sutton) 
Champenois, but a different branch than I. 
Just a few of the various spellings of the name: after the original Champenois there is Shampnois 
in New York; Shampanore in New Jersey; Champanois in Michigan and Shampnor in Wisconsin.  Other 
spellings in various records are: Champenoys, Champernoy, Chamenois, Champnoix, Champeneys, 
Champinoes and Champnois.  Then I found another in searching for my gg-grandfather, Andrew 
Jackson Shampanore. In the 1880 census he was indexed as A. I. SHAMPANNE. But he had all the same 
dates, children and places. And I continue to find new information, so I am not done yet. 
For more info on my mother's side, click on the link to her Tribal Pages, "Bunn-Young families of 
Texarkana USA".  See "Christine M. Young-Crate", here on my home page.  
NOTE 1: The maiden names of my mother and my dad's maternal grandmother are both 
YOUNG. To date, there has been no connection found.
NOTE 2: To make tracing my direct line back, I have tried to put all their names in  capital 
letters.  With so many of the given names being the same, it is difficult sometimes to tell exactly 
which line is mine. 
UPDATE:  13 January 2005~~~~~~We have been contacted by the daughter of Leland Francois plus a 
descendant of one of the Champenois families who did not leave France at that time, nor change 
their names.  Some of the family is in the United States now (even in TEXAS) and there are still 
Champenois "cousins" in France.  Hope to contact them someday.
UPDATE:  July 2008: We are adding a new album for photos of those we cannot identify, yet.  If you 
know any of them, please let us know.  Also, if you see any incorrect info about people, send us an 
email.  Just use the family name in the subject line.You may use any of this info or photos in your 
research quoting our site as your source. Also, please notify my mother or myself of any 
connections you find.
UPDATE  August 2012: Heard from another descendant of Thomas & Elizabeth Jurkse/Yerkes Champenois, 
through their son, William H. Champenois, who married Mary See (possibly daughter of Isaac See of 
Tarrytown ........ but WHICH Isaac See??
Have found online:  "Souvenir of the Revolutionary Soldiers' Monument dedication, at Tarrytown, 
N.Y. :October 19th, 1894"; Compiled by Marcus D. Raymond, Tarrytown, N.Y., 1894.  It contains 
sketches of many of the families who are ancestors of our Champenois/Shampanore and other 
families.  Stay tuned ............ there's more!!!
Take a look for yourself and enjoy it. And please sign my guest book while you are here.
Ancestors of ******
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.

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