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Welcome! This website was created on 01 Aug 2007 and last updated on 11 Aug 2020. The family trees on this site contain 4582 relatives and 475 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Jeffares/McCashin/Coe & Blair/Neville Family Trees
The aim/scope of this family tree is (with the editing contributions of as many family 
members as possible) to find and connect:

 > All JEFFARES & McCASHIN families worldwide + ancestors & connections
(Both relatively rare names using those spellings since first created/misspelled that way in 
mid/late 18th century Ireland - as deduced from apparent single sources)
>  I'm also researching (the rest of) my personal tree including all ancestors, 
descendants and connected families of the following 19th century marriage connections.  ie. 
MARRIED & maiden surnames in order of family size in this tree: 

> JEFFARES & McNamara    O'HARA & Keaveny & Dayly    MCCASHIN & Carr    SHIELS & McKnown 

> HANSEN & ?    SHIRLEY & McMahon    COE & Conway    HOSLER & Hill

> BARNETT & Cannon    EWART & Meek    BLAIR & THOMSON & Kerr    CROWLEY & ?

> BRANDT & ?    NEIL & ?    NEVILLE & Joyce    BUCKLEY & ?

Please help me complete the trees by requesting access above.
Please also contact me if you have any other new/correct details, biographical text or photos to 
add/change in the tree, or any other comments or objections.  I don't ask for any contributions 
towards the subscription/research costs, but if you know anyone who needs a NZ 
accountant, I appreciate any referrals to [www.microtax.co.nz]   


Thomas JEFFARES (1818-1895) & Mary McNAMARA (1822-1897)
> b. Co.Wexford and Co.Clare, Ireland. > Descendant Count 1500+ Thomas & Mary and sons Isaac and Thomas, arriving in Wellington (ex Sydney) 26 May 1849 (ages 31, 27, 21mths & 9mths) on the "Portenia". Thomas had previously arrived in Sydney with his brother (also named) Isaac, 29 Jan 1842 (age 24) on the "Hope". Mary arrived in Sydney 5 Nov 1844 (age 22) on the "Fairlie". They met and married in Sydney. > Ancestral Surnames: JEFFARES, McNAMARA, GREEN, BARRINGTON, .. [Click here to visit my Facebook page for descendents] Henry McCASHIN (1804-1870) & Alice CARR (1808-1856) b. Tullymurry & Broaghclogh, Co.Down, Ireland Henry and Anne married 15 Nov 1856 at Loughinisland, Kilmore, Co.Down. Henry was a hotelkeeper. They had 4 sons, James, Patrick, Mark & Daniel. Only James and Patrick have descendents. Mark and Daniel became priests. James (1837-1895) married Susannah Magee and most of their descendents live in/near Co Down. Patrick (1841-1923) emmigrated to New Zealand sometime in the 1860's onboard the "Belgravia" - date & port not yet known. There he met and married Mary Shiels. He was a veteran of 7 years of the NZ Land Wars and later worked for the Wairoa County Council. > Descendant Count 500+ by 7 Gen's:4,17,37,101+,214+,109+,10+ > Ancestral Names: McCASHIN, CARR, HANVEY .. Hugh SHIELS (?-?) & Margaret McKNOWN (?-?) b. Omagh?, Co.Tyrone, Ireland Hugh & Margaret had a least 2 children Mary Ann (1850-1913) and Sarah. Mary emmigrated to New Zealand arriving in Napier approx 1870 (age 20) onboard the "Selena" - exact date not yet known. There she met and married Patrick McCashin. > Descendant Count 300+ by 6 Gen's:9,27,84,174+,42+,1+ > Ancestral Names: McCASHIN, SHIELS, CARR, McKNOWN .. Robert O'HARA (1834-1893) & Mary KEAVENY (~1835-1862) / Mary DAYLY (?-?) b. Glooria, Cootehall & ? & ?, Co.Roscommon, Ireland Robert & Mary KEAVENY had 2 children, Elizabeth (1858-1931) and John (1860-?) before Mary's death at approx age 27 (possibly in childbirth?). Robert remarried Mary DAYLY with whom he had 10 further children (I currently have no info re their descendents). Elizabeth and John both emmigrated to New Zealand arriving approx 1873 (Eliz. age 18) - ship/port not yet known. Elizabeth married Joseph Jeffares (1855-1902), John married Annie Dolan. Elizabeth was killed in the Napier earthquake of 3 Feb 1931. > Descendant Count 200+ by 6 Gen's:12,10+,11+,49+,103+,31+ > Ancestral Names: O'HARA, KEAVENY, BOYDE, McDONOUGH, ..

Details: HANSEN, SHIRLEY, COE & HOSLER Families:

Albert Christian HANSEN (1842-1877)& Catherine SHIRLEY (1842-1914)
b. ?, Denmark and Manchester, England. Albert & Catherine both arrived in NZ approx 1862/63 (both age 20) - ship(s)/port(s) not yet known. Albert, a farmer at Waimate (Sth Island), died of tetanus at the age of 35. > Descendant Count 100+ by 5 Gen's:5,12,30,41,15+ > Ancestral Names: HANSEN, SHIRLEY, McMAHON, .. George Thomas COE [II] (1850-1920) & Ann HOSLER (1849-1926) b. Lambeth & Paddington, London, England. George & Anne with son George Coe [III] (1871-1952) and daughter Harriet arrived in Wellington (ex London) 1 May 1874 (ages 24, 25, 2yrs & 1yr) onboard the "Golden Sea". Previously a timber porter at London's Paddington Canal, in NZ George was the gardener at Longwood Homestead, near Featherston, Wairarapa. > Ancestral Names: COE, HOSLER, CONWAY, HILL, .. George Thomas COE [I] (1818-1904) & Harriet CONWAY (1829-186?) b. Blackfriars & Highgate, London, England. George, a widower (Harriet died in London), with his two youngest children James and Florence (following his 3 elder children George[II](above), William and Harriet), arrived in Wellington (ex London) 30 Aug 1874 (ages 56, 14 & 11) onboard the "Euterpe" (aka "Star of India" - now restored in San Diego, USA - the oldest active ship in the world). Previously a labourer and storesman at Lambeth (Sth bank of Thames, opposite Westminster), in NZ George was a grocer, living at Peter St, Wellington (was off Vivian St, opposite Walter St), where he married Mary Ann BARKER (? - 1896). > Descendant Count 200+ by 6 Gen's:5,29,16,24,33,10+


William T. BLAIR (1827-1901) & Christina KERR (1833-1909) b. Lanarkshire, Scotland. William & Christina with 2 sons, Adam Blair[II] (1851- 1926) and ?, arrived in Hokitika (ex Australia) approx 1866 (ages 39, 33, 15 & 13) - ship not yet known. Adam Blair[II] co-founded one of the largest sawmilling operations on the West Coast, "Stratford, Blair & Co.", mostly supplying timber to the huge mining industry. Sadly, one of his sons, Adam Blair[III] (1881-1915) (a Boer War veteran Reg#4262) and a granddaughter Sara(Sadie) Blair (1905-1914) died as a result sawmill accidents. > Descendant Count 200+ by 6 Gen's:7,13+,28+,12+,31+,23+ > Ancestral Names: BLAIR, KERR, .. Norah CROWLEY (1856-1918) b. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia (presume of Irish descent?). The wife of Adam Blair [II], Norah arrived in NZ approx 1871 (age 15 - presumably with family?) - ship/port not yet known. > Ancestral Names: CROWLEY, .. Robert BARNETT (1848-1940) & Sarah EWART (1848-1910) b. Co.Derry, Ireland(of Scot or English descent). Robert & Sarah, with 3 daughters Elizabeth, Ann and Amelia (who was born during the journey), arrived in Dunedin (ex London) 4 Aug 1875 (ages 27, 27, 4yrs, 2yrs & 6weeks) onboard the "James Nicol Fleming". Robert and Sarah appear to have lived various places, eventually ending up in Petone, Wellington. > Descendant Count 100+ by 5 Gen's:10,7+,12+,26+,16+ > Ancestral Names: BARNETT, EWART, CANNON, MEEK, ..


George BRANDT (1825-1912) b. Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The second husband of Grace Neil (below). George, of Jewish descent?, arrived in NZ approx 1862 (age 37) - ship/port not yet known. George was a gold miner at Blue Spur, near Hokitika. Ancestral Names: BRANDT, .. Grace NEIL (1840-1908) b. Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland. Grace arrived in NZ approx 1865 as Grace Louden (age 25) with her first husband Gilbert LOUDEN (?-?) - ship/port not yet known. > Descendant Count 200+ by 6 Gen's:8,11+,40+,81+,72+,12+ > Ancestral Names: NEIL, .. Dennis NEVILLE (1843-1927) & Margaret BUCKLEY (?-?) b. Co.Limerick, Ireland. Dennis, a widower (Margaret died in Ireland), with his son Dennis Neville Jr (1867-1915), arrived in NZ approx 1871 (ages 28 & 4yrs) - ship/port not yet known. Both father and son were gold miners. Dennis Jr died at Greymouth (age 48), in suspicious circumstances, while (believed to be) in possession of a quantity of gold. > Descendant Count 200+ by 6 Gen's:5,13+,40+,81+,72+,12+ > Ancestral Names: NEVILLE, BUCKLEY, JOYCE, ..
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