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Welcome! This website was created on Jan 30 2006 and last updated on Jan 10 2022. The family trees on this site contain 29512 relatives and 250 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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Jan 2022 - Boothbay McFarland`s are now DNA related
About MacFarland-Bowman Genealogy Project
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"The Last Highlander"...

"I saw behind me those that had gone before me,
  I looked back and saw my father, and his father,
  and all our fathers,  and their eyes were my eyes.

"As I felt, so they had felt, as then, so now.
  then I was not afraid, for I was in a long line that had no begining,  and the hand of his father grasped my father's hand,
  and his hand was in mine, and all, up and down the line,
  that streached from Time that Was to Time that Is,
  raised their hands to show the link,
  and we found that we were one...."

(with apology to Richard Llewellyn, and adapted from his "How Green Was My Valley") 

The "McFarland-Bowman Genealogy Project", in addition to providing genealogies  for the two principle lines indicated, includes genealogies for as many of the  related families as possible (e.g.,Meiselbach, Rideout, Broach, Irvin,  Robicheau, Marshall, Small, Pearson, and others). This research project is also  an attempt to provide a supplement to the work of Ellery B. Crane,  entitled: "Descendants of Daniel mcFarland, One of the Scotch Presbyterians who  Settled in Worcester, Mass.", Blanchard Press, Worcester, Mass., 1907. To this  end a concentrated effort has been made to bring together as many of the  descendants of Daniel McFarland (Died ca 1738, Worcester, Mass.) as practical. In  addition this "Project" is also intended to provide additional information to  supplement the book entitled: "The McFarlands Of Hancock County, Me.", by Daniel Y.  McFarland, 1910, Seymour Brothers, Middlebury, Vermont.

NOTE: Much of this information was pulled off the web, and so at times may seem   fantastic (let's just say "speculative history"), so always verify the data for  yourself. In some names the appearance of a "?" within the name itself indicates a  questionable linkage, or that the available information is uncertain.

As the biological father of Daniel McFarland (Died 1738) is unknown, in that  position I have listed (as brothers of Daniel) several possible McFarland lines  under investigation, at least two of which have been proved to be related lines by DNA. Duncan McFarland and his wife, Ann/Eliz Porter, of PA (and their deces who moved  west and down the Valley of Virginia) and William McFarland, and his possible wife Keziah Pierce, of Orange Co, NC.

                                  *ODDS & ENDS*

Research on the web has shown that there were as many as eight Bowman relatives that saw action  on April, 19, 1775 (eg, Battles of Lexington and Concord). For sure, two names are carved on the  back of one of the Memorials to the Lexington Minutemen, Thaddeus Bowman (a direct ancestor)and  his son Ebenezer Bowman. Other records relating to April 19, 1775 show an additional six  Bowman names as seeing action at different locations on April 19, 1775: Francis, Abel,  Edmund, Samuel, Solomon and Ebenezer (a different Ebenezer).

Other items: The mystery woman, "Susanna(h)" last name unknown, the wife of Robert McFarland  (1776, Maine, died 1819-1821, probably on Grand Manan Island)has been narrowed down to two likely  women. The first possible I thought of was Susanna(h) Guptail, born at about the right time in  Maine, and the Guptail/Guptil family has connections to Grand Manan; a new possible is Susanna(h) Googins. Joseph Googins was involved in the early attempts by the McFarlands, and others, to build  a mill on Kilkenney stream; and Googins and McFarlands, and other are listed as early settlers of  Trenton. More details are seen under the name "Susanna(h) Googins or Guptail" in the data base.


Jeff Bates had the correct answer to the previous question:

EXTRA POINT QUESTION: NAME THE PERSON(S) WHO ARE (IN THEORY) DIRECT MEMBERS OF THE "HOLY  BLOODLINE" (Mac is mostly a heathen and is only remotely connected, the person(s) in question are  more directly related).

Question: Name the family/person listed herein that is a directly related to Pres. George  Washington? (hint: surnames are not important as the lines involved existed before the invention  of family last names) Still no answer.


Stipulation and Agreement 
                                     for use of research

Due to the increase in number of requests that I share the the secret password for my Tribal Pages  website I feel I must make a couple of stipulations prior to release of information/data. By  reading this statement, and using this material, you have agreed to these conditions, as follows:

A)	Authorization for the use of the material/data is given for research purposes Only. B)	You agree not to publish in print, or electronically (i.e. throw it out on the web  somewhere on a website of your own) the info/data herein unless you fully agree to these terms. C)	If you do publish the info/data either in print or electronically, you must list me as the  primary source and my source(s) as secondary, and give full credit to my work in your Bib or List  of Sources (or whatever your program uses) . The citation must be in a footnote, or in the Bib, or  if you use the APA format, in that style. If you have no clue what I am talking about here, you  may not use this data in any way.
 D)	You will agree to not list the info of the living, only names (most programs have a way of  not showing info on the living). 
 E)	You may not copy/use, or paraphrase, in whole or in part, any of the information/data  contained in the "NOTES" sections of the individuals contained herein, this information is for  family use ONLY.
 F)      Notice is hereby given regarding my data/info : All copyrights are reserved by the author,  with the exception of information/research kindly provided by the sources listed herein, who  maintain their rights, no portion may be reproduced w/o permission of the author or the sources  listed therein. Such information as noted herein may not be reproduced electronically or in  printed form without authorization. If authorization is given by the author or the source as  listed therein such authorization must be displayed in the form of a footnote or reference in the  text.
 G)	If you do not agree to these terms and publish in either print or electronically any of  the info/data without my specific authorization, or the authorization of my sources (if given to  me by that person) be aware I do have Copyright Notices liberally sprinkled throughout.

I apologize for the above conditions but I have had a couple of sad experiences in the past of  having someone steal my material (word for word) and throw it out on the web as their own, without  acknowledging my work. One of these folks was a Prof. of Info Tech at a large mid-west University,  he hacked my website and downloaded 12000 names, and included my immediate family, then refused to  remove the data for the living, so you will understand if I take precautions.

/s/ E MacFarland, Fall 2011
    alternate email
  (macfarland.iva@gmail.com or macfarlandji@gmail.com))

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Do you know who your second cousins are? Try the Kinship Relationships Tool. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. You can select a name from the list on the top-right menu bar.

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