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Welcome! This website was created on 13 Jan 2004 and last updated on 03 Jul 2020. The family trees on this site contain 4686 relatives and 1167 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Our Family Now and Then
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Welcome to my website.
 Please read the introduction before you enter the site.

" WARNING!!! "
 © copyright 1998-2020.  Genealogy by Daphne Northey Hughes, All rights reserved. Only proven family members are given access to this site and  may use the information but please do not infringe privacy laws by copying living person names or copying any photographs to sites that can be open to the public,  such as Genes Connected, Find My Past or Ancestry. 

I first started to trace my family tree to try and confirm stories an aunt told me over 40 years ago.  Prior to first having access to the internet in 1995 there was a lot of foot  slogging and travelling to record offices both in London for GRO records and local centres for  parish records whenever I was in an area my ancestors came from.  It wasn't always easy as we were a Forces family and often living abroad for several years at a  time. 
 In my research I have found my ancestors are from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Cumberland,  Northumberland and Durham. 
  My father's paternal aunts and uncles emigrated to Pennsylvania in America in the 1880's.  One of my father's maternal uncle's emigrated to Canada in 1910 and later at least one of his  sons emigrated to Australia to help build the Sydney Harbour Bridge and his descendants still  live in that area.
 My great grandmother Mary Ann JOHNS who married William NORTHEY  had one sister who emigrated to  Australia in 1855. 
  In recent years a second cousin once removed from the GOODFELLOW family settled in  Vancouver, Canada and some of my mother's cousins travelled to Australia.
My research continues  and is added too regularly as new contacts and information is found.

I am working to expand the research on the HUGHES family tree which came from a cousin of my husband.
 I now have contact with HUGHES and WINDLOW  descendants in Australia America and Canada.

After my husband said he knew little about his late mother's family, ADCOCK's I have spent some  time researching that name too, this is also ongoing.

I recently took a DNA test with Ancestry so am slowly working through the new links, where possible,  this is giving me although so many people don't seem to have added a tree to help work out where we connect. 

I hope you have as much enjoyment looking at this site as I have and am having, putting it together. If you have any information and photographs that I can add please do contact me.
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Getting Around
There are several ways to browse the family tree. The Tree View graphically shows the relationship of selected person to their kin. The Family View shows the person you have selected in the center, with his/her photo on the left and notes on the right. Above are the father and mother and below are the children. The Ancestor Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph above and children below. On the right are the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The Descendant Chart shows the person you have selected in the left, with the photograph and parents below. On the right are the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Do you know who your second cousins are? Try the Kinship Relationships Tool. Your site can generate various Reports for each name in your family tree. You can select a name from the list on the top-right menu bar.

In addition to the charts and reports you have Photo Albums, the Events list and the Relationships tool. Family photographs are organized in the Photo Index. Each Album's photographs are accompanied by a caption. To enlarge a photograph just click on it. Keep up with the family birthdays and anniversaries in the Events list. Birthdays and Anniversaries of living persons are listed by month. Want to know how you are related to anybody ? Check out the Relationships tool.

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