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About The Dalton, Atkin & Burns Families
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The Daltons and Muxlows in these trees can all be traced back to rural Lincolnshire, close to the 
Wash, and the Crofts to the new industrial area where North Nottinghamshire, West Lincolnshire, 
North-East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire meet. The Laings moved into that same area from Fife in 
Scotland around 1820.  During the rest of that century, many family members moved away from 
agricultural work into industry - the Muxlow brothers to Ontario and Michigan, Isacc Dalton to Erie 
in New York state, and, more locally,  Thomas Dalton to Sheffield. His son,  Frederick Dalton, a 
blacksmith,  moved in about 1905 to Nottingham to work for John Player & Sons.

The Atkin family originated in the industrial village of Stapleford, in South Nottinghamshire 
where almost all the population were framework knitters; the Jeffery family from Nottingham 
itself, as far back as I have been able to trace.  

The Burtons and Marchants - from East Anglia and Sussex respectively - moved to South London, and 
then more specifically to Croydon, in the 1870s and 90s - and the Burns and Wallin families moved 
to Westminster from Ireland and Berkshire via Teesside, and the early iron and steel industry.

Thanks to many fellow researchers with whom I have exchanged information especially to Charlene, 
Sheri and Wayne for sharing their information & photos.  Some of their trans-Atlantic-travelling 
ancestors took photos of the family back home with them on their journey - in some cases photos 
lost by those family members who stayed in the UK, but which can now be seen by their descendants.

My main goal in creating this website was to move all the family information I have collected onto 
a digital format so it's all in one place and easily accessible by anyone interested in our 
genealogy. The more I find out about the history of the families, and the times in which they 
lived, the more I need to find out-  so please let me know if you spot any errors or can fill in 
missing information.
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