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Welcome from New Zealand - Aotearoa - The land of the long white cloud
This family tree mainly contains information about  persons who have immigrated to New Zealand  from places in the United Kingdom  such as  Essex, Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Buckinghamshire,  Wiltshire Northamptonshire and Northern Ireland.

The earliest settlers arrived 1850 with the majority during the period 1865 to about 1880.   Canterbury and Otago were the most popular destination points in that period for the  immigrants.  Lyttelton, the Port for Christchurch, Canterbury, and, Dunedin or Port Chalmers the Ports for  Otago.

The tree is made up from data obtained from numerous  sources. You are welcome to take information  from the tree  but it is recommended that you do your own research as well.

The information on this  page of the "COTT to SCOTT" tree focuses on George Cott/Scott and Elizabeth  Vickers. The  "The Scott Families Tree", belonging to the same administrator as this tree, covers the  Scott's, Halligan's and Robertson's from Northern Ireland. Woolcock's, Unwin's and Going's from England,  plus more. Click on the following link to view The Scott Families tree.


GEORGE SCOTT (COTT) & ELIZABETH VICKERS. DEDICOTT's and COTT's from Lacock, Wiltshire to SCOTT's in New Zealand and USA. NOTE: GEORGE SCOTT(COTT) b 1828, LACOCK, WILTSHIRE, IS IN THE NAME INDEX OF THE SCOTT FAMILIES TREE AS "GEORGE COTT alias SCOTT" George Scott(Cott) and his partner Elizabeth (nee Vickers) arrived at Port Lyttelton (Christchurch, New Zealand) in December 1865 on the sailing ship "Blue Jacket". George as a steward on the ship and Elizabeth traveling as his wife. Both using the surname COTT.Shortly after arriving in New Zealand they changed their surname to SCOTT. The evidence to support this statement is set out in the notes for GEORGE COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS that are in this tree. Also more recently DNA research through Ancestry.com has shown this to be a proven fact. GEORGE COTT was born Lacock, Wiltshire, England 1828. He was the son of Thomas Cott and Mary Humphries. Thomas, born Lacock, had a father and grandfather named Peter Cott both born in Lacock, Wiltshire. Thomas's great grandfather. also born Lacock, was named Peter DEDICOTT. The name changed to COTT from the naming of his son Peter. Peter DEDICOTT and the two Peter COTT's were respected carpenters/cabinetmakers in Lacock and have been recorded in Lacock Archives as having done work for the Talbot estate of Lacock Abbey. Following the next paragraph is a link to "Lacock Unlocked" and an article headed "The Gale Family" and "LACOCK CARPENTERS THROUGH THE CENTURIES" which states the following - We also have records from before John Gale’s time of carpentry and masonry in Lacock from the 17th and 18th century. Seemingly the most prominent carpenter in the Lacock estate in the 18th century was aman called Peter Cott: he and his son William, as well as someone called John Cott, presented countless bills to John Talbot over many decades showing that they were doing a lot of carpentry work across the estate. The Cott family were also known as the Dedicott family throughout the 18th century, and we not only have many bills showing what work the family did for the Lacock estate but also many leases and other legal documents which are just as useful in showing us what members of the family did for a living, where they lived (and, therefore, often where their businesses were based) and also how wealthy they were.
<"http://www.wshc.eu/lacock/lacock-unlocked/people/item/the-gale-family-and- carpentry.html"> The name changed again when Thomas Cott's son George, and partner, Elizabeth Vickers, came to New Zealand and changed their surname to SCOTT. In addition George Cott's son, George Litson Cott (from George snr. first marriage) emigrated to USA and also changed his name from COTT to SCOTT. Thomas Cott died when George was age six. At age 22 George Cott was Innkeeper of the Half Moon Public House, Holloway, Lyncombe and Widcombe, near Bath, Somerset. In 1850, George age 22, married Frances Litson who was twelve year older than George. They had two children, the first born 6-7 months following the marriage. For reasons we can only guess, George and Frances separated with George going to sea and making a number of voyages, some records showing him as a ship steward. In 1858 George illegally married Emily Huxtable in Sydney and subsequently received three months jail for his indiscretion. Evidence as presented in his notes in this tree showsthat in 1865 he partnered ELIZABETH VICKERS and they settled in Christchurch, New Zealand under the name SCOTT. They had six children but George died suddenly in 1877, age 49. At the time of his death the oldest child was eleven. ELIZABETH VICKERS was born in Kettering, Northamptshire. Daughter of Robert and Ruth (nee Coleman). Elizabeth's death certificate states that she was married in Christchurch but there is no official record of this marriage. It seems likely that George COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS were never married because George was never divorced from his first wife and had already received one prison sentence for bigamy. ELIZABETH VICKERS Will gave a clue to her place of birth and parents. Someone had written on the will that she had been born in Kettering. A probable family was discovered by searching Census records but the final piece of proof to confirm it was the correct family was missing. The link to prove we had located the correct family was discovered through a name and address that Elizabeth's grandson, HENRY VICKERS HULL had written in a diary he had in his possession when he was killed in WW1. The circumstances around this make very interesting reading. For this go to Henry VickersHull's note in this tree. IMPORTANT NEW DNA RESEARCH New DNA research, conducted January 2019, through Ancestry.com, has confirmed a DNA link between the family of Mary Humphries and the administrator of this tree. Mary Humphries, b 1796, married Thomas Cott b 1798. Their son George Cott(Scott), b 1828, emigrated to New Zealand and partnered Elizabeth Vickers. We also have links between New Zealand descendants of George Scott(Cott) and descendants of his first son who emigrated to the USA. Here again this proves we have the correct family and ancestors as found in earlier research. On the Vickers side we have a DNA link between Elizabeth's sister Sarah's descendants and the administrator of this tree which confirms our Vickers family research. All these DNA matches and links confirms earlier research done by the administrator of this tree, and associates. These links further prove that George Cott b 1828,Lacock, Wiltshire, and, in this tree as George Cott alias Scott, is indeed the person who changed his name from Cott to Scott after coming to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1865, and partnered Elizabeth Vickers. Further information can be obtained from the administrator of this site. DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE COTT-SCOTT & ELIZABETH VICKERS George and Elizabeth had six children. The first born was EMILY ELIZABETH, 1st June 1866. Her mother, Elizabeth, was admitted to Christchurch Hospital 1st May under the surname of SCOTT and discharged 19th June under the same name. EMILY was registered at birth as Emily COTT and her father was listed as George COTT a ships steward. EMILY married OCTAVIUS HOMES. MARY RUTH SCOTT was the second born in 1868 and her father is shown on the birth certificate as George SCOTT a waiter. Mary married Arthur Harris. The other children were ALFRED VICKERS SCOTT who married GRACE WOOLCOCK. SARAH SCOTT who married SAMUEL JOHN HULL. ELIZA SCOTT who married JOHN GEORGE BALL and GEORGE LITSON SCOTT who married MARY BEATRICE MILLS. (Note: presumably named Litson after George COTT's first wife, Frances Litson). Unfortunately ELIZA SCOTT died following child birth in 1901. Also her sister SARAH's husband, SAMUEL JOHN HULL, died in 1903. SARAH re-married to her sister ELIZA's husband JOHN GEORGE BALL and raised a total of eight children from the two marriages. Families in New Zealand that are descended from the GEORGE COTT-SCOTT and ELIZABETH VICKERS partnership include the following - BALL, HOMES, HAYWARD, HARRIS, HULL, and SCOTT. GEORGE COTT & FRANCES LITSON : MARRAGE There were two children from this marriage. GEORGE LITSON COTT born 1851, Bath, Somerset, England, emigrated to the USA where he used the surname SCOTT. FRANCES MARY COTT married JAMES GOOD in England. Available details of their families are in this tree. To view George COTT alias SCOTT and Elizabeth Vickers notes, click on the following links - <"https://www.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=dec2400&view=0&pid=115&randi=516999680"> <"https://dec2400.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?userid=dec2400&view=0&pid=399&ver=364"> ALAN's AWARD WINNING GARDEN - FOLLOWING THE CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKES 2011 "http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/the-east/9701843/Award-winning-garden-blossoms-from-silt"> CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND. THE 2011/2012 EARTHQUAKES A "MUNTED" CITY "https://interactives.stuff.co.nz/2020/08/munted/">
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