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Please contact me for information. Due to others copying my information without contacting me, I regret that I have had to close the view of my tree to anyone without prior aproval. I am happy to share my information to anyone who contacts me first.
About Fenton & Essex-Clark Family
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How can we know who we are or where we are going if we don't know where we came from?  Our  ancestors were not just names and dates.  They were real people with interesting stories to be  uncovered.

This site is for my children and their descendants down the line.  I hope they will add to it in the 
future. For anyone who thinks they may have a connection to my tree, please contact me.  Just send me a message through Tribalpages on the link above. You can also follow the link to find me on Facebook.
I would like to thank the many people who have helped me with information.  There are too many 
to name, but you know who you are.  THANK YOU. 

My ancestors arrived in Australia by sailing ship between 1831 and 1889 from England, Channel 
Islands, Ireland and Scotland, most coming straight to Victoria.  Henry Blake, a possible convict is believed to have arrived in Port Jackson, NSW, Australia in 1831 from England on the Camden(1) and possibly travelled overland to Victoria during the 1830's, receiving his Ticket of Leave at Goulburn River, Victoria on 3 Jun 1840.  We are yet to find the final proof that this convict was the same person as our ancestor.  Some of my English lines go back to the late 1400's.  My grandmother's previously unknow father, Michael John Barry, has only recently been found through DNA testing and so far has not been traced beyond his parents and siblings, who arrived in Victoria in December 1863 from Co Clare, Ireland.  Then I have one lonely Scott from Greenock, Andrew Millar c1826-1898, who I have hit a brick wall with. I'm currently researching the possibility that he was a convict convicted in Edinburgh in 1843 and transported to Tasmania in 1845.  If correct, then he was the son of Andrew Millar and Sarah (Murdock?) of Paisley (near Greenock).  So far I have trace the convict to 1848 in Tasmania. 
Still need to fill the gap between then and our Andrews marriage in Victoria in January 1853.  My Diamond ancestors arrived from Guernsey, Channel Islands and arrived in Victoria in 1854 and go back to at least the 1300s in Guernsey, with some originating in Jersey, England, France and Denmark.  

From the Channel Islands we have a case where 3 women (mother & 2 daughters) were burnt at the 
stake after being tried as Witches. The new born baby of one of the daughters was rescued by a witness but then seized and thrown back onto the flames by the sheriff.   These ladies were related to Jurat Pierre Brehaut des Marchez c1510-1574 by marriage. At their trial Pierre made himself absent when sentence was passed on the women so he didn't have to cast a vote on their fate.  Pierre was a devout catholic and opposed the new Protestant religion of Queen Elizabeth I being introduced into Guernsey.  A meeting was held at Pierre’s home, La Tourelle, and a petition was prepared and the Island canvassed for signatures before being sent to the Privy Council in London.  As a result, Pierre Brehaut and 3 of the Jurats involved in the execution of the 3 witches, were arrested and sent to London.  On arrival the other 3 men were sent to prison for a while and later released and after they most abjectly asked pardon, they were let off very lightly, being fined collectively £1,000 sterling.  According to legend, when the 4 men arrived at Windsor they were interviewed by the Queen and her Councillors.  Pierre Brehaut caught the Queen’s fancy, and she got him to talk to her about his home and the people of Guernsey.  In fact he so charmed her that she insisted on keeping him by her side long after the others had returned to the island.  She finally bought him a house so that he could live permanently near her Court.  The legend alleges that he never returned to Guernsey, and his wife and children never saw him again, however we know this to be incorrect as he died in Guernsey in 1574 and was buried in St Pierre du Bois church ground.

More recent research indicates that we descend from Rollo the Viking, first Duke of Normandy, born before 911. He was the ancestor of Dominic Perrin (c1460 Guernsey-c1536 Jersey), Husband of Catherine Lempriere.  The line to Rollo was through his mother Peronella Le Feybre.
My husband's ancestors originated in England and Ireland on his father's side and his mother's side are from England and Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) back through South Africa to Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium and India. Two of the first known ancestors to arrive in South Africa were Catharina van Paliacatta (aka van Bengale or Groote Catrijn) c1631 - c1683.  She is believed to be from Paliacatte, on the Coromandel Coast, India. Catharina was a slave in Batavia (Jakarta) and was the first recorded female slave convict at the Cape, arriving on 21 February 1657 on the ship Prins Willem. Another was Jan Coenraad Visser c1630 -c1710, who arrived in 28 April 1658 as a soldier with the VOC and he was one of the nine original "Vryburgers" to be granted farms by Jan van Riebeeck.  Many of her ancesters were Burghers and Voortrekkers in South Africa and Rhodesia.  

On the Thomspon side we have a mysterious marriage in Ireland of a ‘Lady Mount Stewart’ to the 
Thompson grandfather of Robert Thompson 1819-1896. This was recorded in the diaries of Robert’s great granddaughter from information she received from her Aunt Elfrida, daughter of 'Walter Scott Thompson' and granddaughter of Robert.  The same story was also passed down through the descendants of Robert's daughter Elizabeth Anne Thompson We have not been able to find this marriage, but as far as we can make out ‘Lady Mount Stewart’ was most likely a daughter of Alexander Stewart (1699-1781) and his wife Mary Cowan.  Alexander Stewart was an owner of the property 'Mount Stewart' which was passed down through the families of the Marquis of Londonderry.  The only records we have been able to find regarding Alexander and Mary's children are for their sons Sir Robert Stewart (1739-1821), 1st Marquis of Londonderry and Alexander Stewart of Ards (1746-1831).  There is indication of other children but none were named, though a few possibilities have since been found.

The Essex-Clark family only arrived in Australia on 14th April 1964 (Mother and children -  Father arrived 22nd February 1964) and our children are 1st generation Australians on their  father's side but 5th generation Australians on my side.

I would love to hear from anyone researching the following names. If my information differs  from yours please get in touch to discuss it.

Researching surnames: 
My parents - Fenton & Ray
AUSTRALIA: Fenton, Ray, Barry, Blake, Conduit, Alford, Millar, Percival. 
GUERNSEY, CI:  Diamond/Dimond, Druce/Drews, Rawlings, Tabel, Le Lacheur, Brehaut, Ingrouille,  Le Goubey, Ozanne, Cahouart/Couart, Guilbert, Le Tocq, Mauger, Mollet, Priaulx, Massey,  Bailleul,  Le Cras, Allez, Lenfestey, Blondel, De Jersey, Ollivier, Brouard, Stuart, De France, Tostevin,  Duquemin, Langlois, Thoraude, De Garis, Noel, Gallienne, Le Messurier, Le Ray, Glone, Renouf,  Daniel, Le Maitre, De L’Isle, Henry, Jenemie, Le Feuvre, Mandret. JERSEY, CI: Romery/Romeril, 
IRELAND: Barry, O'Neil/O'Neill, Boyle.
DEVON, Eng: Dimond/Diment/Diamond, Baily.
SOMERSET, Eng: Druce/Drews, Rawlings
Co. DURHAM Eng: Fenton, Emmerson
STAFFORDSHIRE & SHROPSHIRE, Eng: Ray Brown, Jones, Goulding/Golding, Gregory 
WILTSHIRE, Eng: Conduit, Fruen, Blake, Smith, Alford, Dyer, Titt, Butt, Potter,  Wilkins/Wilkens/Wilkence, Dunning, Garrett, Newman, Shrimpton, Goodall/Good, Harding/e,  Geoffrie, Gibbs, Franklin, Elliot, Hinton, Pearce.
KENT, Eng: Percival, Kidd, Green, Croft/Craft, Baker, Eason, Cornwall, Eng: Jewell, 
MIDDLESEX, Eng: Percival.
BIRMINGHAM, Eng: Lever/Leaver.
SURREY, Eng: Blake

The In-Laws - Essex-Ckark & Cooper:
 Middlesex, Eng: Cooper, Hayes, King, Bradbrook, Hayes, Doughty 
Somerset, Eng: Hayes, Mason, 
 Surrey, Eng: Clark, Spinks
 Devon, Eng: Thompson, Treen, Matthew/s, Squire/s
 Norfolk, Eng: Spink/s, Powell, Youngs
 Essex Eng: Clark/Clarke, Hudgel/Hudgell, Speller/Spellar, Lee 
Cornwall, Eng: Matthew/s, Roskilly/Roskelly, Smith
 Hong Kong: Clark
 Ireland: Thompson, Scott
 Sthn Rhodesia: Cooper, Jordaan, Lombard, Van Staden, Pike
 Sth Africa: Essex-Clark, Thompson, Jordaan, Lombard, Linde, Oosthuizen, Le Grange,  Van Rensburg, Bouwer, Strydom/Strijdom, Brits, Van Tonderen, Van Wyk, Rautenbach, Ferreira,  Terreblanche Le Febre, Fourie, Helmes, Calitz, Nortje, Van Staden, Swart, Niemann, Visser,  Putter, Ras, Calitz, 
Portugal: Ferreira, Da Costa, Peres
France: Terreblanque, Le Febre, Meissonierre, De Grave, Fourie, Cordier, Martinet,  Blessebois
Germany: Linder, Brombacher, Soyer/Soier, Rausch, Rautenbach, Putter, Ras, Ustings 
Netherlands/Holland: Oosthuizen, Swart, Coeris, Niemann, Visser, Gerrits, Maartens, Vry, Van  Wyk, Strydom/Strijdom, 
Denmark: Van Tonderen
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